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  1. Happy Birthday Nordiclight!

  2. Guide on how to fit DRL's to mk7 fiesta

    Nice..... :D
  3. Philips blue vision

    Go for the 35W kits becasue the 50W is to strong I have a 50W and it will be changed because they are to powerful for low beams.
  4. Philips blue vision

  5. Philips blue vision

    Just through the rubber cap on the backside of the lamp house. It's not legal in Sweden but do the police know that the MK7 don't have xenon lights as a factory option What is the penalty in UK for having HID if the police stop you? In Sweden you are ordered to visit the "vehicle test" organisation for a test. And maybe a fine if you unlucky. //Henrik
  6. Philips blue vision

    I used a HID kit from a company in Sweden (www.xenonkungen.se). But it is a basic H7 50W 4300K HID kit from China that you can buy on Ebay. The installation is very easy. Just replace the H7 bulb with the H7 Xenon bulb. The ballast is easy to place outside the lamp as seen in the pictures. I can recommend www.vvme.com if you are to buy HID lamps. http://www.vvme.com/12v-5055w-h7-hid-conve...?cPath=44_45_23 And for the result, it’s a very big difference to the halogen light. It’s so powerful that the high beam is almost useless compared to the low beam. Good luck with the modification! //Henrik
  7. Philips blue vision

    Or just buy a H7 HID kit..... //Henrik
  8. White Fiesta

    Fiesta 5D Titanium 2009
  9. My 1.25 82 hp 5D Titanium is now 3 months old and still no problem at all! Very good feeling and the cars seems to be very well built. There is only one thing that bothers my and that is the petrol consumption (9,5 L/100km). It seems to bee approx. 27% higher than Ford states for city traffic (7,5 L/100km).
  10. Xenon kit on MK7

    I have not changed the bulbs in the fog lights. And I have no plans on doing any modifications to them. Maybe some LED:s in the position light in the front will be added to match the xenon lights. //Henrik
  11. Xenon kit on MK7

    The kit is from a Swedish company (www.xenonkungen.se) but its a regular H7 4300K kit that you can buy on EBay. It was not that difficult to install just remove the H7 halogen bulb and modify your xenon bulb contacts so they will fit in the metal holder. Then just plug it up to the ballasts and its done :P //Henrik
  12. Xenon kit on MK7

    Hi I have installed a xenon kit on the low beams. I used a 50w H7 4300K kit. It's hard to see the difference in colour temperature with the halogen light. But the power is extreme Very impressive light. //Henrik
  13. Finally the snow has arrived

    I agree with you about ESP & TC. Tonight I will take a few new pictures of the car after the Xenon installation on the low beams. I installed a 50w H7 xenon kit in the car last night. Jethores, i vilken by bor du? /Henrik
  14. Finally the snow has arrived

    No big difference, we always get the first snow in October
  15. Finally the snow has arrived

    It’s actually 16" wheels with 195/50-16 Continental WinterViking1. But due to the higher profile on the tire it looks more like 15”. //Henrik