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  1. just ashame they don`t have any in stock 🤕 scrapyard will be your best bet
  2. i wouldn`t be suprised if all the gas has leaked out by now ,as the age of the car the condenser may well have a few leaks 🙁. try and get your garage to check that for you if they haven`t already
  3. take a look at this listing... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125725948260
  4. Got my last lot of batteries from here £2 for 6 too good to miss out on lol. https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/panasonic-coin-battery-6pk-292765
  5. B in your photo looks like a sensor, what you get on door, boot etc does it press down if you push it. doubt you`ll get an cover to fit other wise it would have been on car when you had it i would have thought
  6. it`s the battery i think you`ll find 🤕
  7. if your nice garage lets you supply the parts you`ll save even more money 🤑
  8. was it running ok before you had the fuel-filter replaced last year ?
  9. when did you last change the fuel filter and glo-plugs. and before you noticed there was no oil or antifreeze in the car when did you last check it before that ?
  10. use these matey never had a problem next day delivery too.. https://batterygroup.co.uk/
  11. slipping fan belt comes to mind
  12. no real dangers but as you have found out it`s the wrong size, take it back to where you got it from and see if they will change it. good place to get batt from next day delivery too. https://batterygroup.co.uk/ just pop your reg in and see if you can get the same amps 75/700
  13. does the rear wiper work when not selecting reverse ?
  14. part number is on the side of the filter, just type that into ebay/amazon and away you go 😉
  15. i would have said fuel filter but as you got a petrol focus the filter cannot be changed. try putting some redex into a full tank and see if that helps 😉
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