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  1. try charging the batt up on it or jump starting it and see if that makes it spring back into life 😉
  2. you won`t have them on your car then if you haven`t got them at the bottom of your wing mirror housing ;-(
  3. plenty of fuel in the tank ? when was the last service and spark plug change done
  4. Try another batt just incase the one you replaced isn't very good or short dated
  5. Hi ya if your focus is 2015 or later then its 0/30 grade oil. As i used to service my mates focus. You can double check on the castrol oil checker site by putting your car reg in 😀
  6. did halfords fit the correct battery in for you it should be a EFB battery. i think the battery needs to linked to the car if my memory if i remember as ford did mine over 4yrs ago now.
  7. your day will come tom so just hang on in there 👍
  8. It's always down to luck as with anything in life if you get a quick service or not 😂
  9. New battery will sort the problem out for you 😉
  10. That can happen with any brand of car batt. AA, RAC and GREEN FLAG. come to mind lol 😁
  11. i think it takes 1ltr to go from min to max on dipstick so try putting more in and run engine for a min then re-check dip-stick
  12. never had a problem with the lion battery , as as with any brand of batt they never last for ever, and if they fail within the 3,4 or 5yr guarantee then you`ll get a new one and it won`t cost you anything. so you have nothing to loose 😉
  13. Any brand of brake cleaner will do as they all work the same way. Halfords, eurocarparts or any good motor parts shop will sell it around £3 a can. 😀
  14. Ebay has plenty of oil filler caps. dealer price is £11. To get rid of the splashed oil thats around get a can of brake cleaner. It works wonders. Most of the oil i would imagine will have dripped onto the bottom engine cover. That will be removed when ford do the oil and filter change for you.