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  1. the garage that did the work on the car for you, may have just left it there by mistake, no harm in popping the car back-up to them and asking if the yellow cap belongs to them
  2. it`s not the cap from the side lights is it
  3. try ebay plenty of scrapyard sellers on there 😉
  4. yes thats fine for your car, i got some from ebay last month same price, don`t be put off by the start/stop on the label, it`s castrol way of makeing it look good. the good thing about it is it`s 5ltr and not 4ltr what the shops sell,, get stocked up now
  5. in this day and age is anything you buy genuine. thats life lol
  6. yep got a few of these last month, they wrap and pack them well too
  7. was the hose not like that before you took it to the garage then ?
  8. eBay item number:382550288440 these are what your need i think
  9. go for the bosch one as you`ll find when you take the old one out it won`t be the one with the extra bits of plastic on it
  10. andypsp


    you get 3yrs guarantee, so if it fails within that 3yrs they will replace free 😉
  11. should just be clipped in, give it a good pull and it will come away from the centre console
  12. is the battery not coverd under the 3yr warranty from ford ? i would just invest in a new batt, as you`ll get a charger charge the current batt up only to find you`ll have the same problem again if the batt in the car is no good.
  13. easy to replace. if it`s just the glass thats smashed new one just pushes on. if its the whole wing mirror when you`ll just need to pop of the plastic trim on the inside of the door, undo the few bolts/screws holding the wing mirror on, unclip the electric connector, and connect it to your new replacment and fit in reverse. 30min just at the most
  14. fuse box under your glove box, hardwire it to the ciggy/aux fuse as that becomes live when car starts. look in owners manual for the fuse number, it`s normall a 10 or 15amp fuse