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  1. andypsp

    Engine oil

    5w30 fully synth is what you need. wilko have it on offer at the mo £16 for 5ltrs
  2. have you checked the bulb incase its blown 😀
  3. andypsp

    Speed sensitive wipers

    lol no probs, will just have to wait and see what happens when he gets the s/w and ELM up and running. right time to go and enjoy the rest of this hot sticky day now 😎😴
  4. andypsp

    Speed sensitive wipers

    Please read the first post carefully.
  5. andypsp

    Speed sensitive wipers

    the speed that the wipers clear the screen is done by how much rain/spay is covering the rain sensor, so if your doing 70mph down the m.way and raining real hard they will wipe the screen faster ⛈️
  6. andypsp

    Ford focus 2015 1.0 ecoboost oil recommendation?

    think it may be down to the price been cheaper for that grade lol 😀
  7. andypsp

    Guide: How To Change Cabin Filter

    when you take your old pollen filter out have a look at the top of it and see which way the arrow is pointing. air is always gonna be comeing into the car as you drive along.
  8. andypsp

    Stuck Oil Filler Cap

    strange it`s not comeing off for you then. guess your local garage tried it aswell then and had no luck ? how long have you had the car for?
  9. andypsp

    Stuck Oil Filler Cap

    twist and pull up 😁
  10. andypsp

    Weird Vent Smell

    have you tried driveing around with windows down for a while with fans/blowers running full blast to see if it still smells bad after 30mins of driveing
  11. andypsp

    Weird Vent Smell

    it`s the same air thats inside the car that just keeps been recirculated around and around. thats why it should only been used to cool the inside of car down quick for 5 or 10mins as the air will get stale if recirculate isn`t turned off 😀 Ran the AC bomb through the system still smells just as bad, but with another, slightly nicer, smell on top lol.... did you have the fans on full and recirculate on while doing the air-con bomb
  12. andypsp

    Weird Vent Smell

    they may not have changed the pollen filter at all then. Turtlewax Power Out! Odor-X Whole Car Blast Kinetic New Car 100ml Product Code: PRR.TW53030 it`s on there front page matey £2.67 with the SPRING55 discount code 😀
  13. andypsp

    Weird Vent Smell

    did it smell before the filter was replaced then ?
  14. andypsp

    Weird Vent Smell

    when was the pollen filter last replaced on the car ? many yrs ago i tried some of that air con spray down the vents(the poundshop used to sell it lol) it fills the vents up with foam. wait a while as it all goes, but the worse bit was when you put the blowers on the water/foam left in the pipes from the spray would blast out all over the seats etc. the air con-ombs are great but don`t waste £10 on them. wilko do simonize £4.50 (or once a month they have them on offer for £2.50 so keep a lookout and get stocked up. or if you cannot wait that long eurocarparts are doing turtlewax aircon cleaners £2.67 a can. they should solve the problem you have 😀
  15. andypsp

    Loss of power whilst driving

    lets hope you never filled up with petrol 😉