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  1. 2004 Focus tdci keeps cutting out.

    Fuel filter replaced lately maybe ?

    Did you put the spring on the right way and not upside down
  3. Spare key options

    keys are expensive to replace and thats why they want to take £200 off you. the key itself can found cheap its the remote key-fob and programming that costs the money.
  4. Filters and brakes

    comline filters are fine nothing to worry about, can be found quite cheap on ebay. champion is a name that you don`t hear much of these days they used to be the brand of spark plugs that everyone had in there cars back in the god old days lol
  5. Stereo

    maybe loose connecter at the back of the unit
  6. Travelpilot FX SatNav What to buy?

    maps get updated each yr. the last owner of your car may not have had a new updated maps sd card, or lost it. it`s rare to get a 2nd hand car with the sd card maps still in the car.
  7. Oil issues under the hood

    blimey look at the state of the air filter, when was it last replaced ? looks like a major problem somewhere. it`s a wonder they didn`t notice the oil all over the place when doing the mot test
  8. Brake Fluid re-fill

    dot 4 for your brake fluid , not to expensive to buy.
  9. Travelpilot FX SatNav What to buy?

    think this is what you will need off ebay eBay item number:222640395267 i would send that empty sd card you got back for a re-fund
  10. Fault code car failed to start

    always useful to have a code reader. if you still have problems starting many garages will do a free battery check to see if its on the way out etc
  11. Fault code car failed to start

    if your car has start/stop etc a new battery is around £150+
  12. Fault code car failed to start

    i got a code reader from ebay last yr works a treat on cars i have used it on £18 eBay item number:151483639541 not sure about the battery info
  13. Fault code car failed to start

    did you have the error pop-up before the filter was changed or after. or as tom has said in the post above have you had a code reader hooked up to scan for codes
  14. Fault code car failed to start

    found info on another site may have something to do with blocked fuel filter. may be worth fitting new fuel filter if your not sure when it was last changed. should be done every few yrs ;-)
  15. odour filter part number ?

    thats ok always happy to help