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  1. i said that as his post don`t actually say he has a heated screen fitted we will just have to wait to find out 👍
  2. the relay should be in the fuse box, if you look in your owners manual it should say where the relay number is in the fuse box this is the relay part number 5M5T-14B192-AA only £5 new on ebay 😀
  3. you need a heated screen to be fitted in the first place.
  4. Is it not listed in your owners manual what oil grade you should be useing ?
  5. try next time you go to fill up, not squeezeing the pump trigger fully as sometimes if the fuel comes out the nozzle to fast it will click and stop,
  6. titanium x model is the only one with heated front seats.
  7. 3m USB EXTENSION Cable Lead A Male To Female Extention High Speed 2.0 can be found on ebay for £2 this should be long enough to hide behind trim etc
  8. eBay item number:272325479025 £19 from ford
  9. do you know when your car last had oil change and filters replaced ? that may sort the rumbly problem. try clearing all the codes stored and then see if any re-appear after a few weeks
  10. yes don`t press and hold the open or lock button on the remote for too long, and then your windows shouldn`t go up or down
  11. Time to invest in a new batt i would say. Or i you don't want to do that then take the batt off the car hook it up to a charger for a day or so and see if it holds the charge when you reconnect it back in the car. 😉
  12. Did you get the batt sorted out and what was the out come. No free badge these days.
  13. here you go...|[AO]_FCSD_SD_FCSD_Servicing:Service_CPPI_GBP|Shp-T2|Exact~RLSA:Ford-Cost-Exact:ford service cost:e:c:g:GOOGLE&gclid=CjwKCAjwzJjrBRBvEiwA867bytv18M3MR61xJ5ysHNMU6PCJxvrMEOZcB4rFTLkxILgcW2uo7c9wJhoCYTcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds