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  1. hello having great difficulty removing the outer driver side cv joint from the shaft any one got any tips ,wont come off with a hammer struggling isnt the word thanks jason
  2. hi, I have a 2006 c max 1.6 turbo diesel ,which as got oil getting into the inlet system as anyone got an idea how it might be getting there thanks
  3. at low speed theres no noise, drive shaft bearing is this a major job?
  4. hi, im after some advice,i have a noise that sounds like a wheel bearing coming from the front n/s, it gets worse the faster u go,(its not the wheel bearing ive ,changed both front ,and the rear are good) noise is still the when i change gear and roll in neutral tends to get a little louder when i turn right at high speeds (outter cv jionts are all good) im stuck any advice? its a ford escort 1997 18lx 16v
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