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  1. I will find out soon enough currently limited to 250hp
  2. Car now running just an issue with the clutch which is going back to helix for modifications won't be a quick job even though it's an easy fix
  3. Engine build nearly complete slow but getting there, currently waiting on gearbox mtx75 rebuild and uprating
  4. I wanted a small platform so fitting a bigger diesel engine wont be an option not as if like the st1510 I could opt for example a 2.0 zetec turbo because on diesels the ecu runs everything, I would think wiring be a nightmare, the engine will be just under 1.7 but will act like a big engine especially at 4bar of boost pressure going to compound charge not just twin charge.... the turbo within its compressor map can do a maximum of 320hp which will be the low pressure but high flow side I am expecting around 500fbt..
  5. Uploads/P1000547_zpstpatnlvq.jpg.html
  6. QUOTE=Badman38;6641587]At long last big valve cylinder head and the block with larger liners are finally finished, head just needs porting now. [/QUOTE]