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  1. supercharger gone to Powerhouse for a rebuild and porting, the porting will obviously let in more air making the supercharger whine a lot louder
  2. sorry these are all updates taken off another site I am on regular so the dates of the posts and timings wont match
  3. The rebuild is going good new set of pistons have been machined to move the oil squirters over to the hot side of the piston and valve cut-outs, currently getting a triple ceramic coating. I wanted to change the cams the oem pair are hollow with press fit lobes and gear, too much of a risk to use in this engine I've seen cams where the lobes have moved bending the valves and literally destroying the engine, Newman are making a custom billet set for me keeping duration the same but increasing lift these are on a six week lead time which goes for most of the custom bits on this car............ lets not talk about cost I had a budget but that's been blown into space, several times I thought of stopping this project which is very unique, there is a compound charged diesel fiesta using twin turbos but the engine is standard, we have come across many issues in terms of restrictions that you have to overcome to achieve big power, 300hp should be an easy task the new turbo can flow over 400hp then the air is getting compressed again by the supercharger should see 60psi at the manifold hopefully we do a good job of heat management so it doesn't become too big of a problem, __________________
  4. Hi Not much of an update ***** waiting game for more custom bits Stanwood Engineering who are doing all the machine work have said my pistons and head-gasket are no longer of any use, I need a set of custom pistons and a compressible head-gasket this is due to the closed deck liners will protrude the block, my current head-gasket is of a thickness to lower the compression ratio and is a reusable solid plate, now the block will get built the proper way with pistons that can stand mega heat Stanwood never do anything by half measures. With a bombproof block be rude not to up the ante a little! so I bought myself a Darkside developments GTD2872VRK 5th generation ceramic roller bearing turbo with a billet 71mm comp wheel capable of over 400hp just hope its not too extreme.
  5. I always wanted an AP racing brake kit I phoned Reyland about their four pot Caliper brake kit 330mm kit for the mk6 fiesta but before Purchasing I asked if I wanted the best road/track brake kit what would you offer me? they suggested a six pot calipers with RSL29 pads i wanted red calipers seeing as everything on the car is black need to break the colour up a bit and fully floating on the rear AP are out of stock and I am looking at lease 12 weeks lead time!
  6. in the interim I more power so have to increase the size of the turbo but the M45 supercharger will become a restriction so I acquired an M90 from a xj6 jaguar
  7. another update idle part throttle mapping completed, coolant system started to pressurise first time blowing my radiator changed for a new rad then again the ecu shut the engine down. stripped the engine again! turns out the liners have spun letting in combustion into the coolant causing high pressure, instead of trying to fix what the machine had cocked up in the first place, so I have bitten the bullet and now going for a full closed deck conversion from Westwood liners and going to their machine shop of choice Stanwood engineering in Doncaster who are the only ones to have a brand new RMC CNC machine and can profile and fit the new liners to suit, turns out quite a few of the big players in the tuning world will only use these guys shame I didn't know beforehand could of saved me months of headache and money! six weeks lead time making the liners then the machine work, most probably looking at another three months in total. __________________
  8. engine up and running again mapping hopefully no more problems changed from a quaife diff to a gripper plated diff and added a CAE shifter which is meant for an mtx75 from a mk1 focus rs, only found out afterwards that the mtx75 box from the focus rs work totally different from all other mtx75 so needed to be modified to work. cae shifter Plated gripper diff completed engine bay __________________
  9. SCS aftermarket ecu for common rail diesels could be calibrated on the oem ecu but I wanted to keep to the custom theme where oem wont cut it![/QUOTE]
  10. Been a while since my last update engine is in bits! whilst in my fabricator workshop a puddle of water appeared leaking from the head, removed the head you could see that the cylinder liners had dropped ever so slightly and in doing so damaged the shim I used in conjunction with a custom head gasket to lower compression. After having a few words with the engine shop who obviously blamed everything and everyone but himself and started going on about materials and movement etc. but when my fabricator explained that he had put the engine in a press and the liners moved again he looked embarrassed and said he does it by feel but it might not have been enough (no S..T) the fabricator then explained that he applied 10MT of force the engine shop looked in shock, he then had to explain about stretch bolts elastic deformation at 78000N which is around 8.2T and thats with stretch bolts and a compressible head gasket but we are not using either and will put more load onto the sealing rings. The machine shop had no clue what he was on about! We got the engine shop to deck the block and skimmed the head ready for assembly, next we done away with the shim and just increase the thickness of the head gasket the head gasket is made of High Chromium Steel with steel O-rings manufactured by Redline Head gaskets in south Africa. Redline refuse to post the first gasket to the UK and ended up taking like six weeks to arrive. Delivery cost more than the gasket itself. Station motorsport setup an account with DHL who had a depot in South Africa so we thought happy days but no redline wanted no part to the point they wouldnt even delivery to DHL depot in south Africa! DHL arranged pickup from redline and delivery to the uk, tracking didnt start until it hit the UK three weeks go past then four weeks no word from from the courier so contacted DHL to ask have they at lease collected the gasket DHL replied gasket has been lost somewhere in transit! two week later gasket found now and on route to the UK gasket arrives but a few days before one of the pistons had fallen from a bench piston didnt look damaged but did not want to take the risk so ordered another machined the valves cut-outs and sent it off for Ceramic coating taking another four weeks, now Engine finally ready for reassembly next week. Talking about going aftermarket ecu there is not many choices of Performance common rail ecu that can run Canbus at a reasonable Price Adaptronic is one and bosch Motorsport both ridiculously expensive another one is scs delta which is more affordable but lacks some of the features of the other two but will run and due to the faster processer should run the engine better then the oem edc16 ecu. Specialist Control Systems did start to evolve the ecu but havent completed the firmware I may just purchase the ecu and hope that in the future updates are made available
  11. I will find out soon enough currently limited to 250hp
  12. Car now running just an issue with the clutch which is going back to helix for modifications won't be a quick job even though it's an easy fix
  13. Engine build nearly complete slow but getting there, currently waiting on gearbox mtx75 rebuild and uprating
  14. I wanted a small platform so fitting a bigger diesel engine wont be an option not as if like the st1510 I could opt for example a 2.0 zetec turbo because on diesels the ecu runs everything, I would think wiring be a nightmare, the engine will be just under 1.7 but will act like a big engine especially at 4bar of boost pressure going to compound charge not just twin charge.... the turbo within its compressor map can do a maximum of 320hp which will be the low pressure but high flow side I am expecting around 500fbt..