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  1. Listened to it a few times but can't make out a squeak,anyone else?
  2. Had a problem with a car years ago similar to what you've described,I just turned the bulbs around 180° & they were right,could try that? As for the engine squeak post up a video via YouTube or similar.
  3. Have a quick look in the manual or there should be a sticker on one of the door posts,different pressures depending on tyre size & how much luggage/passengers carried. Here's mine (but it's not a ST150);
  4. Understand what it's all about now,when I read ''rev limiter'' I thought it was a rev limiter,lol. There was something similar a while ago which was a dash switch connected to a spark plug welded into the exhaust to achieve a flame thrower,Lambo effect for pennies!
  5. Been following this thread & it's baffling, @wightstar must be so frustrating? Here's a theory that @Tdci-Peter may be able to answer as he has much more experience than me. Could any of the fuel lines be in contact with any hot surfaces such as the exhaust manifold etc leading to the fuel boiling or being too hot? May be a dumb question but sometimes it's weird solutions to fix weird problems.
  6. I wouldn't bother with one to be honest,I've driven all sorts of cars around Oulton Park,Donington etc & never needed one. Just keep an eye on the rev counter instead.
  7. Everyone sees Tesla as the leader in electric vehicles but the other big players are doing so much behind the scenes & being very secretive about it all. The Japanese,BMW,Audi & the FCA Group (which includes Chrysler Fiat & Maserati etc who brought out their first electric car in 1992) have all been active in exploring the possibilities of range extenders & wireless charging systems with many Governments pressurising them towards zero emissions.
  8. Last time i heard it was looking like it was going to finish sixth,can't imagine what the first place car's pace was There is the Fiesta M-Sport Edition (ST-1 Base vehicle) with 215PS/320Nm with a Quaife LSD available from at Dovenby Hall near Cockermouth,Cumbria. The owner is ex Rally Driver Malcolm Wilson OBE who manages & runs the Ford World Rally Team with his M-Sport operation,the younger Members on here may find this Wiki quite interesting; . There is a list of Ford Dealers who offer the modifications listed on their website. @Spanner the Cat goes to look for small change behind the sofa.......................................................................................
  9. American motor news reports that the 2017 Ford Focus Electric will have it's range increased to about 110 miles using a 33.5 kWh liquid-cooled lithium ion battery. As well as re-designed headlights,a new grille,LED signature lighting & tail lights design it will have a 30 minutes DC fast charging on the 'SE' level car with more premium goodies on the 'Titanium' car. Grille – Ebony with Chrome Surround – Standard on SE Grille – Chrome with Chrome Surround – Standard on Titanium New exterior color: White Gold (GN) Deleted color: Tectonic 17″ Bright Silver Finish Painted Aluminum – Standard on SE 17” Machined-Aluminum with High Contrast Painted Pockets – Standard on Titanium DRIVER ASSIST TECHNOLOGY (new section for 17MY) — SYNC® – Standard on SE Enhanced Voice Recognition Communication and Entertainment System 911 Assist® 4.2” LCD Screen in Center Stack AppLinkTM Smart-Charging USB port – one (1) PACKAGES (New) — SE Driver Assist Package (401A) Power Liftgate Reverse Sensing System SYNC® 3 – Enhanced Voice Recognition Communications and Entertainment System. Includes 8” LCD Capacitive Touchscreen in Center Stack with Swipe Capabilities, AppLinkTM, 911 Assist® and Two Smart-Charging USB ports – Note: SYNC® AppLinkTM lets you control some of your favorite compatible mobile apps with your voice. It is compatible with select smartphone platforms. Commands may vary by phone and AppLinkTM software. Note: Pinch-to-zoom capability included with available Voice-Activated Navigation System — SE Comfort Package (402A) Mirrors, Sideview – Heated & Security Approach Seats – Heated Front & Leather-trimmed with 10-way Power Passenger — Titanium Driver Assist Package (501A) Active Park Assist BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-traffic Alert Forward Sensing System Hands-free Liftgate Power Liftgate Deleted Premium Audio & Navigation Package Hands-free Technology Package Parking Technology Package
  10. Just seen a Fiesta in the German WRC Championships on 13th August & thought i'd share it;
  11. Over the years Peter Lee has aquired over 6,000 Transit's ranging from rare & unusual models (with associated paraphernalia) right through to the latest '16 reg van,can anyone match his passion?
  12. Yup same here,it's annoying but also try to let the revs die down to tickover.
  13. What a right mess it's become,great advice from Members above & i'm sure it will be sorted out in time so try not to get too stressed out about it right now. Seems that they could have made an error & are trying to claw back whatever they can from whoever they can,not a very professional way of working though. There is a scheme that all Insurance Companies subscribe to which will settle claims for damage that uninsured drivers are responsible for,can't remember the name of it but it's well known in the Industry. As the other driver had their Insurance cancelled it means that they were driving uninsured (make Police aware as well) maybe @DAN@ADRIAN FLUX will chime in? Would think that it'll probably be best to stop talking to them & insist that all communications are in writing,that way everyone has a record of what has been said. The most common comment above is to make an appointment with the Citizens Advice Bureau,they will be able to give you honest impartial advice on what to do next & maybe draft letters for you. Did you deal with an Accident Claims Company or direct with the Insurers Company? When you accepted the payment was there anything in the agreement about it being ''in full & final settlement''? If you claim it back through your own Insurance Company then your premiums will increase next year & the year after etc,i'd like to see them try to get me to refund them if it was me!
  14. Funny you should mention tram rails,Finland don't require vehicles on it's roads to have a driver! There is an experiment in Helsinki which presents a challenge because the autonomous buses have to deal with everyday traffic but the buses can't travel at more than 10kmph/6.2mph; Many of the above Members comments & concerns mirror my own thoughts,the issues that Tesla have are well reported by the media. This technology (and possibly other groundbreaking ideas not yet in the published public domain) will be with us maybe sooner than 2021. Huge Multi-National Companies have already invested vast Millions as well as many Governments supporting them as well. It's how we accept this new technology which will be interesting which is why i originally created this thread,younger people approaching their driving tests will take this new technology for granted but it's all going to new for the rest of us. Even now modern cars are deemed uneconomic to repair due to the high cost of replacement ecu's,electric steering racks,adaptive headlights (yes i'm looking at you Mr BMW),dynamic suspension controllers etc,etc so how much will it cost to repair all this autonomous software when it fails & at what cost?