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  1. Can Anyone Help??

    I now have a cure at last! The OSF shock absorber started to leak this week and showed itself to be defective. It has been replaced and now I can enjoy driving again!
  2. Cutting out

    Hi, All I can say is that yes I experienced something similar and I have every sympathy with you. It happened to my last Ford; a '93/'94 Mondeo Estate which kept cutting out when the revs reduced and I was slowing down to stop. Ford were none the wiser either and in my opinion ripped me off charging me £500 to clean the engine out with what they described as 'a revolutionary new engine cleaning treatment'. I spent around £700 all in vain and eventually had to sell the car. I still don't know what was the cause. Sorry. W
  3. Can Anyone Help??

    Hi, I did wonder about the other coil spring but was told it was fine. The spring that was replaced was badly worn and the noise disappeared after it was fitted but soon returned. Will look into the CV Joint. Thanks for your suggestions. W
  4. Can Anyone Help??

    I have a 2001 Mondeo Estate LX 2.0 TD. Great car. For the last two months however it has developed a terrible knocking/grinding noise coming from the front of the car - mainly drivers side. The sound gets worse when turning especially on a roundabout but the noise is there when driving along a straight road. I can also feel the vibration on the pedals. It sounds like a problem with the front suspension. A mechanic has replaced the front drivers side coil spring and also both anti- roll bar link arms (both common faulty parts on Fords I am told), but to no avail. Both he and the local Ford dealership have inspected it and are unable to find the cause of the problem, even though they assure me that it is safe! They have looked at all known possibilities but have not found the cause. Are they missing something? Any help will be very gladly received. It is driving me mad. It is also taking the whole pleasure out of driving. :(