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  1. not a huge amount to report. someone reversed into it, so one side has been repaired and resprayed (not as perfect as id hope either) and ive removed the vents and eyebrows
  2. been out and about with the camera. I need to get out more with the two
  3. the fiesta is more the family wagon, the proton is my daily and my toy. took it pod last month. met some old proton friends and took it down the strip. a tidy 19.18 🙂 plan is to work on the chassis and do some gymkhana track days with it, then swap the engine to something a bit quicker
  4. lol jsut noticed ive got two threads going, could they be merged into one admin?
  5. slight update, i did some bits to the front, vents. big mouth and eyebrows. but the fez is taking a back seat while i work on the toy
  6. had a bit of fun finding some pics during the snow fave
  7. ok so yes opening the door turns off the radio, or it stays on for about 20 minutes, nothing stopping you opening and closing the door if you are staying put and want it off and im not entirely sure they come with alarms standard buddy. just emobiliser. so the flash is jsut to let you know youve locked it
  8. mines a 3 layer candy. costs alot more to do, and is harder to do. i have asked and got a straight no. may aswell get the underbonnet bits from their supplier (cant remember the name right now) and send them to a local painter
  9. Sorry but I'm used to the Facebook group that goes mental at the mere thought of stick ons But for me the main reason was having to locate a bonnet when this goes back. It's either expense or hassle doing it yourself For the sake of a small aesthetic mod its just not worth it. I'd rather put that bit extra towards something else
  10. depends on your colour, paintmodz dont bother with mine
  11. for many many reasons and id rather not have my thread turned into a vent argument