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  1. Rear Diff / Prop Shaft

    Hi, That happens to lots of people with Rangers from that era. It happened to me on my way home from MOT last year! Five minutes with the trusty angle grinder took mine off. Removing it is the best solution and you've done that. It was installed after the grease nipple on the slip yoke was removed. Its purpose seems to be to act as a small flywheel to smooth out vibrations cause by a dry slip yoke and/or a worn carrier bearing. The car runs perfectly well without it, Mine has run for nearly a year and no ill effects. When I need to renew my carrier bearing or universal joints I intend to install a grease nipple on the slip yoke and have things the way they used to be. By the way the best grease for the slip yoke is one containing molybdenum disulphide (moly grease) rather than the whitish lithium grease. It seems it survives the under car environment better. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Wendy, Glad to hear you bought and like your Ranger so much. It is certainly not just another car. Local to Antrim there isn't a big choice of 4X4 accessory dealers. There is Robinsons just outside Hillsborough, 028 9268 2235, but they are more into buying and selling vehicles. Or there is Whitemountain 4X4 at Sales Corner outside Lisburn, 028 9264 7999. They mainly do Land Rover but may be able to help. And there is Storm Xccessories, 028 7940 1222, at Swatragh near Magera. They have offices in Worcester and Dublin and may be the best bet locally. Otherwise the option is to get things fitted during a trip to England. I did that and used a place in Leeming Bar, 4x4AT I think. I dropped my truck off with them one evening and collected it lunch time next day, all pre-arranged on the phone. They put a lot of stuff on for me and I had no carriage charges. I haven't had any experience with the roller shutter top, I got a hard top fitted on mine for the extra space, so I can't comment on that. I'm sure somebody somewhere has fitted a roller shutter top and kept the bars in place. I don't know if it would need any modification. Hope this helps.
  3. Ford Ranger UK 2001 Indicator flasher unit

    Try giving Milner Off Road a call 01629 73 44 11. If in stock they can deliver next day.
  4. Hi Wendy, Great terminology, love it. The attachment is fascinating if you are technically minded, if not just bin it. It refers to an earlier model Ranger, but the drive train should be the same. Start about page 74 where the power comes off the engine and through the clutch. I think around page 84 is what you are looking for, Ford call it the transfer case, I call it the transfer box, you call it something else. That is where the high and low and 2 and 4 wheel drive are controlled. The Ford Owner's Guide should tell you in which circumstances each is used. Normal road driving is in 2High, off road would be in 4High or 4Low. I'm in Antrim too and drive a silver 12 year old with only 60K on it. The only downside I have found is when you start driving it you can't not drive it. Oh yeah, it is a bit big for parking until you get used to it. Ford Ranger Intro Power Train.pdf
  5. Driver's handbook?

    A workshop manual is better. Here's the link to one on this forum................
  6. Hi and welcome. Rangers from the w reg era tend to have Mazda colours. There was a collaboration between ford and Mazda around then for a few years. Try a Mazda dealer and try 19H for the blue and 18G for the silver. I'm doing this frpm memory so I could be wildly out. It's worth a try. BTW externally that's a good looking truck.
  7. My Ford Ranger

    Nice, looks like mine, only cleaner. and a different colour, I think. What type of tyres in the second pic? I'm thinking of putting General Grabber AT2s on mine...rear tyres are almost slicks! BW pickup

    Hi Macboatmaster, I've a Ranger XLT Thunder needing some work and would like a copy of the Manual. How do I get in touch? pickup