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  1. fuel leak / vapour

    I can small fuel around my car,, i had a look at it the other day and it looked damp around where the tank is joined, I patched it up but Im not sure if there could be a vapour leak somewhere else?? has anyone else had this problem??
  2. engine conversion

    but gotta ask,, with the stupidly high fuel prices is it really worth having a big engine these days,,, the streets seem swamped with little 600cc plastic korean crappy cars so theres not much out there to be able to keep up with other than taxis and rich posers in 50k£ range rovers who wont race ya anyway,, well at least the scrappage scheme may bring in lots of quality parts for our old cars ;) ,, if i were to do an engine conversion it love to do a cosworth engine in a small car or a classic capri = lots of fun
  3. Needs some painting

    I will have a look at my autodata software and let you know tomorrow,, however its probably moondust / stratos silver if its a silver,,,,
  4. engine conversion

    you will need lots of bits,, its a pretty big job,,, the wiring loom including the ecu will probs be needed along with the fuel system and pump ( as will have a bigger pressure rating I presume?? then you will need lots of patience, a friend to help, an engine hoist and tools, a wiring diagram for both a mondeo and escort so you know what goes where,,, and lots of beer ;)
  5. one tipis to make sure ALL rust is removed as it Will come back,,, Id either,,, treat it with chemical rust killer,,, sandblast it off to bare metal with a diy kit, or cut it out and weld in a repair panel,, hope this helps
  6. burning oil

    Id try these first,,, do a compression test to establish if there is much compression and to rule out any warped / cracked head oil passages that could cause leaks,, look for damage on bores if you have head off to see if the piston rings are snapped,,, if they are snapped ( usually there will be scrapes on bores,,, its a new engine,, heres the good news,,, if they arent snapped and are just worn i would try these two products ( they do work as I have tried them and checked the compression after a few hundred miles and its increased it ,, but depends how serverely low it is,,, anyway, get yourself to halfords and buy some holts piston sealer compression paste, its like black toothpaste stuff that seals up the piston when put down the plug hole thus increases compression after 50 miles driving,,,, also try amtech oil additive from ebay, it fills in all the scratches and rebuilds the metal surfaces youd need about 1 litre of it added to fresh oil and filter,, its not cheap though,,, worth a try before buying a new engine!!
  7. help!! electrical gremlins

    update3,, car broke down due to flat battery,, rac man found the problem,, it was the only fuse that I didnt check,, everything fine now,,, just make sure if you have any electrical probs,, replace ALL Fuses to make sure,, mine had blown because the wiper relay caused the wires to melt near the switch thus blew the fuses,,,
  8. ford escort mk6/7 manual pdf??

    mee too please,, ps I have autodata cd2 so if anyone needs any technical info for any car plz give me a bell! dstautos@googlemail.com
  9. Indicators dont turn off automatically

    I have a spare indicator// switch unit that you require you can have it for free if you come and get it im in newcastle,, I replaced mine thinking it was the fault,,, it wasnt so if ne1 wants it its theres!!! dstautos@googlemail.com
  10. help!! electrical gremlins

    Hi just got a 1997 1.6 ford escort lx that has a few problems ( electrical, the following dont work: warning lights on dash, main beam headlights,,flasher headlights,temp guage, fuel guage, rev counter,radiator fan ( suspected), the following do work but dodgy, sidelights, dash illumination, brakelights, reversing lights ( seem muddled up eg one light is white one is orange!!), wipers dodgy on lowest setting ( wiring sometimes smokes, were having a baby soon so cash is short and I only got rid of my van for this reason as no space for baby seat,, a lot of the items seem like theres no power getting to them,, I have changed the fuses they are usually ok but blow sometimes normally its the wiper fuse,, I changed one relay and managed to get a front fogs working!! the 2 fuseboxes seem ok, I have replaced the switches and I have a spare fusebox ( though its not the same matching numbers :( Im very experienced at repairing all types of vehicles,, however Im very impatient so I am useles with electronics,, does anyone know what else I can do? any help would be greatly appreciated, ps, the car has full tax and has only just passed its mot last month! the car drives faultless apart from an occasional smell of fuel vapour from under the car ( no visable leaks so must be vaporising as it leaKs) i have plugged in a code reader and no codes were shown,, I have autodata that has a relay diagram on for this car,,so anyone who needs info from autodata cd2 please let me know!!