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  1. Well, went to the dealer... and it doesn't seem worth it too be honest so I'm going to fund my trip another way. I guess I would have missed my Snowflake. Amie, you sum up what everybody else thinks... which is a shame for the KA, because with a little more 'ooph' (IE, maybe a 1.4) would have made it much more desirable as a little car!
  2. I thought of part-exchage, but it seems I'd only get £8k for it. Selling it privately I'd get arond £10-£12k. I'm going to go visit my dealer and ask anyway. You've all been very helpful, so thanks! B)
  3. Hi Dave... that makes much more sense! Thank you! I'll phone up Ford Credit to see how much I'll have to pay. Then I'll probably sell it privately. I'm planning to go around Japan and China mostly, will see where the wind, or plane takes me. :P You've got a KA I see, are they any good? I just want a little run-around car now, although the SportKA looks quite nice!
  4. Yes... I paid so much in cash and included my old car as part-deposit and the agreement was (or so I thought) that I had £5000 left to pay by the end of 2011 (this is what my finance papers say). But, this GMFV got me a little worried. Maybe it wasn't explained to me correctly at the point of sale.
  5. Howdy all! I've decided to go travelling around Asia for a little while, so I'm planning on selling my Fiesta Zetec-S. However, I still have £5k finanace outstanding on it. I had the idea of paying the £5k to 'own' the Fiesta (but Ford Credit mention GMFV... what's this when it's at home?) and then selling it privately, then buy a cheaper car (a KA, maybe). Is it as simple as this?
  6. Fiesta Titanium Biult From 21St June

    Meh, prefer the current one too be honest!
  7. Happy Birthday Dangull!!!!

    Very happy birthday, Sir!
  8. Sign In Please...

    Because the sun is out... we're all driving!
  9. Some More Pics Of My Frozen White Mk7

    Oh corrr.... that mk.7 is lush. LUSH!
  10. Fiesta Mk8 Spare Wheel

    I think it's a mark 6. :P
  11. Fiesta Woes

    I'm finding the Fiesta quite nippy still, but agree that the build quality isn't great. Infact, the mark 6.5 seems more 'put together'.
  12. Production Date Pushed Back

    Yes. I got mine from Allen Ford Hopping Hill (do you know anybody there?) and I got a first class service. Car arrived early and the salesman and the manager were really friendly!
  13. Next Forum Meet - 3/5/2010

    I've been invited up by the in-laws for bank holiday so afraid I won't be there. Have fun all! B)
  14. Just Thought I Would Say Hello

    So, there are at least three white ZS's in Northampton now. :P
  15. Just Thought I Would Say Hello

    The Allen Ford in Hopping Hill has sold a few I believe, but they don't seem to be too popular compared with black ZS's.