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  1. Just to report back and close it off - I ordered a new genuine wheel nut for the car and it is exactly the same as the ones fitted to the car already. I have also counted the number of turns to tighten and it is 9. So all good even if it does look a bit strange.
  2. Just to confirm that the mercedes comment is specific to the C class which has a slightly strange fuel tank in a kind of saddle shape so there is a right and left vessel - it can cause some strange problems with supply and fuel gauge.
  3. Yes you can rule out the diesel bug as the problem, sorry to have misled you this time - but changing the filter was probably a good first bet. Just a coincidence that you have similar symptoms. Can you see the fuel in the lines - on the mercedes the fuel lines were clear so it was possible to see air bubbles. But not sure why an air leak would get worse when the fuel level drops.
  4. The Mercedes ran absolutely fine until it got down to 1/4 tank. In fact I bought it like this and only found out that there was a problem the following day. It turned out that the guy who sold it to me knew about the problem but had not said anything. In my investigation to find out what was wrong I got in contact with the previous long term owner and he had sold it as needing attention to the lying toerag that I bought it from. It had been a problem for years apparently. The fuel filters would block up - on the Mercedes there were two fuel filters and the first one was an open mesh filter so very easy to see that it was blocked with a dark slimy mess. It was 100% fixed after cleaning and diesel bug treatment - bought from a marine chandlers in Gloucester. It doesn't really make any sense why it would run fine with a full tank and I never found the answer - but it did. You probably know this already but the other common problem with poor starting diesels is an air leak in the fuel supply - can be hard to find because the leak creates a vacuum and sucks air in rather than leaks fuel out.
  5. Try a new filter for sure - it is easy and cheap. Not sure if you can see inside the filter on a Focus - if you can then take a look. If it is clogged then it could well be the diesel bug problem. If it is that then the new filter will clog pretty quickly I am afraid.
  6. I had a similar issue on a diesel w124 Mercedes. On that the car would run fine until the fuel tank got down to 1/4 then it would cut out and not run. In my case it turned out to be suffering from "diesel bug". It is an algae that lives in the diesel and is mostly a problem for marine engines and usually caused if the diesel is left for a while in a half full can or tank where condensation can occur. The algae blocks the fuel filters - I never found out why the car ran OK with over 1/4 of a tank but the problem was completely cured by draining the fuel system, washing the tank out, replacing the filters and adding a treatment for the diesel bug. Check your fuel filter to see if it has any crud in it.
  7. Thank you very much for this info and the photo - your's looks very similar to mine. I have decided to order a new genuine Ford wheelnut and then compare that to the existing nuts - if there is a difference then I will replace all of them. Thanks again.
  8. The car has clearly been like this for some time - the nuts tighten against the wheel OK and have not come loose. But still don't look right to me. Please see attached photo
  9. Just bought this car recently; it is a well looked after clean low mileage car. Had a good look over it and serviced it. One thing is that the wheel nuts do not seem to go far enough on to the wheel studs - there is a lot of thread showing on the inside of the wheel nut when they are tightened down. The wheels are standard fitment Ghia 16 inch alloys with the large centre rings covering the nuts. The nuts themselves are one piece with a 19mm head and in good condition. The locking nut seems to go on to the stud a bit further. I thought maybe the original (problematic) two piece nuts have been replaced but with something not quite right; eg nuts for a steel wheel Can anyone help with pics of what the correct wheelnut should look like please
  10. I am thinking of a Focus estate to replace our Golf TDi estate. It would be a 2012-14 model, most likely a Zetec trim level as that seems to have everything we need. It will be a manual gearbox - would like some advice about the best engine, the car will do about 20k miles pa so normal advice would be to go for the diesel - but the petrol models seem to be almost as economical and avoid all the problems with diesels like DPF etc. Any advice what to look for and things to avoid much appreciated
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