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  1. FS: Ford MP3 Alloys

    Please see my ad in "Buy & Sell" Thanks Oto
  2. RS Turbo seals gone

    I wouldn't risk rebuilding it yourself as you could do more harm than good. A rebuilt turbo from a reputable reconditioner is cheaper than a rebuilt top-end plus the recon turbo that you should have bought in the first place.
  3. Running problems with Rs Turbo S2

    I'm possibly too late but I agree with that. You could always try looking on www.rsownersclub.co.uk for other ideas if you're still stuck.
  4. Needs some painting

    Have you tried looking on www.fordpaintcodes.co.uk?
  5. Tips for Using Touch Up Kit

    Assuming you wiped the drip off after it happened, if you can't polish out the remaining blemish with mild cutting compound for clear coat then you may have to use P2000 grit wet & dry then the compound. Be very careful as today's clear coat is not very thick. Halfords has a couple of compounds for clear coat on their shelves.
  6. 'Ow do!

    Always liked Fords. Bought one when I was 17 and still got one at my half-century point.
  7. What insurance company are you with?

    MoreThan - excellent service. But not for my Cosworth ;-)
  8. I remember me trying to balance shagged out discs this way years ago when I couldn't afford to change them. It didn't work, by the way, as there wasn't enough room for all the lead. You can probably buy discs nearly as cheap as a good balance job these days!
  9. engines

    I believe Kent crossflows do.
  10. Check out the engine tuning guide on www.burtonpower.com.
  11. rs focus

    A bloke near me has just taken delivery of a lime green one. Drives it like a f*nny!
  12. I've had mine since 1994. Ref the eye, a piece of 4 x 2 round the back of the head should do the trick!
  13. Mk 1 Escort Sports

    I've had two Sports in the dim and distant past. One was an M reg diamond white example with 'Tinilite' wheels (those steel Minilite lookalikes Ford fit on everything back then) and the other, my first, was a yellow pre-production K reg car with 5J steel wheels and chrome hub caps (a-la Anglia). It had the type 49 bodyshell and the instrument panel was standard Escort but it had a small rev counter fitted on top of the dash by the A-pillar. I wish I still had that one but, sadly, it is no more!
  14. Need useful info

    I can't help you but if I recall correctly the magazines said these were a great point-to-point car. Enjoy it!