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  1. gwengo

    I think my Focus has died 😩

    Cheers Damian, might just give that a go. I do have another car now (Kia Rio, don't ask, I hate it) and the missus wants to get rid of the Focus and doesn't want me to spend anymore money on it. Personally I would rather try and fix it, if the fixes are cheap. So I'll try the injector cleaner (good suggestion) and perhaps change the fuel filter and stop there if it's none of those, as the other options just aren't worth it. A running car is worth twice as much as none running. Scrap yard wants £50 for it, but I know the four, unmarked, alloys and tyres are worth at least £150.
  2. Hi all, im hoping that you guys might be able to shed some light on an issue that I have with my 2002 focus 1.8 TDCi. On my way home from work I was driving around an island when all of a sudden the glow plug light started to flash and the car went in to a limp home mode where I couldn't rev above 2500rpm. After I managed to get it home and park it up on the drive I tried to restart it and it just wouldn't turn over. Then I had white smoke coming out of the exhaust and a burning smell every time I tried to start the car. A similar thing happened about 2 years ago and I changed the cam sensor which sorted the issue. I've now also changed the crankshaft sensor which hasn't helped. Has anyone got any ideas? I'm also thinking the fuel pump, fuel filter or even the injectors 😩😩. If so then I'm gonna have to scrap it rather than sell it on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 👍🏻
  3. Hi guys, im just after a bit of help. I'm soon to be taking ownership of a Kuga, so I am selling my c max to get a good deposit put down. The car is in perfect, almost showroom condition apart from the silver interior grab handles that are on the door card. I think Mr T must have owned this car before me as the silver paint has scratched off the handle where jewellery has scraped against it. I was just wondering whether you can buy this silver part separately brand new or would I have to buy a new door card? I don't really want a complete second hand door card just for this one part if I can, as the rest of it is in great condition. I've had a look through the parts list on the forum, but no joy. Anbody know if this can be replaced and have a part number, if not has anyone repaired theirs and I so what paint would you buy? many thanks in advance 👍🏻
  4. I know this is an old thread, but did changing the fuel filter solve this problem? Reason I ask is because my mate from work went to his car (2003 focus Ghia 1.6 petrol) yesterday after a days graft and it just would not start. Its happened to him before and so he had his fuel pump changed which cured it and it worked fine for a few months. Then, one day he ran out of petrol, he refilled it, gave the car a wobble (dunno if this works or is needed), it worked fine but then started stuttering and limped home, next day though it worked fine. Just last night he tried to start it and it wouldn't turn over (same as the original issue). he's had the mechanic out and he said it was unlikely that it was the fuel pump again, so I'm thinking it might be a clogged fuel filter. I ran the internal diagnostic for any dtc codes (i have the same car, but the 1.8 tdci) and it came up with d262.
  5. gwengo

    Buying A C-max, Need Some Advice

    Yeah no probs, I'll upload some when I manage to get it released from the clutches of the wife ☺️☺️ Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  6. gwengo

    Buying A C-max, Need Some Advice

    Well thanks all for you advice and experiences for the C-Max. We've taken the plunge now and bought a very tidy 2007 (57) 1.8 petrol, C-Max titanium, in black. Looks awesome and we got a great deal on it. It's done 62k with a full Ford service history and it was all ours for £4,400. The wife loves it so far and I'm pretty gealouse that I won't be driving it as much as her ☺️ Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  7. gwengo

    Buying A C-max, Need Some Advice

    ah cheers guys, it's advice like this that's much needed :) :) Thank you!!
  8. Hello all, I have a bit of a dilema and I need some of your expert advice. My wife's car has just been written off. Basically, someone drove in to herand she went spinning off the road and hit a lamp post. Shes allright, but the car was totalled. It wasn't her fault as she was on an island and some old bag didn't look and drove in to the back end of her car from one of the entrances on to the island. Anyway, the search is on now for a new car. Previously we had a 2005 1.6 petrol ford focus. Which we adored and would have kept it for many years to come, it was a great car and very safe, as the recent accident has just proved. We are looking for something a little bigger as we now have a toddler and 3 dogs. So we are looking at a Ford c-max as they are perfect for our needs. Question is which fuel type I've done a bit of research regarding tax & mpg: C-Max Petrol: 1.6 £180 per year 40.9mpg 1.8 £205 per year 39.8mpg 2.0 £205 per year 38.7mpg C-Max Deisel: 1.6TDCi £110 57.9mpg 1.8TDCi £145 52.3mpg 2.0TDCi £145 49.6mpg As this is a slightly bigger car, I think that the 1.6 petrol, might be a bit underpowered, I've also been told to avoid the 1.6 petrol and diesel variants for this vehicle. So really I'm looking at the 1.8s or the 2.0s. Comparing the tax per year, the mpg and also performance the diesels win hands down. However, I really don't think my wife does enough milage to warrant buying a diesel and I am fully aware of DPF issues that modern diesel engines face if not used frequently enough. My wife probably does about 6k per year which I know is very low. Also our price range is between £3-5k so I'm looking at years of 07 onwards really. Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance.
  9. gwengo

    Number Plate Alignment

    1st world problems, I know!!! :D
  10. gwengo

    Number Plate Alignment

    Cheers guys, This is what I'm having to put up with...
  11. gwengo

    Number Plate Alignment

    Hello peeps! Just a quick question. I have my MOT coming up soon and my number plates were in desperate need of replacement. I've ordered a standard set (no country or origin tag or crazy fonts), however, they have arrived and they are not centre aligned? They are right aligned and where a country of origin badge should sit theres just a blank space. Surely they should have centre aligned the number, or is this a standard practice now? It's really pi$$ing me off now every time I look at it, and working in the graphic design industry makes it worse. Trouble is, my MOT is on Saturday and there is no time to send them back. Am I being pedantic?
  12. Are you planning on doing the timing belt yourself? If so, nice one! Thats the one job I never want to get involved in, mainly because I know I might forget something, start the engine and BOOM!!! one fooked engine :D. I would get it done mate, just for your peace of mind really and for the sake of a couple of hundred quid. Have you inspected your timing belt? There are usually tell tale signs that it hasn't been replaced for a while, such as discolouring, cracking, worn teeth. If you've got the parts, then take it to your local independent garage to fit for a bit cheaper and would save you the hassle. BTW I love your sig , I've only got the first 4 done :D
  13. gwengo

    I've Really Derped...

    Did you get this fixed Josh? First port of call for me would be to replace the broken glow plug. Not sure about the rest but, Stephen seems to know what he's talking about. When I cleaned my EGR valve, I kept the engine running, sprayed for a bout 2 seconds (you'll hear the idle revs drop), then I gave it a few revs. Then I repeated the process. I ended up taking the flexi pipe off that goes to the EGR valve, giving it a good clean out, before re-fitting it and blanking it off. Worked wonders, so once you get it started again have another go and don't let this little hiccup put you off ;).
  14. Hey Mike, have you fitted the blanking plate yet? Are you still experiencing problems with starting? I had trouble on starting a couple of years back, then one day my car totally cut out on me when I reached an island. Had to get the missus to tow me back home. Turns out it was the cam sensor (the one that is located on the rocker cover) £30 fix, just unscrew the old and screw in the new, sorted. The next issue I had with starting was fixed by replacing my battery. I'm dreading the day when my turbo finally packs in, as thats the only majorly expensive part that hasn't been replaced on my car yet. I do love the mk1 focus though, mine's been an absolute trooper, it gets used daily and I hate to admit it but I do abuse it a bit, but mainly because I love driving it :D
  15. gwengo

    Dpf Update

    I think this is shocking from a car thats only 5 years old, I think Ford should part pay your bill as surely this is a problem inherited from the factory. This isn't general wear and tear. How many miles on the clock does your car have? Mine has done 145k and the only major things that have gone wrong are one of the injectors failing (£500) and clutch and dmf replaced (£700).