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  1. Mk6 fiesta 2003 Semi auto gearbox problem?

    Its probably the engine moving around caused by a bit of clutch drag. Try letting off the gas as it changes gear.
  2. Hi, I have stripped the front shocks and found that when the plastic top bearing is free it has a lot of movement in it (wobble). I cannot feel any play when it was on the car. Is this normal? This type of bearing.
  3. Air con leak - 09 Fiesta

    Yes, it will be in the middle. If you leave the air con running for a while, you should see the water dripping.
  4. Air con leak - 09 Fiesta

    An evaporator leak will have evidence of dye in the water drain pipe.
  5. Steering rack lash adjustment

    I am well aware of the procedure, but my question is actually about the adjuster. Normally there is a lock nut, but this seems to be one piece. I have read that it is locked by using a center punch to peen over the threads on the rack body ( you can see a small dot at about 1 o clock on the picture). I was wondering how much effort is needed to get the adjuster moving again.
  6. Parasitic Battery Drain

    I had a similar problem on my fiesta and it was the Bluetooth module.
  7. I have a knock from the rack and need to adjust the lash. Has anybody done this?
  8. Identifying oil types

    You can ask to see the empty oil can.
  9. Air Con problem or not?

    The fan comes on when the compressor clutch locks up and turns off when the clutch releases. If the air con works from cold and stops after it warms up, it could be that the clutch gap is too large and needs a shim removing or the electromagnet is weak.
  10. Fiesta Mk6 alternator question

    I had a similar problem. It was my Bluetooth module not sleeping.
  11. Hi, this is a long story. I live in Thailand and have bought a used Fiesta from a private dealer. I needed to buy some service parts and gave Ford my VIN number which they could not find in the system. This issue was passed over to the office who tried to trace my vehicle. After 3 months, the results are as follows: 1. There is no data anywhere in the system relating to my VIN number. 2. There is no record from the factory of this VIN number. 3. We (Ford)cannot help you anymore. Additionally, The details from Foretis do not match my car, either. I have checked with Ford in the neighboring countries and they too cannot trace this vehicle. Does anybody have any ideas?
  12. Coding spare keys within FORSCAN?

    There is a write up in the Forscan forum and i think you do need 2 working keys to code another.
  13. FORscan Odometer reading

    I am not in the UK. My dashboard is in km and Forscan is in km. My dash odometer is showing 45,xxxkm and the PCM has recorded 92,xxx km.
  14. Hi, FORscan is showing a different mileage stored in the PCM compared to the dash (odometer). I'm not sure if it is a bug or the car has been clocked. Has anybody had similar results?
  15. OS CV joint noise