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  1. Dpf

    It's six in six out but I do longer runs to Damian,I will be looking at petrol station to.i get 56 mpg combined just now thanks for your reply.
  2. Dpf

    Thanks for the advice Tom,timing belt is 125k in the book my mechanic had a peek at 100k big service and said looks good.i have the non dpf engine will keep in mind what you said when look at the titanium later in the week.
  3. Dpf

    Thanks for the replies guys I have a 59 plate 1.6 duratorq 90ps dv6 estate on 103k full service history oil changes ever 6k original clutch,turbo and cambelt.not so nice round the edges but reliable (fingers crossed now I said it) .i saw a nice 1.6 tdci titanium estate grey with 60k and was thinking about a change but was worried about the dpf horror stories. I drive 6miles at least into town and back and my car is up to running temp before I hit town tho.what should I look out for in the later 11-15 models its a 1.6 duratorq 115ps dv6.or should I run this one as long as not to expensive it has passed last two mots with only two advisories two nails in a tyre and a small buckle in one of the steel wheels.. Thanks doug
  4. Dpf

    Thanks Alex.
  5. Dpf

    Hi guys does anyone know if the 2011-15 1.6l duratorq ct tc (115ps) -dv6 engine is fitted with a dpf.was looking at a 2011 estate titanium and wondered if it has one.tia doug
  6. Ford Keys

    Thanks Clive worked a treat it is better doing II-I as it didn't do it at the first attempt at I-II. Thanks doug
  7. Ford Keys

    Thanks Clive will post when the fob arrives and have done the job.
  8. Ford Keys

    Hi guys sorry to but in but I have a similar problem,my three button fob won't work the rcl but opens on the key and starts and runs fine.i have purchased of eBay a replacement fob with circuit board with same part no, and will replace the battery when it arrives and will use my half with the key and use the replacement button fob.is it then a case of the four turns of the ignition and wait for the beep then press the key fob and bobs my uncle as they say?and a tenner instead of a hundred and fifty plus,fingers crossed thans.doug
  9. 1.6 TDCi average MPG?

    Hi Stephen my 59 plate 1.6 tdci estate 95k averages 57/58 mpg on a combined six mile run into town and urban driving.maybe you have you mileage figures a bit wrong.i get 210 miles out of £20 of diesel that's without waiting for the light to come on.
  10. Mk 2.5 three button passive key

    I did wonder about the battery but I fitted it as the manual says positive facing upwards.i may just have to go into the dealers and get then to check the fob.thanks for the replies.doug
  11. Mk 2.5 three button passive key

    Hi wilco no I don't have keyless entry and start,I must have picked up the " passive key " idea from the pic in my owners manual by error as my key resembles said passive key.it must be a PATS three button fob,just not sure what's wrong as the key opens all the doors with the handle lock and ignition starts and car runs as it should but the fob will not open the central locking. And as I have changed the battery in the fob and tried the four key turn reprogramme with the ignition,got the first beep but no beep when I pressed the key fob button.many thanks for your reply.
  12. Mk 2.5 three button passive key

    John in the "remote learning" do you mean turn the key as to start the car or the ll position on the ignition barrel?.i will give it a go but I am going to dismantle the passive key again first to see If I have missed anything first.thanks again Doug.
  13. Mk 2.5 three button passive key

    Thanks again for your posts John but feel reluctant to try this one as,I said the key open and locks the doors manually with the lock in the handle and starts the car fine.am just reluctant to try this in case I can't start the car afterwards.many thanks for taking the time to post.i will just have to use the key to open the car just now and will ask my mechanic friend what he thinks the way to go.
  14. Mk 2.5 three button passive key

    Hi John tried this and got no second beep when I pressed a button on the key fob.
  15. My passive key has stopped operating the central locking,I can unlock and lock the car and it opens all the doors and start and drive away with the key,but does not operate the central locking from the fob.i replaced the battery and have also done the four turn key reprogramme with the ignition but when it beeps and I press the fob button no beep.i take it it's going to be an expensive call to my local ford dealer for a replacement chip/transponder?.manythanks in advance for any replies.