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  1. buzzbee

    Buying second hand

    Well, in the end, it was enough to put me off of the idea and I bought a Honda Accord instead
  2. buzzbee

    Buying second hand

    I have been doing some reading up on the whole subject. Just as I was considering the gutting option, I found something a little worrying on Hypermiler which echoes many of the above thoughts and also says that it basically cannot be detected. However, it then throws in the below update to it's previous information...
  3. buzzbee

    Buying second hand

    Thanks both Yeah Tazz, a MK3 would only call into my budget if there was something wrong with it Dee, I really want to avoid going down the gutting route. I have a history of things just not going to plan. I'm likely to spend £5k on a car, a little more on getting this done and end up with it all going pear shaped and leaving me with no car :-) Knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it, is gutting it a straightforward process? Naturally, I wouldn't expect a main dealer to do it, but is it usually easy to find somewhere to have it done?
  4. buzzbee

    Buying second hand

    I am thinking about buying a new (to me) car. I prefer diesel cars (My last two were a Mondeo Deisel and a Honda Accord Diesel). I have been toying with the idea of a Focus Diesel. For what I am looking to spend (About £4-5K), there seem to be some pretty good ones available. However, with the known issue of the DPF, I wonder if buying a second hand Focus might be a bad idea One thing that concerns me is that I have read that however well you look after your DPF (ie. Motorway driving etc…), it will eventually clog up (Natural, I suppose) and that it will usually need replacing after about 80-100K I prefer to keep to main dealers for anything other than small jobs and have read that the replacement could cost anywhere from £1,000-3,500. Is this correct? If so, with many of the second hand Focuses I have looked at being around that mileage, they might not be such good deals after all I don’t want to go down the route of having it gutted, which is technically illegal. I prefer to keep things as they are supposed to be I would always expect to get around 200,000 miles from a diesel engine, so to need to do this at least twice by then would really make it pretty expensive Add to this that high revving on the motorway on a weekly basis rather takes away from the benefits of the good fuel economy available With so many Focuses for sale with around 80-100K on the clock, I suspect many of them are being sold because they have started to have DPF issues There’s no question that whatever car I get, there will be things I need to be aware of, but if looking to avoid gutting and re-mapping and also sticking to main dealers (Both of which I would prefer), this would seem to be a pretty big and potentially very expensive issue Thoughts?
  5. Getting more and more frustrated with my Mondeo

  6. I have an 05 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi and my sidelight bulbs both need replacing. I have searched this forum and also Googled to see if I can get answers elsewhere, but cannot. I need to know how you can get at the sidelight bulbs. Everything I have found through searching is about getting the light cluster out. This is no problem. However, once out, I remove the back of the side light and just can’t get in to get the bulb out. I am a little weary of sticking screwdrivers and such things in and doing some damage. What is the easiest way to get to it? Thanks
  7. buzzbee

    Clutch Vibration

    I haven’t a clue to be honest. It was all done by a local garage. They sourced and fitted it. Sorry I can’t help
  8. buzzbee

    Clutch Vibration

    To be honest, it just feels like any normal clutch. Remember that before the conversion, my clutch was vibrating heavily, so to compare it with that, it is always going to seem good. So far, it seems like it was a good idea, providing this is not contributing in some way to a new problem I have, with a whirring noise after the engine fires up. It certainly feels fine
  9. If it is, is that a simple adjustment of some kind, or could it get expensive?
  10. I have a 2005 Mondeo TDCi and have had various starter and DMF issues since buying the car. I had the starter replaced about 6 months back and the DMF replaced by a solid flywheel more recently. Now, I am having more problems. When I turn the key in the ignition, the engine starts immediately, but them immediately makes a worrying noise, before I have let go of the key. The best way I can describe the noise is this. If you have ever tried turning the ignition when the engine is already running, you often hear a kind of grating noise. This sounds just like that.
  11. buzzbee

    Clutch Vibration

    Well, it finally got too much and I got a new one put on. I had a solid flywheel converter kid put on there and it now drives much better :)
  12. buzzbee

    Clutch Vibration

    I think you're spot on. I went out for lunch today and when I got back in, the starter motor didn't want to know! It was just making a buzzing sound. My mechanic says it is likely that it is just dirty, from dust caused by a problem with the DMF, which he says is a regular thing. It can be cleaned up, but is likely to be a very temporary fix, so if that is what the problem is, it looks like I'll be getting a new clutch and maybe starter motor to boot. Ouchie :)
  13. I was just wondering if other people have experienced an issue I am having. If I rest my foot even gently on the clutch, it vibrates quite heavilly. More recenely, when I press the clutch, it vibrates and causes quite a knocking sound from within the engine. Is this a common issue? Is it a case of getting a new clutch? If so, how expensive is this on Mondeos? I have an 05 Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Ta
  14. buzzbee

    Breaks rubbing?

    I have a Mondeo 2.0 TCDi LX, which I have only had for a short time and one problem seems to exist with it. While driving, quite often, I get a low pitch whistle, accompanied by a vibration in the steering wheel. If I break hard for a second or so, it goes away, but often then returns shortly afterwards. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? Is this a comon issue with Mondeos? Thanks