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  1. Hi, new to this site thought I would bring this to the attention of other members. Purchased Ford Zetec 1600 diesel, Reg 2007, 11 months ago, a Ford Direct vehicle, had a flat the other day got jack etc from boot, started to jack the vehicle up at the correct jacking point, front wheel just clear of the ground when the jack slipped out, Thank God I did not have the wheel off!!!!!!!! On examination of the top of the jack I saw that there was a spring attached to the 'U' shaped piece that should sit under the sill. the top section would not tilt, on further examination saw that on one side this top plate was welded to the rest of the jack but was not on the other side, deduction the top section should tilt as you jack the vehicle up to keep it square against the sill. Called at my local dealer this am they agreed that the jack was defective, advised me to contact Ford Customer service, and they may do something!!!!!!! Well have contact dealer where I purchased the vehicle from in the first instance currently awaiting a reply. Approx £200 +VAT damage caused according to the Ford local body shop. Could have been a lot worse, a lot lot, lot worse if I had been changing the wheel in the dark on a road, and I had actually got the wheel off SO BE WARNED CHECK YOU SCISOR JACKS - IF ANYBODY KNOWS OF A SIMILAR OCCOURANCE I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW - GO CHECK YOU JACKS AND PASS THE WORD AROUND Have now spoken to Ford Customer Service!!!! Have a case number issued, however they stated that it is now up to me to contact my insurance company and put a claim in to them for the damage etc....... Yep and have a claim recorded against my No Claims Discount... They will not even replace the jack under a Good Will gesture, even if I get the damage repaired myself.. not that I am going to do this. So much for Customer Services - they did however ask if I was injured!!!!! Watch this space for the next episode. Andy :(