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  1. Assuming you mean PCV, have a look at this
  2. While we're here, can anyone tell me the name of the colour of the wheel paint? My wheels are the same ones as the OP. Thanks in advance.
  3. Not helpful. Intentional damage could invalidate the whole warranty.
  4. Similar issue with my then-new Rover 220 GTi. PAS was leaking from the rack, dealer didn't want to know until it actually failed. I wrote to Rover Group, cc'd the dealer principal and made your point: fix it now for £Not Much or wait until the whole lot gives up. They agreed to fix it. I think you can make a strong case here: if the water pump craps the bed, you might end up needing a new engine. Good luck.
  5. Timing belt cover loose/not put back on properly? Long shot, but I've seen it happen, and the pulleys and/or belt rubbing on the cover makes a hell of a racket.
  6. Not unlike the cover used by Austin-Rover on the breakout-box connector of early MEMS/K Series cars. Maybe a cover for an unused connector?
  7. I was looking for just a twin tailpipe for mine, to fit to the standard system. As there's no silencer, I didn't think it would be expensive. How wrong was I! The only decent looking one I could find is the guts of 200 quid.
  8. Autodata says 200,000km and 10 years. Don't think I'd be brave enough to leave it that long, though!
  9. I went the Double DIN aftermarket head unit route. The HU came with a camera, but it was a daft looking thing, like a wee cube with an LED in each corner. Found a better one that replaces one of the original number plate lights. It has a trigger from the reversing lamp circuit, and the rear view pops up on the head unit straight away: it doesn't have to wait for Android to boot. The camera is "hard wired" for want of a better phrase, and as such is operating-system independent. HU, reversing cam, forward facing cam and fascia adapter cost me less than £200. 3 hour job, including making up the wiring loom. The head unit loom comes with a connector on only one end, so I bought a Ford Quadlock to Pioneer harness adapter, chopped off the Pioneer end and soldered, heat-shrunk and taped the lot. Tedious, but does a good job.
  10. Firestone Roadhawk 205/55/16 on mine. £200 all in for 4. Rated C for fuel economy, A for the wet and 70 (I imagine decibels) for noise. I had Avons on the front, and they were rubbish in the wet, TCS kept kicking in on takeoff. No such issues now.
  11. Problem solved! The photo I posted in the OP of the component is indeed the totality of the replacement part: I was barking up the wrong tree looking for the other end of it on the heater box. The yellow arrow shows the end of the component. The red arrow indicates where there is some kind of cable with a toothed socket on the end of it. It's not visible as you can see that the grey plastic section is in front of it. I was actually trying to pull that part OUT, in order to get a look at it. However, I noticed that there was some kind of spring loading on it, so I let it go and it snapped home, not fully, but more than before. Whacked on the blower and turned the knob for the blend: working! But as Eric Morecambe would have said "Not necessarily in the right order" I moved the blend control knob, ignoring it's position until it was clearly outputting to screen only Pulled on the joint (yellow arrow) until the rod was disengaged Placed the blend control knob at 12 o'clock (screen only) Let go of the joint. It didn't snap fully home straight away, so I pulled on it a few times and it popped in. All working now. Dunno how it got pulled out, mind. Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.
  12. Nice one Matt. I'll take a look through ELMConfig for that setting because my own Focus either revs up like a superbike or else stalls. Cheers for the tip.
  13. Thanks Stoney, I didn't realise the other end was on the footwell: it looked to me like it went up into the top area of the dash. Great stuff! Cheers.
  14. Apologies if this has been covered before: I couldn't find anything, probably because I'm not sure of the correct name of this component. One of the pictured items, part number 4M5H-19236-AB, which controls the HVAC blend flaps in my car, a 2010 Focus 1.8 mark 2.5. The one in my car doesn't do anything when I turn the heater control for screen/screen and feet etc. Fortunately, it seems to be stuck halfway between screen and feet! The larger green plastic part is broken about 3/4 of the way down. Removing the radio, you can see where it connects to the blend control, but then it disappears towards the passenger side to a point where I *just* about cant see what it connects to. Zero Alpha has a car the same as mine, so I took hers apart too (I got into trouble for that. Think "all picture and no sound", you won't be far off :D) It seems to be the same, although the component in her car moves and does what's expected. I have the Ford Workshop Information System, but find it a bit counterintuitive to navigate, and couldn't find anything. Anyone know where I could find the instructions on how to fit this thing? I know you get instructions with things like mudflaps from Ford, but I doubt something like this would be the same, as it's not exactly a 'consumer-fit' item. Cheers in advance.
  15. Good point, hadn't thought of that!