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  1. The joys mate hope nothing to serious lots stuff doing the rounds at the min. christmas time is when people mostly come down with stuff. Hope gets well soon n you can fight the shops haha
  2. Cheers pal, appreciate it you all sorted for Xmas
  3. hey guys not been on in few months due to car accident n few broken limbs ect. not my fault or my car before anyone judges my driving 😂😂😂😂 but it was a nasty crash and won’t want a repeat of it anytime. but on road to full recovery now. how you all doing anyway all sorted for Xmas
  4. Used your pic, where arrow is pointing too is airbox and yes this looks like blow off valve to me
  5. New exhaust for new brackets don't seem right unless your exhaust been trailing across the floor n worn away. take it to another garage ask them to check the parts you have just said don't mention other garage told you that n see what they come up with. may come up with it been correct but you may get cheaper price
  6. Remove n clean the egr valve also replace the pcv valve. i would of first said piston rings but you said it runs fine it would be losing power if was the rings. another check you air filter isn't covered in oil there's a breather pipe located on the air box check it's not clogged up
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