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  1. Can someone please tell me how this works and whether they only work with electronically fitted throttles?
  2. Rally Spec?

    I have this huge soft spot for rally spec cars. It's a shame I have the engine I have, because I dont like the sound of modifying something thats not all that spesh. The thing is, I have red car, and it would look so nice with either some O.Z Racing Superturismo GT alloys, or a set of Borbet LS 15 x 6.5s on. I wouldn't mind a set of 15s because they will fill the arch gap a little, however if I lower it it might not need anything bigger than 14s. Only thing is, like I said, my car isnt quick, it isn't very spesh, and I dont want people to think that it's quick because I'll just look like a tw@ lol. What's your take on it?
  3. I would he thought that messing with ecu's would be dangerous. After all, it is the computer. Would have thought personally, that only an ecu from the same car as yours would work, but I'm sure it would have to be re-mapped. Then again I have a lot to learn about messing about with engines and shizz. Do let me know if I've got it wrong anyone. :P
  4. Hey, I'm Em. I've had my Fiesta for a few months. I love it! It's nothing extremely special. Just a 51 plate (Mk 5) 1.3, 8 valve, Fiest Flight. Chain driven, so very slow for it's engine size, however bullet proof I think. It's very tidy, havent got any pics yet, but will get some on a day when it's a little less overcast. I hope to get to know everyone soon. :P Em