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  1. Thanks for the advise and btw the insurance company is called carrot lol :)
  2. Hey guys my brother has just passed his test and got a car he's gone through carrot insurance on a black box they didn't come out and fit it or anything they just sent a orange Bluetooth box which you connect your phone to while driving (which to me seems unusual) he's now received an email from them saying they are cancelling his policy due to his car being heavily modified they aren't open today so can't phone them till tomorrow but the car is absolutely standard and has been inspected by a garage on purchase this whole company seems to be a scam read both good and bad reviews on them can any one give any advise thank you in advance smurf
  3. More pics so tinted windows my self a few bubbles and creases but not bad for first attempts
  4. Hello and welcome to FOC, not sure on an app iv never checked my self haha :)
  5. Hello welcome to FOC, Looking forward to seeing more posts about your cars :)
  6. not too sure but some one else mentioned this the other day saying that they could feel the panel getting burning hot where they felt like they would burn there selfs they said they spoke to ford or a garage cant quite remember which said there isnt any heat proofing there and thats what causes the issue but only time iv ever heard of it was then
  7. Wow you put a lot of effort in to that well done that is amazing haha
  8. hmm been qouted £85 per alloy thats too much which i am not willing to pay
  9. havent posted anything related to my car lately so just tinted the headlights which when head lights are on you cant see any tint and also cut a gap in the bonet added a bonet scoop to help along with my Green induction kit, also removed the hoonigan sticker today but was after i took the picture
  10. i try and not have music on cause some certain songs make me drive faster or bop about haha
  11. haha i try not to get anything done by other people, like the satisfaction of doing it my self haha
  12. i would phone your insurance as they will be able to explain it and look in to it for you in all honesty but seems like they found a loop hole in having to dish any money out and want to take it back from you, best off just phoning them Good Luck
  13. hmm saw a build on here with a ford focus where they did it them selfs and it didnt seem expensive or take too long either Thank you tho :)
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