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  1. Will this fit my car?

    Hello Jonanstee Bumper choices... Focus St mk2 front a rear bumpers straight swap. Mk2.5 St bumper rear with a quick re-wiring of the 2 bottom bulbs as connectors are not the same. Also the 2 fixings for the bottom of the bumper either side of exhaust cut outs do not line up with the existing fixing points on car.
  2. Wing mirror pin outs

    I feel rather dumb and think I over complicated these wiring pin outs. Jw1982 your 1st post was correct. Pulled through the wiring loom and the is additional brown wire what disappears is joined onto the blue wire. . . :/
  3. Stereo surround

    No problem.
  4. Stereo surround

    I found a few codes what I think Ford use for the fascia, 1501441 1501443 1501444 They could all be different fascias or they could be different finishes like grey black etc
  5. Stereo surround

    Hello, ive done some searching and I think I found one suitable fascia.. On eBay in search type "Ford 1501441"
  6. Wing mirror pin outs

    My plan was to just use the wing panel indicator wiring and wire it to the wing mirror indicator as that seems the easiest way. But still not sure how I'm going to wire the correct wiring for all the other functions of the wing mirror as I'm still a spare wire/1 wire short, varying what wing mirror wiring I'm looking at lol. It's going to have to be a trial and error game. I will make a guide once I have (hopefully) succeeded
  7. Wing mirror pin outs

    Thank you jw1982, gutted I didn't see anywhere about cc wing mirrors before buying these post face-lift wing mirrors lol. i have trial fitted the mirror but until I get the wiring correct I wont install them. They seemed to fit ok, not brilliant but ok lol. Definitely wouldn't notice it looking out of place. From what I've seen from from stripping down both wing mirrors for pre and post face-lift, there's the following wires and colours... Post-6 wires: #1 Brown #2 green #3 white #4 red #5 yellow #6 blue The yellow+blue go to indicator bulb. Green+white+red go to motor Then the only Brown wire goes to glass mirror but on the actual mirror there is 2 Brown wires coming off of it but the additional Brown wire is not on the wiring block. Couldn't trace where it goes off to but heads into where all wires are posted through together. Pre-5 wires: #1 Brown #2 Brown #3 blue #4 green #5 red The blue+green+red go to the motor The brown+Brown go to glass mirror.
  8. Wing mirror pin outs

    Hello and thank you for replying, I have downloaded that pdf already as I have tryed searching prior to posting but I don't really understand what I'm looking at on that wiring schematics lol. Thank you tho for replying
  9. Wing mirror pin outs

    Hello all. Never joined a forum but often look at them for guides and advice so forgive me if I post something wrong. Can any give me advise on the pre face-lift wing mirror wiring and post face-lift. I'm installing post face-lift wing mirrors to my focus mk2 pre face-lift. Pre face-lift has 5 wires Post face-lift has 6 wires. From what I've figured out so far, blue green and red wires on both wing mirrors go to the motor to adjust mirrors. Then there's 3 other wires on post face-lift, 2 of them are for indicators and the last wire I presume is to do with heated mirror function. On the pre face-lift after the 3wires for the mirror movement, there's 2 wires left over and there is no indicator, so I'd suspect they must be for the heated mirror but why is there 2 wires for that where as the post face-lift wing mirror only uses 1 wire. Any advice?