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  1. Reall want to do the centre console change but not confident enough to do it myself, know I’ll F something up and break it!
  2. Yes, happens to me virtually every time I use it. Generally when using both maps and podcasts/music at the same time. Freezes after 10 mins or so. I’ve only recently found out about doing a reset (holding the off and fast forward button for 5 seconds) which has lessened the annoyance slightly. I’ve checked online and my Sync 3 is the latest version.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering is anybody has a video of how to change the headlight bulbs on a MK8 Fiesta. I’ve seen the pictures in the manual, but I’d like to actually see it being done before I attempt it. Taking out a headlight is not something I’ve ever done before, so I want to make sure I don’t mess it us and break anything!
  4. Was struggling for ages to get the drivers side wire out myself, gave it one last go this weekend and got it out. Found it easy once I’d removed this bar under the steering wheel. Just 2 bolts, seemed easier to me than removing the trim by the lights. It needed a hard press and pull to unclip the wire. Have ordered the lights, should’ve here this week, looking forward to seeing what they’re like. Hope they’re a lot more subtle than the CEUK ones look in the photos I’ve seen
  5. Do they Ford ones actually slot in/fit on to somewhere, or do they just stick on like the CEUK lights?
  6. I put a parts request through on Ford Parts and it came back as £25.16 inclusive of delivery in the UK. Would be interested to see pictures of the genuine ones before I order them, as you say @Martijn89, the CEUK ones do look quite bright.
  7. I found This video on YouTube of a guy in Denmark putting the footwell lights in his MK8 ST-Line in. There are also some very helpful posts in this Facebook post. Having read through that tonight, I’m going to have a look this week at getting the wire out of the drivers side that I’ve been struggling with and order the part. The genuine ford part no is 2112634.
  8. Got in the car earlier today and miraculously, Waze appeared, and the CarPlay menu had moved back over to the right of the screen.
  9. Given that Waze is on the Ford UK App Catalogue, I was under the impression that it could be used through Sync. It has also been featured in Parkers as available. I’m not hugely bothered as I’ll use Google Maps through CarPlay when iOS 12 is released in September anyway.
  10. I’ve updated my Sync 3 in my Fiesta MK8 to Version 3 today in order to get the Waze app working when plugging my iPhone in. However, no matter how many times I plug the phone in, and have the Waze app open, it just won’t appear. I have also clicked the find more apps button but nothing is showing up. Also, when using CarPlay, the side menu has moved over to the left hand side. I was under the impression that it was on the right so as to make it easier for right hand drive car drivers to touch those buttons. Has anybody else updated Sync 3 and had similar issues?
  11. I’m just wondering if you have fitted an armrest? I’ve just ordered my MK8 ST-Line (take delivery this Thursday) and want to retrofit an armrest. I’ve seen the one you’ve mentioned on Ford Accessories, and I’ve also seen one out of a titanium on a breakers. If you’ve fitted the Armster, what is it like. Also, has anybody retrofitted one from a higher spec as you could in the MK7? Thanks
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