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  1. Fuel Cap Flap

    Hi, When I got to the car to go to work this morning (Mk 7 '09 Fiesta) I noticed by fuel cap flap (if thats the correct name) had gone! not a clue where. Tried online to find a replacement but couldn't find any for the Mk7. Don't want to go to fords because of their high prices. anyone got any idea where I could buy a new one?! Thanks!
  2. Powered Steering Malfunction

    If the light goes off when the ignition is turned on and you can steer the wheel fine, maybe theres not a problem?
  3. frustrating!

    So I rang up to see how my car is getting along. They told me it's built and ready in the ford garage in bristol! (i'm from liverpool no idea why it's there, main garage maybe?) Anyway, they said they are waiting for the finance company to invoice ford, it's been a week! anyone else had the same trouble? I want it now!! Ha. Also, how many fezza's are on the roads now? Never used to see any there everyone now lol
  4. I got the call yesterday

    i am jealous! lol
  5. Little confused!

    Hi all, I rang the leasing company I bought my car from yesterday to see how my car was getting along. The girl on the phone said ford gave her a date which was the 19th which was a while back and then she said "ford hadn't got back to her for an update" but the car will be at the compound!? on the 19th, then it takes a couple of days untill it gets to the dealers then a couple of days from the dealers untill i can pick it up or they deliver. (haven't been told how it works?) So I was wondering how long its taken from the compound to the dealer, dealer to yourselfs? and if it was delivered to you? Cheers

    argh i'm well jealous! but glad for you lol. ordered mine on the 13th of july they say it will be at the dealers this saturday but im not getting my hopes up lol
  7. Why!?

    Thanks for the replys. I've got a long wait it looks like then lol :| I was hoping octoberish I would be getting it, I seriously hope it's not 'gonna take much longer than that. Just have to play the waiting game..
  8. Why!?

    Christ that's a long time, I only ordered mine 3 weeks ago :| ha. Ah well be worth the wait I hope.
  9. Why!?

    Why is my order taking soooo long. It's such a horrible wait i want my car now, ha. The company I have bought the car from said anywhere between 8-12 weeks. :S I thought they had a load of cars made at the factorys but couldn't sell them? Or 12 weeks to make a car.. what!? Anyone care to explain? Lol Thanks
  10. Hai few questions

    Hi, Ordered my Fiesta 1.4 Zetec 3Door (moondust silver) on friday, they say i'll have a 8-12 week wait for it.. Urgh! Curious about delivery, has anyone had the car dropped off to them? Or is it all just picking up from the dealer? I ask because if it is getting dropped off to my house by someone delivering it by driving it up I don't want any extra miles on the clock and someone driving the car before me a long distance (could over-rev etc). Or would it be on the back of a tow truck or something? Does anyone have any pictures of car like mine? What are the speakers like (I do like my loud music) I have ordered the Usb, Bluetooth, Voice Control extra if that is a difference. I'm sure there are more questions but I can't think right now! Thanks