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  1. Focus MK1 heating problem

    @bigp2018 if it the fan which it most likely is if not the resistor, the skuttle panel ( the plagy bit between your window n bonnet ) needs sealing at the window or you'll just have the same problem again mate 👍 plus you might wanna check the pollen filter as that would more than likely need doing before sealing it and it maybe wet 👌
  2. Car key broken

    Odb's comprise the security of nearly ever car now don't they ? N an even bigger laugh but not for the owners it's happened to like the Vauxhall Corsa D/E can be fully stripped down without setting the alarm off work that 1 out 😮
  3. just bit fun

    When I was a lad we still had an air raid shelter no door or window an a coal house they're were the next available beds when six had filled a single bed or 4 peeing in the toilet at the same time or when there was a power cut a car battery and car light was the light source bring back the good old days, l had no cares in the world then 😂
  4. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    I don't have a clue @stef123 so here's a photo of the specs for you so you can tell me if it's rubbish , not bad, ok, pretty good for the money 😂 ( probably not the last 1 at £40 )
  5. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    @stef123 I'll give you my review when I get to use mine, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday when l do my gearbox if my partner let's me use it as it's a birthday present n that's not for 2 months yet 😭
  6. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    @stef123 @zain611 @williamweb @isetta @DavyTee @Martin-Fiesta-MK6-1.4 just to let you know if you don't already as it mày interest you, Lidl have an electric torque wrench with 4 attachments Inc at £40... It a Parker not sure what others make of the brand but I've had a cordless drill of there's for just over a year n not had a problem yet so happy days n less head ache now 😂
  7. Car key broken

    @Mojaz787 as Tomsfocus mentioned going through the grill n replacement is the only option for that bit, but if you get another key that matches yours ( ready to cut but make sure the blade is the same shape ) you'll only need that cut then transfer the internals of your old key including the transponder n you'll have a perfectly new working key, l did this for our MK1 focus the other day 👍
  8. Selling Cars

    I do think people are put off with this rubbish of diesel's will cost more to run, purely because they've been scaremongerd about bio fuel which in fact would bring down the running cost of a diesel as it can't be failed on emmisions because it hardly produces any, yes the floor with bio is during winter you have to use more normal diesel to reduce the expansion of the bio oil and it's recommended to change the oil filter every 6 ish months but the running costs are massive, l used to buy £40 a week of it as l was working virtually 24/7 in a 2.5 diesel van and found it would last virtually 2times longer than straight diesel but before that I would spend £100-£120 on fuel, as to your point of sales places yep total rip offs take the escort MK6/7 you commented on it would be worth £5-600 at most but a sales places want £1k at most of them yeah you might get a yr or so what ever they offer but would they hold up to it probably not as they would say it's either yours or natural wear and tears fault there not going to change there ways just because it's modern modern means more expenses so a second hand 1 isn't going to get dressed up, like yours it'll be what you see is what you get n you know if something went wrong you should check better but a sales place will just give you headache and stress fobbin you off which would be worse.. that's my view on it @TomsFocus
  9. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    @stef123 the track rod end must be a few mm longer as the steering wheel has moved to like 2-3 minutes past 12 from being straight so l would say a slight turn ( slightly messing ) but still it'll get it back dead on straight again 😎 unlike when ( stupidity took over ) tried sting line alignment it 100% doesn't work 😂 it just made it worse 😳
  10. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    Just to update, 1hr to do track rod end and anti-roll bar drop link, with just a jack, 1 rachet, 2 shifters, 1mole grips. now all is good again due to placeing mole grips at the end on the track rod end on the bar before removing, it's fitted perfectly back to the right place no need for tracking £20 saved plus garage labour on diying the parts my self 👍
  11. How much profit are they making

    @Michael9 don't know how much they make, but just for reference, l bought a pair of cheap lower arm's for my MK6/7 escort at £15 each 3 month later ( 1 side the rubber in the arm went other side the ball joint went ) so l bought Febi Bilstien 1's at £30 each that was about 4-5 months ago now n not had a problem with them yet, l don't believe in ford parts are the best but sometimes there's are cheaper ie: 1.8 MK1 focus throttle body gasket is roughly £5 cheaper than eBay that amazed me and the parts guy at ford stealers near me, then sometimes you have no choice maybe as nobody else or any where else does them, l do think personally thoe they probably have them made buy a high end factory/s that probably produce 50% of the good life lasting rubber as that's the main key % of rubber used if it's not very good its not going to hold out very long same as the % of steel used as there are 2 types of steel (1) pure non mixed (2) steel with many mixed materials bonded together, that's why scrap yards prices vary for different metal's but not on steel, but yet they sell it at different prices according to pure n non pure. So for going on but hopefully it helps 😂
  12. Advice needed

    @Tickets you'll be looking at roughly around £5-600 ish with it (1) being a 1.6 (2) it's not an rs/GTi or what's considered a special model, (3) low mileage is the bonus selling bit, (4) it depends on where you are ( as quite a few in East of England where l am like them but most are situated too far north or south, l own a mk6/7 escort so know a bit on this front, there a mk5/6 escort group on Facebook but l would as already mentioned look at everywhere that's free to advertise first the more places the better the interest, the plus bonus to it being a 1.6 it can be fitted with the Mondeo MK2 2.0 16v engine if that takes your interest or can be used as part of your advertisement 👍.
  13. Fob key repair/replacement

    If you have a fob key problem ie: buttons not working properly / not at all try this 1: remove battery, then bend small side prong up a bit so it no longer sits at the side of the battery but on top of it when re-fitting, chances are it's no longer touching the battery.. 2: if step 1 hasn't worked buy a new fob replacement then carefully cut the rubber down the side of the transponder remove then fit into your new fob key ( use some blu tack / PVA glue to stop it moving and lessen the chance of breaking it ) and swap the circuit board and the key end..
  14. jayantha

    That's 1 nice MK1 😱