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  1. Saying that though look back when the the mk1 / 2 escort was made they said the same thing then and that they wouldn't be worth a thing now look at the prices, sometimes the least thought thing will happen, who would have thought the vw beetle ( original type ) would have been made for so long without being changed 🤷‍♂️ till the newer model n now they stopped it again 😂 some of the said worst cars back then now have a very high value.. but electric cars l can't imagine going the same way unless the production of the batteries prices reduces dramatically 🤦‍♂️
  2. I can totally agree with that, when you hear the sound of a beautiful engine you look.. when would you look at an electric car when it has a nice shape not because it sounds and looks nice 🤷‍♂️
  3. Sorry its been such a long time since l posted ( someone l just spoke to about here reminded that it had been so long since l checked in 🤦‍♂️... its very good to hear that you went for it and all went very well 😎👍
  4. For anyone who needs to know the location in future as mentioned above its on the throttle body look down in between the throttle body and engine and you will see it 👌
  5. Hi Anthony, if it's an 03 plate you have then it's a 1.5 not mk2, but to answer your question, I've seen a lot of reports for the mk1/1.5/2 focus but never a problem with the bottom support of the front springs, rears happen from time to time..
  6. Buy a replacement antenna off Bay for way less, plus add a signal booster for about half the that price and yes it will fit in the original spot, if it turns the screw is a different size or too long or short take the antenna to a local hardware store and get a screw that will fix it too the roof. Ford only buy the same stuff but stamp there badge on it and raise the price to make it look like it was specifically make for them 😂
  7. Wow has it really been since February last yr since l posted here 😵 hi all yet again, well since then my 1.8 estate has had a few more repairs n let's sayl had fun learning on how to fit n still got it through an mot LOL, so I've replaced the steering rack, steering pump now x3 the steering pump pipes ( which l learned can be from any other model petrol/diesel ) I've replaced 1 front wheel bearing using a bench vise and a large socket piece, all the rear Bush's with ( hammer / chisel / socket bits and a Monkey wrench for the trailing arms due to the size of the Bush's, it failed the mot at first because l rushed to get it back on the road ( l didn't tighten the steering column / rack bolt tight enough so allowed a movement of 2-3 mins position either way before the wheels would turn with the steering wheel, just to point out too l burnt the old Bush's out n proved a lot of people wrong that they would be weakened as it's been nearly a yr now since l did them n there still good 👍 also I've changed my clutch and plate not the clutch slave cylinder as that is still ok n works fine, so yeah even after 5-6 yrs of owning n self repairing I still wouldn't give up on my focus, my escort well that's totally different story 😂 as to the various other repairs as mentioned by Stone7812 I've had those plus many others 🙈 I'll upload photos of what l took of mine. Before and now
  8. The mk3 onwards are the worst for problems.. you were better off with the fez
  9. If it's a petrol model simple DIY..
  10. Its sucking air in or a possible collapsed pipe that's being sucked together or splitting, check all pipe's are tight non are very soft, most commonly the emmisions pipe depending upon the engine it'll either be a T shape piping at the front or at the back of the engine and comes round the side, they normally split or go soft due to the heat 👍
  11. Now ready to remove diff bearings 👍
  12. Gearbox DIY project repair so far, about 1 hour of time 👍
  13. If you've no managed to open the door just yet, obtain an old metal coat hanger remove both strips from the bottom of the window and insert it down the gap and use the hook to pull at the handles leaver then you'll be on your way to repair without damaging it 👍 @Tracey1806
  14. That's the 1 @stef123 lrn bru 😂 naaa no other could be as good as the original flavour mate 😀
  15. Same here not a coke fan more iron brew 👍 yeah with the water vinegar mix you only have to wait until it's dry n then it can be cleaned up roughly around 5mins which has suprised me very much as l never thought it would actually work 😂 next job is to swap rear shockers on our MK1 focus which hopefully won't now mean cutting bolts like my mate had to on his when he replaced the lot 😮
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