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  1. The mk3 onwards are the worst for problems.. you were better off with the fez
  2. If it's a petrol model simple DIY..
  3. Its sucking air in or a possible collapsed pipe that's being sucked together or splitting, check all pipe's are tight non are very soft, most commonly the emmisions pipe depending upon the engine it'll either be a T shape piping at the front or at the back of the engine and comes round the side, they normally split or go soft due to the heat 👍
  4. Now ready to remove diff bearings 👍
  5. Gearbox DIY project repair so far, about 1 hour of time 👍
  6. If you've no managed to open the door just yet, obtain an old metal coat hanger remove both strips from the bottom of the window and insert it down the gap and use the hook to pull at the handles leaver then you'll be on your way to repair without damaging it 👍 @Tracey1806
  7. That's the 1 @stef123 lrn bru 😂 naaa no other could be as good as the original flavour mate 😀
  8. Same here not a coke fan more iron brew 👍 yeah with the water vinegar mix you only have to wait until it's dry n then it can be cleaned up roughly around 5mins which has suprised me very much as l never thought it would actually work 😂 next job is to swap rear shockers on our MK1 focus which hopefully won't now mean cutting bolts like my mate had to on his when he replaced the lot 😮
  9. @Nrose1113 unfortunately you have a slight problem with a simple straightforward swap this is what someone with the same idea came across.... I've just had the door panels off my 56 plate (Feb 2007) Focus 1.6 Tdi Zetec Estate and can confirm the the speakers are round and match the Haynes Manual. Attached are some pictures. The front speakers seems bigger than the rear and both are held in molded standoffs that are rivetted to the door panel. Without the standoffs the speaker magnets would probably clash with the window machanism when down as well as being set well back from the speaker grill on the door trim. The 5"x7" speakers I bought to replace the standard ones are going to be sent back as there is no way I can make them fit without some custom molded standoffs
  10. But does it work within minutes and for the amount you get price wise out ways the coke plus there's no temptation to drink it instead 😂
  11. Does it happen when idle or only when driving ?
  12. Heavy rust results, first layer removed with wire brush then sprayed again then rubbed with scour pad.. this is a part from within the back box
  13. Result after second spraying and scour pad rub..
  14. Well I've tried the white vinegar n water rust removal trick n it's proven to work on light n heavy rust very well.. l have sprayed the exaust again n will post the results when it's dried up, it was applied using a spray bottle only the brake disc was cleaned using a scour pad the first layer of the exaust was done with a wire brush but the second will be done with the same scour pad to see how clean it comes up compared to using the supposed best rust removal stuff at an expensive price this has cost about £3 make 😜
  15. It depends on the condition at time of mot as l had a mk5 transit with abs n it felt like someone was hitting with a hammer when breaking but ( according to the mechanics it was fine !!! ) Also friend who repairs cars told me the full lock clunk wasn't a problem a year later I've learned a lot from DIY repairs the clunk was the top strut bearing which Knackered the shocker n the drop link and the hub due to being left so long, so if these bits concern you @mattwlkr go elsewhere for a second opinion or just DIY it mate if it doesn't feel right to you then follow your instincts you know the vehicle Better like our focus I'll be changing the rear shockers as there making a noise which was covered up by the front making noise, as you say it's swaying a bit to me it sounds like you have anti roll bar bush problem..
  16. Eventually @stef123 now after all that l have to swap the reverse switch as oil leaks through it n sealing stuff won't stop it 😠 the joys of self repairing 😀... Bonus to highlight white vinegar and water left it about a day and half ( l forgot about it 😂 ) the results..
  17. Well @stef123 it's finally back on the road just after a month 😂 best bit of advice to anyone else who does a DIY gearbox change... What ever level it sat at when you remove it don't change it, l got given a set of ramps slightly taller than my current 1's l was using so swapped them over total headache 😠 because it changed the engine height n it was hard as hell to get it set back right where it was, but it's all done n very much missed driving it so next is to rebuild the previous box instead of searching for another when the time comes for replacement again which I hope isn't soon 😧 😂
  18. Socket bit that's slightly smaller as @Luke4efc mentioned wack it on n it'll undo done it loads there a pain really either lose them or they round off because of the angle when undoing them.
  19. @mattwlkr @atrox when you say it slips do you mean it's as if the steering turns a slight bit more without turning ? If so as @tommy1340millar said it's either the ball joints or hubs, to test place a bar in the gap if it moves side to side easy it's buggerd if it moves down it's your hub 👍
  20. @dave65 You can test the track rods and ball joints buy jacking the car up, place a bar ( trolley jack bar if you use 1 ) in-between the gaps if they move quite easy then there buggerd as they should be quite stiff also check the anti roll bar drop link same procedure, but if the ball joint moved down wards then it's the hub not the ball joint. But if it's the hub you should hear that on every bump
  21. If buying a second fob key and you don't have the 2 keys then to have a second you... 1, have to get the transponder coded 2, the new key cut 3, the chip board coded If your just buying a new fob key ( key with chip board ) which you can get for about £10 all you have to do is cut the rubber around the transponder carefully ( it's glass ) the transfer the chip board from the old key to the new 1, then take your old key and attach it to the new fob. But before doing any of that check the prongs in your fob haven't been bent through multiple times of battery replacement.. The long prong sits underneath. The short prong (commonly found bent ) should be sat on top of the battery not at the side which happens. The bleeping is part of the alarms security probably activated from non remote use ( not registering that it's not actually being stolen )
  22. Is it the the green coloured grease your talking about Stef ? When you get the CV boot it should be supplied with it as well as a retaining belts/clips which I find a right pain so l just use tie wraps the longest you can get..
  23. An older car that l had never had the immobilizer light but when the transponder disappeared l learned it had an immobilizer on it 😂 but as to the immobilizer light flashing weather your keys in or not if on remembering right from our focus as soon as the ingnition is switched on it cuts off till the keys removed again, I'm sure it was the same on 2 other previous cars we've had ( different models ) but as Tom said if the immobilizer isn't deactivating it won't let the fuel through that l know from a transit l had as a call out repair guy realized n fitted a buy pass wire that meant l had no problems with it until I either got it fixed properly or disconnected it, with it being an old 98 1 it was an easy job, but as to the fuel filter if still kept as the MK1 focus its in a small gap between the back seats and the boot area underneath a right pain to refit but ok to undo 😦 the pump should be accessible from a panel under the back seat if not you need to empty the tank then drop it..
  24. It could be a rubbish battery ! As in 1 that's not suitable for the focus or too many short journeys n more power used than it replaceing ( we've had that with our focus not running long enough ) we even went the extreme of not even locking the doors for about a month to rebuild the power back up as the alarm drained it just on the basic lock because we wasn't using it much during the day more at night so the battery wasn't charging properly.. took it for a run during the day for about an hour no radio on or anything didn't have a or had a problem since, but it could also be a fault draining it if nothing else..