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  1. Mk6 5 door fez track car

    Well I live in the Midlands, near Derby so I'm not 100% what track rules are for the close ones. I'll have to have a look into it I guess but I suppose I could trade this for a 3 door mk5 and just make it a bit of a track car and use it to practise
  2. Mk6 5 door fez track car

    I probably wont spend a grand but it's just the max I'm willing to spend, I don't want to buy another car as I just basically want to track this until it dies now. I'm getting another daily anyway but I'll need insurance to drive it to and from the track but that's the only driving it'll need to do. I've seen a Ford breakers that tear up a lot of ST150s and Focus ST/RS so maybe I can nab some parts from them. Chances are they're all going to be safety/handling mods as I know the car isn't a racer, might just tear the back seats out to save some weight also. But thank you for the input, it's much appreciated and I'll have a look into them.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a 2004 Fiesta 1.4 16v 5 door. Now my insurance is almost up and I'm looking at changing cars anyway (still deciding on a car). But I want to do some track work and I thought that rather than scrap the little Fez as it's done 136k miles. I've done a lot of work since buying it to get it running smoothly and it's ran relatively okay and gotten me to work everyday so I want it to go out with a bang rather than being scrapped or flogged for £200. So, what can I do to turn my little Fez into a track practice car, I'm willing to spend around £1000 to get it track prepped. I've been told the ST150 shocks and rear discs can be swapped over to it? So, within my smallish budget, what can be done? Any help is appreciated! Thanks again guys.
  4. Hey guys, Firstly, this is my first post, I'm Josh. I have recently started driving, always had an interest in cars but never really had a need to get my license. However, I now have and I've been given a MK5 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec, now I'm not asking how to make more power as it's a 1.25 and that's kinda pointless. I'm just wondering what sort of mods people have done to make it more personal to themselves? Quite curious to know this and also, I wouldn't mind a little better handling. Considering I'm only probably going to keep it for around 2 or 3 years I'm not too bothered. I looked at lowering springs, I know coilovers are generally better but probably not worth it in my scenario. Any recommendation for springs? Also any other suggested mods would be cool too, I look forward to hearing from you all. Cheers!