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  1. SilviuH

    MK4 Mondeo Titanium grill swap

    Good point. I wonder if it's a whole bumper job or if I can get that as a separate piece...Either way if it turns into a massive job I might just colour code the stock grill to the car or paint it black.
  2. SilviuH

    Hello all !

    Thank you all! It's not that clean and shiny yet but will be tomorrow :P Only had it a few days now and I'm just starting to take good care of it :)
  3. Hi all. I hope someone can give me a piece of advice regarding swapping over the stock grills on my 58 mondeo estate to the honeycomb style of the titanium x sport. I can seem to find the top grill (link here) but I'm not so sure about the bottom one (link here)as the lip of the titanium x is different from mine. Also I'm open to other suggestions of other mods that I can to (keeping it subtle)
  4. SilviuH

    Hello all !

    Hello proud Ford owners. I just bought my first Ford and I'm very excited about it so far. It's a 58 Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TDCI with a couple of extras and I cannot wait to start making it my own. I hope to have many hours of good reading and advice on this forum (already had a few before joining researching the car) All the best from Oxfordshire! Silviu H.