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  1. Hi, I am thinking on buying a small box van for personal use, was wondering if it can be insured as normal or would it come under a business commercial policy ? Thanks Cameron
  2. Thanks for your reply. I've really spent alot of money,shame i can't get some of it back.
  3. Has anyone heard of keycare cover. Basically its like an insurance cover just for your car keys. You are covered upto a maximum of £1500 for lost or stolen keys. My question is has anyone ever used them or a have used a similar sort of company and are they any good ?
  4. If insurance declares your car as a total loss. Can you claim from the insurance for the money you spent on the car for parts etc
  5. Hi, Was wondering if there was an online ford parts catalogue, something that dealerships use, where you could enter your car's vin or reg to retrieve a part number,diagram etc. I know peugeot has something, its called a servicebox but not sure about ford. Thanks Cameron
  6. If you've got breakdown cover, give them a call and i'm sure they will be able to help. I once locked myself out and they had managed to open the door.
  7. Hi Plastic washer that is generally fixed on front of the engine cover. I'm missing one and was wondering if it can be bought separately from the ford dealer? Thanks Cameron
  8. Carb cleaners are awful, not as effective as EGR cleaners. EGR cleaners are great in removing carbon buildup but they are expensive £8-10 a can. Oven cleaners (foam type) work great and its considerably cheaper than any other thing on the market.
  9. A ford dealer once told me that providing the car is brand new and you start using the premium fuel, you will notice the difference and there are benefits however if the car has never had premium fuel used before and you try to use it later then there is no real advantage or benefits. Fuel prices are already at its peak and me personally would not use the premium fuels such as shell v power or bp ultimate, Just stick to premium fuel stations such as BP,Shell,Texaco and use their standard fuel, avoid using supermarket fuel.
  10. Hi The EGR valve is still present on the car 2013 Focus 1.6 TDCI but the seller has had the software EGR delete done. Was wondering if it is possible to have the EGR delete reversed and to bring the car back to its original form? What would be the procedure in having this done, what does it entail ? Thanks Cameron
  11. thanks for your reply, sometimes though, they don't sell as a set and you then have to sell them off individually. How would you go about selling them individually not knowing out of the 4 injectors which one is faulty ? Thanks Cameron
  12. Valiant, Worcester BOSCH and Baxi are the boilers to go for. The rest are garbage. Phil i don't suppose you could disclose how much it had cost you to have one fitted ? Thanks Cameron
  13. Planning on giving my good old focus a fresh oil change. I can't seem to find the right shell engine oil on ECP for my focus 1.6 tdci 109 bhp,.... I don't suppose you could post a link of the oil you bought for £12.50 :) Thanks Cameron
  14. I wanted it to snow on Christmas but never did
  15. Hi, I while back i had issues with my ford fiesta 1.4 tdci, it turned out that the 3rd injector was faulty. I had bought a full recon set x4 of injectors and the car was running sweet as a nut. I'm planning on selling my old injectors, i know 1 of them is faulty but forgot to mark the faulty one,.... how would i go about testing them to exclude the faulty one ? The last thing anyone wants is a customer complaining that 1 of them don't work :) Your input would be highly appreciated Thanks Cameron
  16. Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone knows a way round of getting a recorded car CAT C or D to an unrecorded status ? is this possible ? Thanks Cameron
  17. thanks guys for your replies. Did not have any of those things. Tried again with brake cleaner and an old toothbrush and after spending a veryyyyyy long time, managed to get it off. Now, from the area ive removed the yellow pen marker, it has faded the trim. Oh well it looks like i will just have to live with it. Thanks Again Cameron
  18. Hi Guys I am trying to remove the yellow pen marker off a piece of plastic trim which i bought from scrap yard. Can't seem to remove the marker. Have tried fairy liquid also tried brake cleaner with a brush and used scotch pad ? Does anyone know, what would remove it? Thanks Cameron
  19. Legend thanks ever so much Got there in the end. Big thanks again Cameron
  20. Problem Help I thought i'll take Tom's advice and do it online but i seem to be having problems. Above is the link i used and i clicked on the option 'sold vehicle out of trade' entered the doc reference number and i got the following problem message A keeper is still on Record This vehicle still has a keeper on record and does not appear to have been sold to the motor trade. Need help please, what can i do? Cameron
  21. Many thanks guys :) Cameron
  22. Hi Guys Does anyone feel that Euro car parts/ECP prices are excessive. Today they have got an oil offer, use promo oil 50 but if you look at the oil prices they are more than double the price. I was looking at the concentric slave cylinder and the next day they had increased the price by another £5. Prices are high and the promo are misleading. Does anyone else feel the same or has experienced any problems with using them ?