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  1. Just to be pedantic you actually programmed the PATS system to recognise the immobiliser chip and the central locking to recognise the remote codes. I'll get my coat . . . . .
  2. Here's an interesting story of something that happened yesterday . . . I'd taken SWMBO to the local supermarket in the Mk2.5 and when we got there the car suddenly stopped responding to the remote. It first became a bit hit-and-miss then stopped working completely. I had to resort to locking and unlocking manually. It didn't seem likely to be a problem with the key or it's battery because the spare, which the wife carries, also wouldn't work. When we got home it still wasn't working but then the wife remarked that the house alarm remote also wasn't working. Can you guess where this is going? 😀 It turned out that one of the buttons on the house remote was stuck down and it was transmitting continuously, effectively jamming the car remote. All back to normal now thank goodness.
  3. What is it about women and cars? My daughter's just the same. The only time it gets cleaned is when it goes in for a service.
  4. That just looks like ordinary domestic d/s foam tape rather than the proper more powerful stuff intended for plates. I suspect the seller is being "economical with the truth".
  5. You can turn on the ignition in a keyless car by pressing the start button without depressing the clutch (or brake as appropriate).
  6. Most people, myself included, find it difficult to maintain an absolutely constant speed by throttle control plus it means concentrating heavily on the speedometer. In my area we currently have roadworks with several miles of 40mph dual carriageway with average speed cameras and I find CC a real boon as I can concentrate on the surrounding traffic. It's noticeable that the ones without CC are constantly speeding up and slowing down.
  7. The shake just sounds like a balance problem or could be a wheel running out of true after being kerbed although I'd have thought the MOT would have picked that up. Tyres can go out of shape but that's normally felt more at low speed. The inner ball joints connect the tie rods to the steering rack. If there's play there it could accentuate any out-of-balance on the wheels. In fact general wear in all the steering and suspension components will amplify any shake. When a car is new with all the joints and shocks nice and tight it tends to damp out any slight imbalance. I can't help with how easy or otherwise it is to change the balljoints. A Haynes manual will give you an idea of what's involved.
  8. I couldn't agree more.👍
  9. I think it's meant to be an acronym for "I seem to recall", but shouldn't have the trailing 'C' 'cos 'recall' is one word. D@mn - Daniel beat me to it 😀
  10. The biggest bummer is the removal of the lock cylinder and mechanical linkage to open the boot with the key. Having to get someone to crawl into the boot and try to rip the trim off when the electrics fail (which they will) is not progress in my book.
  11. That shows the value of having police officers or PCSOs out 'on the beat'. You're lucky you still have any. Many forces are cutting back under financial pressure.
  12. This is normal if the control is set to send air to the screen. It's done to de-humidify the air to clear the screen quicker. If you put the control to face vents and footwells you should find it stays off.
  13. If you want to make it easier to steal then go for it. Personally I would never buy a car with keyless entry in view of the widely reported security weaknesses. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47023003
  14. I once used a jubilee clip for the same purpose on a Rover 75 and covered it in black underseal. It passed the MOT ok like that. That was a while ago, obviously, so the MOT may be stricter in this area now. I would guess it's more likely to fail without the bracket. I doubt a manufacturer would spend money on such fittings if they're not strictly necessary.