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  1. Maybe there's a connectivity problem within the OBD port on that particular car?
  2. Are these OEM or aftermarket parking sensors? The only rational explanation seems to be that the current taken by the bulb is causing a votage drop somewhere resulting in not enough voltage for the sensors to operate. Alex got in just ahead of me
  3. If it were me I'd stick with the chain. I'm sure you're right that, unlike belts, chains don't deteriorate with age, only with use.
  4. Everybody has their reason this is mine

    Some of us are old enough to have driven cars when power steering was a distant dream. I wouldn't want to go back there. Having had a bit of a read-up on EPAS I've changed my mind about it. Luke, you're right there is less to go wrong and it's not continually sapping power from the engine so improves mpg and reduces emissions. It can also be easily tailored to the steering geometries of different models so it does have a lot of advantages. Nevertheless I think they're trying to be a bit too clever with things like pull drift compensation. From what SuttonRider has said it sounds as if that could be why the steering on my Mk3 feels so vague and seems to pull one way when I first set off. I'm going to see if I can get that turned off when it next goes in for service.
  5. Cleaning/Repairing interior Door Handles

    I don't know if it's an anodised finish or satin chrome but either way buffing it enough to take out the scratches will significantly change the surface finish and it won't match the others.
  6. Cleaning/Repairing interior Door Handles

    I don't think you'll ever be able to successfully disguise or polish out the scratches so if they really bother you (they would me!) your best bet might be to get a good one from a scrappy and change it.
  7. Battery Drain...

    Executable code and static data (look-up tables or maps) would be stored in ROM and working data in RAM. I imagine the ROM, or at least some of it, is flash memory since it can be reprogrammed via the ODB port. I suppose the working data, such as learnt values, can get corrupted and can be reset by removing the power. Re-applying power will then re-boot the executable code which will load default values into the RAM and the learning process re-starts. That's a guess based on working with other microprocessor-based systems, I know nothing about the actual architecture of the processors in modern cars.
  8. Odd feeling front end on mk2

    I tend to agree, the old fully hydraulic systems are tried and tested and I worry about the reliability of electro-hydraulic and fully electric systems. On the other hand I suppose at least with an electric system you don't lose your steering assistance if the engine stops.
  9. Heated Washer Jets

    I think it's because the front screen is time-limited, for obvious reasons, and the mirrors are likely to need longer. You only have to see the wires to the heating elements to know that they are quite low-powered. The rear screen takes much less power so it, and the mirrors, can be left on indefinitely. I didn't realise the washer jets operated with the front screen.
  10. 2017 Focus Key problem

    There is a central locking function whereby if the car is left locked for several weeks the remote fob is disabled. To re-enable it the car must be entered using the key and the engine started. This happened to me and at the time I didn't know about it but got into the car with the keyblade hidden in the fob (my car is keyless start), the alarm went off - apparently that's normal, started the engine and everything came back to life. Then I read the manual It sounds like a glitch caused your system to become disabled like this. I don't understand why you couldn't unlock with the key unless the lock cylinder was frozen.
  11. It could just be the additional load pulling the idle down to the point where the engine shakes a bit. What happens if you just increase the revs slightly to, say, 1000rpm?
  12. Mk3 Windscreen Washers

    Even that may not help because the jets may be blocked by condensation that has frozen.
  13. Blowers

    It sounds as if your screen is working ok as the effects you describe are due to the very high current it takes. I've noticed wipers slowing down etc. when the screen is on. Since your car is only 1 year old (or possibly less) it's unlikely to be your battery, although it's not impossible for a battery to fail early. The alternator can't provide enough current at idle to balance the load of the screen and all the other auxiliaries plus charge the battery so the voltage will inevitably drop.
  14. I think it's just that the newer engine has the additional electric coolant pump as standard but hopefully one of the experts can confirm or deny this.
  15. Passenger Footwell Leak. Air Con Drain Pipe?

    I can't see any black pipe in your photo but if you're referring to the flattened curved item it's the duct from the heater to the rear footwell.