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  1. Have you tried chamfering the leading and trailing edges of the linings? Even if there is a little of the original chamfer left it might be worth taking them back a bit more.
  2. Hopefully this drawing will help you to understand how it happens. Notice that when you put on the sidelights there is a current flow through the tail light filament, through the brake filament on the same side and then to earth via the brake filament on the other side. Because the brake filaments have a lower resistance the tail light still works although slightly less bright. When you press the brake there is now 12V to both filaments and on the side with no earth the voltages cancel and no current flows.
  3. Back in 2014 I bought genuine Ford mudflaps for our Mk2.5 and the numbers on my invoices are Front: F01521017, Rear: F01387727.
  4. If it is an earthing problem the break will be on the side that goes out.
  5. If, as you've said, both filaments are used in the dual-filament bulbs and the passenger side goes out when you press the brake this sounds like a classic case of a broken earth connection.
  6. Had this recently on our Mk3 and it turned out to be a worn and misshapen tyre.
  7. These can be a bit violent on delicate circuitry in my many years experience. I find solder wick is a safer option in many situations and brake cleaner solvent on a folded paper towel is very good for cleaning off excess flux.
  8. I had the Technical Service Bulletin 16-2088 procedure carried out on my turbo coolant stubs in May last year and rust is already showing again on them. I expect my local Ford dealership will wash their hands of it as it's over 12 months so I'll probably have to try and do something myself. I think the treatment involved some sort of water-based epoxy so I don't know what, if anything, will be compatible with it. I also left full details of the Mk3.5 coolant hose upgrade with their service reception who promised to talk to the workshop and get back to me. They never have so I'm now looking for another dealer in my area that I can rely on - if such exists. I'm not holding my breath though.
  9. You meant circumference didn't you?
  10. The matrix always receives hot coolant. There is no valve, the temperature control is done entirely by diverting the airflow.
  11. You say your clutch "is starting to go". What exactly do you mean by that, what have the garage told you about it, and why do they think you need a new flywheel? Your description quoted here suggests it's suffering from clutch drag rather than slip which would indicate it's not fully releasing. This could be down to a faulty slave cylinder, which would involve the same amount (and cost) of labour as changing the clutch and/or flywheel, or a problem with the master cylinder or just simply air in the system. What engine is it and what's the mileage? If it's a diesel it will have a dual-mass flywheel (DMF) but I don't think petrols of that age did have, hopefully one of the experts can confirm that or otherwise. DMFs can start to give trouble at high mileages but there's usually some indication, such as rattling when in neutral, to show they're on the way out.
  12. Hi Matt, I have a 2012 Titanium 1.0L Ecoboost 125ps estate and I can certainly confirm that what you have described is abnormal. Mine will cruise comfortably at the legal maximum in sixth and will accelerate from that if necessary for safe overtaking. This is still true with three people and a bootful of holiday luggage athough I do notice the extra load. I think your suspicions re. the turbo are probably well founded (by the way the turbo on this engine doesn't really 'kick in' because its a very small, light, high-speed unit so comes in quite progressively). It's unlikely to be the throttle as you said the cruise control couldn't maintain speed and this bypasses it when engaged. Did the garage not check for any stored codes? I was under the impression that models specified with a towbar automatically got the electric coolant pump but perhaps this was an aftermarket towbar. I would definitely keep pushing your case and don't get fobbed off.
  13. In other words a kludge. I've noticed the lack of superboost since the recall.