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  1. mjt

    Focus MK1 1.8 TDDI Alternator plug?

    If you're reasonably handy with a soldering iron I would get a secondhand connector with a bit of cable attached and splice the individual wires, insulating each one with shrink sleeving. You should be able to pull part of the existing cable out of the split corrugated trunking then tuck the splices back inside for a nice neat job.
  2. mjt

    Phone pairing problem

    Just to round off this thread he's informed me that his new Galaxy S9 works with his S-Max. 👍
  3. mjt

    Windows all open

    Yes, that puzzled me too. As far as I know the volumetric alarm should have been set. There probably wasn't any wind to speak of overnight and maybe the sensors only detect the returns from physical objects moving in front of them. Of course the simple answer might be that the remote got pressed just before I went out to the car, it was actually unlocked and the alarm was off. 🙂
  4. mjt

    Windows all open

    Funny thing happened today. Last night I locked the car as usual, deadlocked, locking confirmed by mirrors folded. Went to the car this morning and all four windows were fully open. I'm fairly sure the car was still locked although I was so shocked I didn't check and just pressed unlock, got in and closed the windows. Luckily it was a dry night! I've since confirmed that global opening and closing works on the remote but as far as I can see if the unlock button got accidentally held down whilst in my pocket, which seems highly unlikely, that would have left the car unlocked so if it was locked this morning that would mean something triggered global opening without unlocking it. Anyone heard of this happening?
  5. mjt

    Phone pairing problem

    Hi Pete, thanks for the reply. That compatibility listing only appears to go up to Galaxy S6 for his year of S-Max so I assume that means his S7 isn't supported. To make matters worse he's just informed me he's due an upgrade to an S9 tomorrow! Looks like he'll have to chat to his friendly Ford dealer about a Sync upgrade . . . . . . .🤔
  6. mjt

    Drivers door sensor not working?

    It's almost certainly a failure of the door open switch which is perhaps not surprising as the driver's door gets vastly more use. On the early Focus models the switch was mounted on the door frame next to the latch striker plate and protected by a corrugated rubber boot. This was superseded on later models by a switch integrated into the latch mechanism - another example of unnecessary and potentially expensive complication! I don't know at which model this change was made so hopefully one of the more knowledgeable members will be along to clarify.
  7. Apologies if this has been covered here already. As a Focus owner I normally reside in that forum . . . . My son has recently bought a 2013 S-Max Titanium 2.0L Tdci and finds that he can't pair his Galaxy S7 phone with it. The phone just doesn't see the car. He suspects that the version of Sync on this model year doesn't support his phone and asked me if I would post an enquiry on here to see if anyone can confirm this. If this proves to be the case is it possible to upgrade to a version that does?
  8. mjt

    Loss of power whilst driving

    That's good. It was just that your description absolutely fitted the symptoms of accidentally putting petrol in. 🙂 I wonder if there was some water in the diesel you used to top up.
  9. mjt

    Loss of power whilst driving

    That was my first thought.
  10. mjt

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

  11. mjt

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Presumably if you forgot to press again once the sequence had been completed they would come on next time you switch the headlamps on. That would potentially be illegal.
  12. mjt

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Ian, as they are odd numbers that would leave the fogs and hazards on. Is that correct or do you mean turn them on and off 5 and 3 times?
  13. mjt

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    It's possible one of the cells has shorted internally. That would cause the alternator to sense a low voltage and pump lots of current in to try to charge it, resulting in overcharging and excessive gassing.
  14. mjt

    focus keys

    Does the bonnet key work in the door lock? If so then it'll be the ignition lock barrel that's been changed. If you want keys that will work in all lock barrels you need to take Stoney's advice and get it sorted by an auto locksmith.
  15. mjt

    Rear brake squeak

    Why didn't you just try filing angled edges on your existing pads? This is quite a common practice to cure brake squeal especially on drum brakes.