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  1. He said there is no battery in it. But yes, it's almost certain to be a 2032.
  2. No, as I said earlier the H11 is for the front fogs. The main beam is a H1.
  3. Should be a H7. The H11 is used in the fogs I think.
  4. You must let me know where I can buy a new one . . . Same here!
  5. On a 2-year-old car it should be sufficient to fully recharge and reset the BMS. On our Mk3 I found recharging would only get it working for a short time but the battery was around 5 years old by then. Since replacing the battery, charging fully and resetting the BMS it has been working.
  6. Does this engine have an electric coolant pump like the later 1.0L Ecoboost?
  7. Just to point out that if you carry out any modifications, especially ones related to vehicle security, you risk voiding your insurance unless you clear it with them first.
  8. As a matter of interest I have found that comparing my Mk3 speedo with my satnav it reads 3mph fast throughout the range rather than a percentage of the road speed. I found the same on our previous Mk1.5 Ghia estate except that was 4mph fast. Admittedly these results might be affected by the fact the satnav only displays integer mph.
  9. Ditto. I didn't want to mess about unclipping trim with the attendant risk of breakage so on both our cars I routed the cables above the passenger sunblinds and tucked them behind the door seals, bringing them out immediately under the dash.
  10. If you want something cheaper the original Tunnelrat modified ELM with manual switch is available here. Tunnelrat have a good reputation and individually test all their cables before despatch. I have one and it works very well.
  11. I once had the boot trim of a Rover 75 almost ripped off in an automatic car wash. It ended up vertical held by a single fixing. That was the type of car wash where you just drove in and parked up with the handbrake on rather than the ones under discussion here. I'd positioned the car correctly, it was just the force of the horizontal brush as it went down the back of the car. That was in 2007 and I haven't used an automatic car wash since. I did get a goodwill payment from the filling station and managed to get a replacement trim from a breakers, the original style being no longer availa
  12. The modification to the ELM327 cable is a physical or electronic switch to allow Forscan to access both the high-speed and medium-speed CAN buses.
  13. When I replaced the battery on my Mk3 I did as @JW1982 recommended. I fully charged the new battery and after installation I reset the BMS. The start-stop worked for the first time in over 4 years. Now the "smart" charge system has reduced the SOC to 80% it's stopped working again. I'm not bothered though, it's saving a lot of wear and tear on battery and starter.
  14. I'd say better than a lot of the natives on this forum.
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