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  1. Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    That's why you need to put the existing (7.5Amp) fuse in the 'main' slot of the tap and the cam fuse in the top. Yes, if you put them the other way round the lower-rated fuse would blow but why would you? It's obvious from the construction of the tap that the cam fuse should go in the slot that's in line with the wire.
  2. Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    No, it doesn't work that way. It would just mean the cam supply fuse would be connected to the other side of the original F85 fuse so the cam's current would be added to the current through F85. Since the cam takes very little current it would be very unlikely to blow the original F85. There might be a very slight voltage drop across the original fuse but too small to cause the cam to stop operating. The original fuse should go in the bottom slot of the fuse tap and the (lower rated) cam fuse in the top, in line with the wire.
  3. Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    For what it's worth I fitted mine in my Mk3 in exactly the same way as you, F85 and a bolt in the glovebox rail, and it works fine. The only difference was that I used the original cigar lighter plug/power supply lead in a wire-ended socket rather than the hardwiring kit. Even if you got the fuse tap the wrong way round it should still work, it's just that the cam supply would be passing through both fuses.
  4. Losing Coolant - 2014 Mk3 1.6tdci

    In some systems if the high points are not provided with bleed screws air can get trapped and cause airlocks. Sometimes it's possible for the water pump to generate enough flow to dislodge the air and vent it out into the reservoir, hence the coolant level drops. Where this doesn't happen a system may need to be vacuum-filled* to overcome this but I don't know if any models of Focus come into this category. * Vacuum-filling involves pumping the air out of the system then allowing coolant to be sucked** in. ** Of course it's really atmospheric pressure pushing the coolant in
  5. Help mk2 focus 1.8tdci turbo problem

    Sounds like the variable-geometry vanes could be sticking.
  6. Adaptive Lighting Malfunctioning

    That's a blast from the past
  7. I'm not an expert on this but I think the Ti-VCT engines are particularly critical to set up when changing the timing belt because the cam variators have to be set up correctly. I wonder if your indy garage has the correct training and tools to do it properly. I would imagine that a slight timing error wouldn't be sufficient to trigger DTCs so your gut feeling may be correct.
  8. Swapping to alloys (size help)

    I know this has got right off topic so these are going to be my last comments:- The right-hand lane on 2-lane dual-carriageways is also the 'overtaking lane' meaning that technically no-one should be using it other than for the purpose of overtaking. It's only the high modern traffic density that means there's often either no room to move back over to the left or it's not worth it without risking being boxed in. It's not just the main routes that are suffering from lorry ruts. Many fen roads are subsiding badly and becoming switchback rides with severe speed restrictions because of the weight of HGVs and large agricultural vehicles pounding them. I think it's true to say that there is a far higher HGV density in the UK compared to the Continent with relatively less of our freight going by rail. On the A14, because it's the route to and from Felixstowe, there are often whole convoys of HGVs and faster traffic has no option but to stay in the right-hand lane. I try to avoid the A14 altogether if at all possible. It really should have been built 3-lane over it's entire length but, as always, was built to the minimum they thought they could get away with. Personally I'd like to see more going by rail and lorry weights significantly reduced. Sorry wilto The answer to your problem, Tom, would be a bridge over the track. The cost would be a drop in the ocean compared with what's spent on enlarging the port.
  9. RS owners watch this immediately

    I can't quite see the point of that open block design when the gasket closes off almost all of the coolant flow to the head. That doesn't make any kind of sense. Any engineer worth their salt would see immediately that the cylinders can move relative to the block and realise the problems that would cause. Using an elastomer seal to try and overcome the problem doesn't seem to me to be a very reliable solution. This smacks of the same kind of mindset that led to the Challenger disaster (different scale, I know, but pressure to get something launched overriding the engineers). Incidentally did anyone notice the two completely different piston crowns in that block (5m 25sec in)?
  10. Headlight bulbs

    According to this retailer they're road legal, 55W and 3200K colour temp, so similar to an ordinary halogen but with a light output of 1700 Lumens claimed to be 150% that of standard bulbs. The bulb life is specced at 200 hours and they only have a six-month warranty.
  11. Swapping to alloys (size help)

    Ah, Felixstowe. Yes, I often travel down the A14 to visit my family and when the sun is at a certain angle the lorry ruts stand out like a sore thumb. Even after resurfacing it doesn't take long for them to reappear. On a UK dual-carriageway the left-hand lane is the 'Inside'. The extreme right-hand lane is technically only an 'overtaking lane', though most Audi & BMW & SUV drivers seem to think it's for their exclusive use.
  12. floor mats

    I got a set for our Mk3 from these people. They look and feel good quality and seem to be hardwearing.
  13. Low mpg mk2...

    I presume you mean coasting with the clutch out and/or in neutral gear. With modern cars that won't work because on the overrun they shut off fuel completely whereas coasting with the engine idling is still using fuel.
  14. Ford focus no power

    His profile says 1600 and if he's changed the plugs it must be a petrol.
  15. Can't you resize and recompress them? I use a very old version of Photoshop to do mine and can usually get them down to less than 100KB with no noticeable loss of quality. If you're sending from a phone it will usually offer to resize. If from a PC there are free resizing utilities available, some online, or it can be done in Windows Paint, see here.