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  1. My ongoing Focus saga...

    Seems like we've got another artscot79 here
  2. My ongoing Focus saga...

    Do you hear a click when you try to operate the starter? Do the dash lights dim? If not the starter solenoid isn't operating. That could be a wiring or an immobiliser fault. Try monitoring the voltage whilst the the starter is being operated. A fully-charged battery should read about 12.6V after standing overnight.
  3. focus mk1 brake problem

    Hi Gary, your description does point to a sticking piston in one or both calipers. I had this with our old Mk1.5 and first noticed it because the mpg took a sudden dive. I took off the caliper and freed up the offending piston and thought I'd fixed the problem but it came back a few months later while we were on holiday and I had to have the caliper replaced. The problem occurs because the part of the caliper cylinder wall outside the piston fluid seal rusts and swells up. From my experience you'd be best off just biting the bullet and fitting new calipers.
  4. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    That's my theory too. An airlock builds up in the dipstick tube because it's sealed at the top by the O-ring on the dipstick. When you take the dipstick out it breaks the seal and allows the oil to rise up the tube. Always dip twice.
  5. 1.6VCT valve backlash adjustment

    I note you've specified '1.6 VCT' in your profile. If that means it's a Ti-VCT engine I think I've read elsewhere on this forum that it involves more than just locking stuff in place as the cam variators have to be set up properly. Hopefully someone with experience of your engine can give a definitive answer.
  6. Active city stop - anyone tested?

    Keeping your foot on the throttle pedal lightly dab the brake with your left foot, that should make them drop back. If they come back keep doing it 'til they get the message.
  7. Help on Links to buy parts

    I've used these people in the past for used parts. You send them the description of the part you want and they circulate it to a pool of scrappies who then contact you with their offers.
  8. Car key broken

    I'd have thought that would be regarded as compromising the security of the car so the insurance company might not be too happy about it.
  9. Where does this go?

    Thanks Tom. I've had another look and finally sussed it. Now I just need to replace the missing one on the other side.
  10. Where does this go?

    I had a new windscreen in the Mk2.5 Zetec recently and a few days later i found this rubber infill trim lying loose near the bonnet hinge. It's mate from the other side was missing. When I first bought the car it had had the screen replaced and these trims were obviously wrongly fitted. At the time I managed to figure out how they fitted properly but I'm blessed if I can remember now and I can't work it out this time (senility marches on!!). Can anyone give me a clue how it fits? I know it goes into the gap arrowed in the photo. A picture of one correctly fitted would be a great help.
  11. Maybe there's a connectivity problem within the OBD port on that particular car?
  12. Are these OEM or aftermarket parking sensors? The only rational explanation seems to be that the current taken by the bulb is causing a votage drop somewhere resulting in not enough voltage for the sensors to operate. Alex got in just ahead of me
  13. If it were me I'd stick with the chain. I'm sure you're right that, unlike belts, chains don't deteriorate with age, only with use.
  14. Everybody has their reason this is mine

    Some of us are old enough to have driven cars when power steering was a distant dream. I wouldn't want to go back there. Having had a bit of a read-up on EPAS I've changed my mind about it. Luke, you're right there is less to go wrong and it's not continually sapping power from the engine so improves mpg and reduces emissions. It can also be easily tailored to the steering geometries of different models so it does have a lot of advantages. Nevertheless I think they're trying to be a bit too clever with things like pull drift compensation. From what SuttonRider has said it sounds as if that could be why the steering on my Mk3 feels so vague and seems to pull one way when I first set off. I'm going to see if I can get that turned off when it next goes in for service.
  15. Cleaning/Repairing interior Door Handles

    I don't know if it's an anodised finish or satin chrome but either way buffing it enough to take out the scratches will significantly change the surface finish and it won't match the others.