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  1. spark plug change

    Hi Guys, 2007 KA - wanting to change the spark plugs and see the distributor and a heat shield in the way of plug 4. Do I have to remove the distributor some how to get to this plug ? Thanks!
  2. Hcv?

    Fixed. Was the hcv. Went to dealer to get part £60... thought they were around £40.. oh well. Least fixed now :) Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. Hcv?

    HI guys New here just bought a 2007 ka with 6k on it so pretty much new. Just recently the air was blowing really hot even on the cold setting but only if I turn the control 1 click towards hot. It will then stay hot even if I turn it to cold. If I leave it on cold all the time then it will stay cold but once I turn dial just 1 click towards hot it never goes cold again. Normally the next day if I left it on cold setting then it will be cold. I take it the panel is working and the hcv some how getting stuck once I activate it ? Hope I'm making sense here.