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  1. oil pressure light comes on and goes off as it should, and the engine is smooth and quiet under about 2000rpm. The noise does sound higher rather than lower, but it is difficult to pinpoint. There didn't seem to be any undue play in the tappets when the top was off, and under 2000 rpm its pretty much silent.

    Doesn't seem to be a massive difference between hot & cold, and difficult to say on piston slap.

    A few other people have said if the big end shells spin then flatten out they can give just enough rod play to allow the piston to tap the head at higher revs, but difficult to check unless sump is off. (Itself a challenge as the gearbox has to be moved off the engine slightly.) 

  2. Yeah, it's all cleanish inside the engine, if not spotless. It's done 134k but has been a farm hack for a while, so service history is conspicuous by its absence.

    Having looked into and having seen some other videos it looks like a big end Shell has spun, and it's just enough for the piston to tap the head. I've ordered some shells for £18 and I'll see if it makes a difference. If not that's when the harder choices come in.

    I bought it needing some suspension work but didn't hear the engine noise till half way home. End of the day for the £120 I paid I'm not going to lose out, just had hoped to get it mot'd quickly for a friend to use while she's back from Australia.

    I have a Y reg hatch in the back garden that was going to be stripped for parts, and it might donate it's engine if it comes to it. Depends if I think its worth it.


  3. Hi

    Bought a 2004 1.8 Duratec Mondeo Estate unseen. Only paid £120 for it, so not too worried.

    Drove home absolutely fine, smooth and quiet engine, except above about 2500 rpm you start to get a significant rattle/ knock. Initially thought it might be the inlet manifold, but on inspection sounds too loud and too far back in the engine bay for that. It does sound as if its towards the top of the engine, but difficult to tell.

    Just wondering if anyone could watch the attached video (about 30 seconds) of it running and give their opinion it would be appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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