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  1. Crankshaft sensor

    AN update: Hi, I have had a scan tool attached to read any stored dtc codes, and there are 5 as follows P1000--System readiness test not complete P2263--- Turbo charger Boost pressure/performance problem P0201--Injector malfunction P0202--Injector malfunction P0203--Injector malfunction So do these errors have something to do with it cutting out and very difficult to start afterwards? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Hi for about 2 weeks now, I have been experiencing sudden cutting out of my TDCI, which takes ages to start again. I get no prior symptoms, it just cuts out, however I have noticed the glow plug light flashing after it cuts out. So I turn the ignition off and try to start the engine again, and while it is cranking over and over the glow plug light starts flashing again and will remain flashing while I crank the engine over. So to explain further, when I got the car last year I noticed it had the Black coloured Cam sensor fitted, so bought the grey coloured one and fitted that, and it all seemed ok. I have read different web pages and some point to possibly the Crank sensor causing the cut out issues, but I would like to see if there is any help or advice on here. I have ordered a code reader and await its delivery, so that my throw up further possibilities for this issue? Thanks in advance for any help etc.
  3. fuel additives (turbo cleaner)

    Hi ForTim, and Happy New Year to you and everyone else! sorry for the delay in replying, the misfire eventually stopped after a couple of visits to the petrol station and using BP Ultimate, so I maybe the engine etc did not like this turbo cleaner for some reason. there seems to be no adverse affects using this product, as the engine is running sweet again, with plenty of boost, and the usual good MPG. It could have been totally unrelated, but like I say all is well again. thanks
  4. fuel additives (turbo cleaner)

    Hi everyone Well Jos as you suggested above, been down the motorway giving it a blast and trying to burn off some of the diesel that has the additive mixed with it, it was holding steady in 4th gear for a good mile then it started to misfire, so I put my foot down a bit more and it accelerated strong with out any misfire then not much after that the misfire was back, but this time quite a noticeable jerky misfire, but it keeps going, there is no sort of feeling the engine is going to die on me at all, I slowed down a bit to allow a change down to third and accelerated away, again the engine accelerated strong, but it wasn't long when the misfire was back in this gear as well and again quite a noticeable jerky misfire.
  5. fuel additives (turbo cleaner)

    Tom, thanks for the suggestions. My son has just been over and he has a work mate who has a reader which he uses on his Mondeo tdci, and seems pretty well conversant with using a reader, so he is going to ask to him come along and see if there is any fault codes. So I will update again on that. I was going to go out tomorrow and get a new fuel filter as they are cheap and quite easy to change by the looks of things, Haynes manual does state to make sure and fill up the filter first with diesel. thanks again Tom.
  6. fuel additives (turbo cleaner)

    Hi everyone an update: been out the car to see what it started like, unfortunately it was exactly the same as yesterday morning with what now looks like a cold starting problem. It took 3 crank attempts to start and keep running. The first crank is where it fired and run for around 2 seconds, tick-over was very lumpy and stalled afterwards. Second attempt was, it fired up and ran for around five seconds then stalled again, tick-over was very lumpy before it stalled again. Third attempt was, it fired up again and kept running this time but tick-over was not quite so lumpy, however giving it a bit of throttle the engine seemed to misfiring. Drove off to see what it was like, it pulled away no problem and accelerated with boost kicking in as usual. I hope these symptoms I have described will help try and maybe figure out what might be going on. thank to all who can offer some help. Mel
  7. fuel additives (turbo cleaner)

    Thanks for the replies, just been out to it again, and it started fine, first time, but while just sitting with foot on the accelerator slightly the revs are up then down then up it just wont sit there at a constant rev if that makes sense? Tom, I wonder if it has partially blocked the filter? its a fairly new filter thats done around 1000 mls. Everything was okay (apart from the smoke on acceleration) until I have added this cleaner.
  8. fuel additives (turbo cleaner)

    Hi Joss, thanks for the reply, the mileage is 105,000. Mel
  9. Hi Is there any down sides to using fuel additives such as EGR/turbo cleaners? Has any one had an adverse reaction using such a product? I ask as I added a 400 ml bottle of EGR/Turbo cleaner to the tank yesterday and filled up with 30 ltrs of BP ultimate diesel and the engine seemed to be running fine but I only drove home after filling about half a mile away. now the engine was difficult to start this morning but it eventually started after the third crank, but it is also running a tad lumpy. I added this cleaner as it was getting smokey on acceleration. Kind of thinking should have left it alone maybe? Any ideas would be great, thanks.
  10. thanks for all the replies, well the issue seems to have gone for now (touch wood), this morning started the engine and the light extinguished as usual and did not flash at all afterwards, so went for a drive, and still nothing, and its behaved all day today. I haven't checked the sensors as yet, so will it still be a good idea to check them anyway? thanks
  11. Cheers-Tdci-Peter, will have a look at these 3 sensors and post a reply. I have read that the connections under the seats can cause a similar problem (different flash code though) if they get disturbed. So here is hoping it is just a matter of disconnecting and pushing the connections back firmly. thanks again
  12. Hi everyone on my way back from visiting a friend today, the air bag warning light started flashing a sequence of 4 flashes-slight pause-2 flashes, it does this sequence I think five times then the light illuminates all the time, until i turn the ignition off. The sequence starts again though when I start the engine. Any ideas what has gone down sensor wise etc? The only work I have done recently is, taking the boot carpet out and giving it a clean and replacing back this morning, the air bag light has come on since then this afternoon, so it might have something to do with this, or just a coincidence maybe? Thank you in advance.
  13. Thanks for all your replies, I have never owned a diesel before so it sounds like this is normal. @tdci-peter, what you have described when towing a trailer is what I experienced the other day when trying the car around the block (no trailer though) "not touching the throttle" but the only difference I was in second gear, and the road goes up an incline in part but it just carried on effortlessly.
  14. Hi newbie here, okay I have an 04 1.8 tdci, where I am experiencing an issue with braking coming to junctions or traffic light situations etc, where I can feel the car wanting to keep going when I get down to around 10 mph while pressing the brake, and I have to press the clutch in to stop this happening. Tried this in an empty car park, where I press the brake then off again and it moves along at around 10 mph without even pressing the accelerator, it does this cold or hot and is not revving high, it seems to change gear ok with the revs dropping off to tick-over quite quickly between changes. Not using the car while its doing this, so any ideas what might be wrong here? thank you.