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  1. Anyone got a part number for the front panel please?
  2. I used gorilla glue for the bodge in the pictures above and now I'm not sure if I'll be able to remove them . Stuck like cement. Thank's for all the help guys. It will be on the to do list and I'll get round to re doing it properly when the weather dries up.
  3. I did not . The rear was only slightly loose at the top so didn't want to remove it all but the front had come away completely on one side. Should have removed the clips. Would it be best to remove them both completely, remove the clips and re apply or is it fine as is from the pictures. Is water getting behind it going to cause any problems or will it be able to escape from the bottom? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Just bought my ST last Saturday and I've noticed the plastic door mounts for the front and back doors are peeling back. I superglued them back down but cannot get them flush with the car again meaning a slight gap is showing at the top. Is this a problem when it's raining, like today, with water getting in and pooling or will it find a way out and I'm worrying about nothing? Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, Picked up my 60 reg Focus ST on Saturday and I'm loving it. Couple of mods on the to do list so will be trauling the site for more ideas .