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  1. Non Ford Drive Shafts

    Thats an interesting point. My gut instinct would have been a bearing type problem. dynamic Balancing conay that looked at it specialise, of course, in balancing non centric rotations...although not when something has actually worn or is damaged for the obvious reason. I wondered about any bearings. But they are only on the drivers side ? Happy to take recommendations for any parts needed on the passenger side first...I'm thinking I will get them to change the CV joint etc...just because they might as well whilst they are under there. Wheel bearing is Ok apparently. As I say Plan B will be to do the divers side as well
  2. Non Ford Drive Shafts

    I agree. Its not discs as there is no vibration or brake tugging under braking. We have decided to do the diagnoses one part at a time. They will replace the oil seals and check the CV joints when they do the shaft and the pretty much as your list says we will then go through the list. Reading other posts and sites people that have changed everything can still have the problem which is a worry. Given that the vibration kicks in at 70 and stays after that but reduces slightly after 75 it seems likely that it is a rotational component. Wheels and tyres etc are fine....the saga will continue
  3. Non Ford Drive Shafts

    Many apologies for the delay in replying. Its a 2006 Mk2 for sure. The movement was at the upper end and not the bearing. However sourcing the part has been a nightmare. Plenty of breaker offers but I wouldn't want to risk that. Ford want £400 per drive shaft...and the supply on non OEM parts is negliable because...or so I gather...is because it just about on the cusp of seeing failures...5-6 years. Obviously depending on mileage and abuse..... The car was a Hertz car for its first year so who knows. Good news is my son has a friend who works for a BMW dealer and gets parts at trade and has found one supplier who can supply new non Ford drive shafts. They have used them before with no problems. Cost is £149 and £140 for driver side. Plan is to change the worst one, near side shaft, see if that fixes the problem. Hopefully it will but if it doesn't then move onto offside and even parts which look and feel OK such as CV joints and wheel bearings. None of those have shown any sign of wear that would cause wheel wobble...but you never know. My local independant garage is only charging £65 to replace the drive shaft. A bit cheaper than the local Ford dealers £390 First part of the plan will be done next week. I'll post an update
  4. Non Ford Drive Shafts

    Thanks for that. I took the car to a professional balancing company that do performance cars as well as "ordinary" cars. After several visits to a Ford dealer and a local independent. NONE of them spotted that the N/S shaft moved up and down by 2mm. He showed me the movement and said that the bearing has probably gone. he also said teh O/S was also showing signs of movement and it would be worth replacing both. Sorry for my ignorance but does the drive shaft include everything thats needed to rectify that...I guess bearings ? I can't see one on the end and not sure what he meant.
  5. Non Ford Drive Shafts

    My sons Focus 1.6 Zetec has been diagnosed with one possibly two drive shaft problems. This requires replacing both drive shafts. trouble is ford prices are ridiculous and wondered if anyone knew where we could get non ford drive shafts..and also what we nee to get please ? Drive shafts, yes....bearings etc ?
  6. Car Seat Colour

    Good luck with that. Its worth a go. obviously I can't see the seat but my sons just looks like someone has been sitting in it in shorts and seat has affected the seat. I do think that its a design problem with the seat material as it is too much of a coincidence. The drivers seat always gets the most use. I don't think they would camouflage it either but a main dealer doing a "sold as seen" is slightly unusual I would have thought. Adding "sold as seen" after you've done the deal is obviously wrong though I suspect it would your word against theirs. Its possible...just for arguments sake, that you missed it but they should have pointed out any defects, obvious or not. And those defects should have been stated on the order form. They can't just rely on you spotting anything, especially as it is so "obvious" so to speak. But I'm sure a rational conversation on the subject would get you a result. Staying polite but firm usually does it of course. But you know that. Hopefully they will sort it out for free, maybe offer a contribution to the seat cost replacement, or some money off. Enjoy your holiday by the way. Heres some useful info. That confirms that sold as seen is not allowed as such. However the first one is from my local councils legal advice website targeted at car dealers. Its not all good news as you will see when you read it as a visible defect is considered a mitigation . Although "sold as seen " is not legal. "Question:I sold a car yesterday to a consumer for £500. At such a low price, I told him it was 'sold as seen'. He accepted this. Now, he's complained because the exhaust has fallen off, and he sys the clutch is going. I've told him that he agreed it was sold as seen and he hasn't any comeback. Answer: 'Sold as seen' in this context is a meaningless statement. You can only apply this reasonably to the way the car looks, or something that can be easily seen on a visual inspection, perhaps scratched or dented bodywork for example. However, it is not reasonable to expect a faulty exhaust or clutch to be picked up on the basis of a visual examination, and the consumer is probably entitled to complain. This soon into the contract, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) would most likely allow him to reject the car and have a full refund. Using the term 'sold as seen' in these circumstances may also be a criminal offence under the Consumer Transactions (Restrictions on Statements) Order, as it would be seen as an attempt to restrict a consumer's legal rights. If you want to use any disclaimers, either in contracts or in signs on the garage premises, it is best to seek advice from Trading Standards or your company solicitor first. " "The dealer cannot contract out of the Sale of Goods Act 1979. There is an implied warranty in the act that the dealer has good title to sell the goods, that the goods should be free from minor defects, be fit for the purpose intended, and has various other implied terms." or "Under the Consumer Transactions (Restrictions on Statements) Order 1976 it's a criminal offence for a motor trader to use a statement such as 'sold as seen': http://www.hants.gov.uk/regulatory/tradingstan dards/motortrader.html The statement made by the dealer who sold you the car is therefore automatically void. There is no obligation upon any dealer to provide a 'warranty' (in the sense that the word is usually used with reference to car sales) with the sale of any vehicle (even if it was a brand new Lamborghini). A warranty is a 'gift' from the retailer (or manufacturer). However, you still retain your basic contractual rights (which Stu Dent refers to) in respect of the purchase. For further advice, contact your local Trading Standards office: http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/search/dbas e/searchlocal.cfm " and this "If the fault is specifically drawn to the attention of the buyer, or the buyer has inspected the car, knows the fault is there, but buys it anyway, he has no claim on the seller for that fault. Otherwise, the buyer has a right to reject the car or demand it is repaired at the seller's expense - be it forecourt, trade-in, or even at auction. " These were all pulled from various legal advice web sites so they are educated information and it at least confrims that the dealer has to sort it out. Trading Standards is a good place to start if you get any aggro. Laws for dealers are specific and they all come under the sale of goods act so sold as seen from a trader is null and void. reading more it does seem that this can only be reasonably applied in terms of cosmetics...like the seat...but it is a grey area and doesn't appear on the invoice which was produced AFTER you paid deposit and then picked car up so it could be argued it happened in between. Silly I know but its an argument that has some merit. If its not going well then drop in the sold as seen as being invalid under the sale of goods act and is illegal to be used by a trader. Smiling as you say it
  7. Car Seat Colour

    I have made some comments on the "sold as seen". I won't repeat them but it does have some legal clout...as opposed to none. However, if it is not stated on the invoice, just the sales doc then you have something to go on. Worth making the call though and politely asking why this wasn't pointed out to you as it isn't a new porblem. If they say "sold as seen mate" then it does become a bit trickier. Is this a main dealer of just a "normal" one ? If the latter its more of a challenge and as you say probably not worth it.
  8. Car Seat Colour

    Indeed. Although essentially "sold as seen " is a legit term and does cover the supplier. Unless there is a material, no pun intended, fact that he has misdescribed or misled the buyer on. Such as colour, service record. Unfortuanatly its down to the buyer to make sure they have had a good look around the item. There is a situation where something cannot be checked and it could be argued that the seller would have been aware of it and the non disclosure element can kick in. Which is what I think the TS site is referring to. To be fair the seller HAS to declare any faults or issues and cannot just rely on "sold as seen". But other than that it is hard to prove once you have driven away. Although an independant engineer check could say that a fault would have been apparent to the seller, suspect brakes that only happen when hot for instance and a short test drive wouldn't prove that. Topping the water up if it empties after a journey shows that he has "hidden" a problem. So yes there is a come back for faults that can be proven to have been hidden or no declared when it is reasonable that the seller would have known about them Not sure this could be argued or proven in the seat material case as a supplier could just claim it must have happened after the sale and as its something that is in full view.....however...I would go back to the dealer and ask him to rectfy it as I, as in my case, believe its an age thing and wouldn't suddenly appear in a car. Without accusing them they would have valeted the car so perhaps suggest that they unintentionaly covered the fault up by cleaning it before he arrived ? I would think a main dealer would look at the seat and offer an opinion to back it up Its not right but the law is designed to protect "honest" sellers against unscrupulous buyers.
  9. Car Seat Colour

    Thats sounds the same. After many cleans the seat does look better but I suspect its a problem with the colour/material as I've seen others with the same problem. If you do try teh diluted dye use a colour fast one
  10. Car Seat Colour

    Funny enough a local professional car valeter suggested the same thing regarding the dye. As the seat is a dark blue he reckons he could do it and not affect the general colour. He's done it before. Using diluted dye, as you say, on a damp cloth. Only really works with very dark colours that just need feathering in so to speak. Might give that a go. Although I'm still cleaning the seat every few days to see if that improves it. Cheers
  11. Car Seat Colour

    Hi My sons car's driver seat has a pale "stain" shape. I have tried the usual car upholstery cleaner as well as carpet cleaner but the mark remains. The seat is dark blue with grey sides on a 2006 Zetec Climate. Someone suggested a proper car valeter to see what they can do. It looks like someone has spilt something that has dried its quite subtle but I can see it every time now....missed it when we bought the car...possibly someone cleaned it before with the wrong stuff. If its faded the colour then then the seat will need to be replaced When the seat is damp during cleaning the mark can't be seen until it dries. Kind of like a limescale mark on stainless steel Thinking about getting a replacement seat from a breaker but other than describe the seat as dark blue material with grey sides not sure what to call it. The car is a mid metallic blue. I'll try and find its paint colour when my son gets back in. But if anyone has any ideas of what colour the seats are...I would be grateful Is it difficult to change a car seat and is there anything I need to be aware of....airbag etc ?
  12. Scrapping/rubbing Noise at Low Speed

    Worth a serious check....thanks Alan.....I've not had a chance to have a good look underneath and although it is still under warranty I have no issue with sorting stuff out myself unless its major... Might explain the "snatch" as well if the drive shaft is moving.... Thanks again
  13. Scrapping/rubbing Noise at Low Speed

    Indeed...thats what worries me. He's taking it to a different Ford dealer than before as he found the original one, in Reading, patronising and dismissive....which seems to be the general consensus of as lot of Ford service dealers. Although to be fair they did point out that the noise was probably the odd mix of tyres and the budget ones on the front.
  14. Road noise - Tyres?

    Just fitted Falken 912 on my sons Focus and they are fantastic...great grip...reduced noise...not silent of course. Good price as well from Micheldever Tyres..£224 for all four corners