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  1. Hi, my daytime running lights have stopped working on my 2013 Fiesta. They are the halogen bulbs not the led strip. The bulbs are drl and high beam built in together. The high beam in both headlights are working, but neither daytime lights are working. I’ve changed the bulbs and still have the same issue. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what could be the problem? Thanks in advance
  2. Help with induction kit

    I just flipped the maf sensor around, and all seems well at the moment, just been for a 20-25 minute drive and no problem. Could that have been the issue maybe? Although my start stop won't work now thanks for you help!
  3. Help with induction kit

    I have yeah
  4. Help with induction kit

    Hi, last night I tried installing an induction kit (airtec stage 2) after It was fitted I started the engine and it was very rough on idle, the revs kept dropping like it was going to stall. I switched back to the original air intake, and all was fine. Today I tried it again, and once again it was idling very rough. I left it running for a few minutes and it sorted itself out, I took it for a drive and the engine malfunction warning came on the dash and the car felt like it was running minimum power. When I turn the engine off and restart it, it works fine for about 3-4 minutes then the problem starts again. Am I missing something or done something incorrect? It's a 2013 Fiesta 1.0L ecoboost btw Thanks in advance
  5. Very nice! I do like them in white
  6. Hello everyone! I'm Tom and I've actually been on the forum for quite a while now, but never really posted or even said hi. I'm from Warwickshire and I drive a 2013 Fiesta Zetec S (125ps) with a few small cosmetic mods. I'm definitely looking to attend any meets in the midlands if anyone knows of any that are planned, big or small
  7. Ford Sync Updates

    Thanks, think I tried this one before with no success. Will try again later
  8. Ford Sync Updates

    Could you possible re-upload again? I've fitted a sync module from a 2014 ST to my 13 Zetec S, and it works perfectly, I'm just looking for an update now. Thanks in advance