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  1. So I got my pieces for the engine bay back from Paintmodz [engine cover / fuse box cover / battery cover] - think they look great! Especially when you see the engine cover colours mirror the body colour / badge / splitter... Thanks again Chris!
  2. awp868

    Hi All! ST180 owner

    Yeh my thread is now linked in my signature so check it out :) Mountune does seem to be more expensive than most - can't knock their work though - love where my car is now power wise and don't think it really needs much more as I'm not planning any track days or anything at the moment and just looking to build a really good, balanced daily drive :)
  3. @OPLxx Cool - I have looked at the car now I've got the splitter added and thought they would look good! Got some Mountune carpets the other day and have sent off my engine cover to be reworked like below by Paintmodz so there are a few little touches to come yet!
  4. Thanks - how you getting on for ideas for your car? Did I see you using TripleR Side Skirts? How does that affect things like the jacking points?
  5. Thanks - looking forward to seeing how it comes on now myself! Been so focused on performance and getting that to where I think it should be on the road and now I'm happy with that set-up can't seem to stop messing...
  6. awp868

    A very expensive hobby, my Focus MK3 ...

    Really good post and I like the honest feedback on parts / engine noise etc. Ive just fitted a BC Coilover kit to my Fiesta and it's one of the best mods I've done (if not the best). Look forward to seeing what you do in the future!
  7. Getting a few bits from PaintModz over the next couple of weeks - can't wait! Going to go for engine cover, fuse box cover and battery cover - have you done anything with yours?
  8. Getting up to date now I've had my BC BR-RS Coilover Kit fitted this week along with a TripleR Composites Splitter. It's brought the car up around 5mm from where it sat on the H&R Springs but I think it looks great, especially with the splitter added. As well as improving the ride without compromising the handling (I've got the settings I've used if anyone is interested) the new suspension has also improved steering lock so parking / manoeuvring is easier! Old vs. New!
  9. awp868

    Good induction kit for 1.0l ecoboost?

    It may increase the noise and improve the sound... but power wise wouldn't do much I don't think...
  10. awp868

    Good induction kit for 1.0l ecoboost?

    If you want an ST Air Box / Induction hose I've got the one I took from mine before upgrading to MR230...
  11. Went for the BC BR-RS Coilover kit in the end - best decision I've made with the car so far I think! Pictures to come soon on my build thread...
  12. I upgraded to the MR230 Mountune package back in May - definitely one of the best things you can do with the Fiesta ST is shove some more power into it - it's perfectly capable of handling the MR230 and probably a chunk more to be fair! This was around the same time I dropped the car onto H&R Lowering Springs (30mm) which coupled with the spacers looked great. I'd sorted out the Mountune Roll Restrictor and Symposer Plug myself before this happened as well - much nicer acoustic to hear the exhaust properly rather than have a lot of induction noise piped back into the cabin in my opinion. Here are a few photos of the work - cam timing tool, sports cat, roll restrictor, exhaust and intercooler: Finished product then took us from Birmingham to Bruges and back!
  13. BC BR-BS Coilover kit fitted along with TripleR Composites Splitter - Couldn't be happier!


  14. BC-BR coil over install day! Also getting the Triple R Composites front splitter installed! 

    BC and Triple R Delivery.jpg

    Photos to come!

  15. awp868

    Hi All! ST180 owner

    @apmartin1991 love the ST in that orange! I went with the full Mountune MR 230 kit which includes their intercooler - dropped mine on H&R springs about 30mm and then spaced it using Eibach Pro Spacers - 30mm track widening on each axle. I like how its stance now but I've got a set of BC coil overs arriving tomorrow to play with!