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  1. Thanks for you help mate, changed them over this morning.
  2. Can you remember which way to turn the retainer?
  3. Any tools made it easier to turn the retainer?
  4. That's great, thank you I'll give it a go
  5. Is it easy to change the bulbs? I have some 6000k I want to try out
  6. Thanks mate. I thought that just a minute ago lol
  7. Hi I want to extend the usb in the glove box to the centre console arm rest. Has anyone done this before? What would I need?
  8. That would then take total spent on the car repairs to at least 4k in 2 years, need rid of it really but was tempted with a recon engine
  9. Not going to bother already had to replace turbo and clutch in it, just not worth more cost
  10. Had the dreaded call, new engine £5k
  11. Definitely more than the car is worth then
  12. Waiting on Ford to tell us the exact damage caused, which will hopefully be in the morning. Of course we were travelling at approx 60 mph when it went 😭
  13. That's probably where to problem lies which of course Ford will say as it hadn't been serviced through them I have no chance.