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  1. I'll get a plug in fan in there 😂😂
  2. They said the sniffer could detect a slight leak inside the car. But then they said that about the condenser but the leak wasn't there
  3. Leak behind the dash, massive job apparently and expensive so I think I'll just open windows. They have put a leak fix thing into the system so let's hope that fixes it
  4. Cheers mate that's some hope then. I'll see what they say Saturday.
  5. Fingers crossed its not that.
  6. Condenser cause lose of the gas?
  7. Thanks. I've got it booked into have a pressure test at a different garage tomorrow as ATS couldn't find the leak. It's dropped from 500 to 30 in 3 weeks so got to be a leak, the garage I have it booked into say its probably a pipe as its quite common in the mk3
  8. OK mate thanks
  9. I had my aircon recharged on 2012 mk3 1.6 tdci about 3 weeks ago and they did leak test which didn't find anything. Now the air con isn't getting cold. I have called and they said to take it down, it could be the pump or a leak. Anyone know how much I might be looking at?
  10. Sorry only just seen this, glad you got it sorted
  11. Thanks for that. Its a zetec of that helps
  12. Is it possible to add crusie control to a mk7 facelift fiesta? Thanks.
  13. Yeah that would help 🤣 2014 MK 7 facelift
  14. My Mrs has had a little smash and cracked the front bumper. I've looked at a YouTube video and it looks really easy swap over, can anyone confirm my thinking? Also anyone know where best place to get one in frozen white?