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  1. Coolant cap split in two mk7.5

    Its extremely easy to fix yourself if they won't
  2. Coolant cap split in two mk7.5

    Oh dear, sorry to say bought one off ebay for a tenner and pulled out the old one with long nose pliars
  3. Coolant cap split in two mk7.5

    Seems like a common things as happened on my wife's 1.0ltr ecoboost too
  4. Bike rack for mk3

    I'd be carrying a maximum of 2 bike and yes I do not want to damage the car and would like a rear mounted rack
  5. Bike rack for mk3

    Hi As per title I have a mk3 5 door hatchback and I am after a bike rack, I have seen quite a few available but does anyone own one they can recommend?
  6. Common rail connector

    OUT IT NEEDS TO COME Out. Finally done it lol
  7. Common rail connector

    One more question does the tab need pushing in or lifting up do you think Thanks for your help
  8. Common rail connector

    Lol it's a pain. It's been fitted upside down so difficult to get the the bit to push down
  9. Common rail connector

    Unfortunately that's just a reflection of the flash. Been trying for an hour to get this ***** thing off.
  10. Common rail connector

    Think so but can't get a proper look at it. That was the best pic I could get
  11. Common rail connector

    The clips is underneath right?
  12. Common rail connector

    Yeah exactly that but it's too tight to get in there properly
  13. Common rail connector

    Literally just found it. Had to remove battery and housing. One problem I can't work out how to undo the connector
  14. Common rail connector

    Hi I don't suppose anyone has a picture of where the common rail switch connector is located? Thanks.
  15. Sat nav retrofit

    What unit did you buy, sorry to hijack but interested in doing this for me wife