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  1. That would then take total spent on the car repairs to at least 4k in 2 years, need rid of it really but was tempted with a recon engine
  2. Not going to bother already had to replace turbo and clutch in it, just not worth more cost
  3. Had the dreaded call, new engine £5k
  4. Definitely more than the car is worth then
  5. Waiting on Ford to tell us the exact damage caused, which will hopefully be in the morning. Of course we were travelling at approx 60 mph when it went 😭
  6. That's probably where to problem lies which of course Ford will say as it hadn't been serviced through them I have no chance.
  7. Unfortunately no service receipts as done by a mechanic friend for parts price only. We bought it 2 years ago from private dealer
  8. Just looked into it a bit more and looks like the 1tr has a submersed belt? Which I presume its recommended to have a it changed 75k miles?
  9. 1ltr ecoboom mate, unfortunately can't price full service history even though it has been serviced.
  10. Hi Cam chain on my wife's mk 7.5 2014 fiesta which has done 75k miles snapped on Saturday. Due to Ford recommending changing the chain at 150k or 10 years, what are my chance of them paying for repair? Or am I clutching at straws?
  11. Oil and filter changed plus flush and still doing it 😭 correct oil used
  12. Not sure when it was last changed to be honest, I think over a year. It is going in Saturday for oil and filter change. Hopefully that sorts it.
  13. Oh not sure, haven't thought to check coz of oil