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  1. Anyone recognize this Mk3.5 1.0

    Lack of cruise control that puts me off.
  2. Anyone recognize this Mk3.5 1.0

    Isnt that an ST bumper? So i see. I was used to Titanium spec that all have drum rears.
  3. Found a 15' 1.0 Zetec s i quite fancy as a run around. Its for sale in central Scotland. However its obviously been tampered with but to what extent. its had an st bumper and side skirts. RS wheel and what looks like a rear disc conversion. Wondering if anyone on here knows the previous owner as id like to know if the ecu or engine has been toyed with.
  4. Midnighttd mk 3.5 Titanium estate

    It was a titanium model so came with them
  5. Midnighttd mk 3.5 Titanium estate

    Any other mk3 frozen white estate owners around? Looking to put my car back to std and need an unpainted rear bumper section in exchange for mine.
  6. Mk3 St Estate spoiler

    I got this from a breakers on ebay. I thought the ST came with a clear 3rd light as std like this did. The ST brake light has a little extension to it for the washer to hook up to the old hose
  7. recall of 1.5 diesel / camshaft sprocket

    My Nov 15 build isnt in the recall list.
  8. Ford Focus zetec s 2016 exhaust

    I have the 1.5 TDCi estate. My plan is to remove rear silencer and replace with a straighy pipe and dfferent style tail pipe. Not after outright noise just a subtle look. Induction filter gives you a little noise in cabin.
  9. Midnighttd mk 3.5 Titanium estate

    Forgot i hadnt done a side shot.
  10. 1.5tdci rear silencer removal

    All of the above i know. Only looking to remove the rear silencer for a pipe down to twin tail pipes as a removeable replacement. I know a fair amount about the exhaust having ran a few different vehicles with different stainless systems. Its easier to replace the box with a pipe and tail pipe than try to join onto original silencer. Im only wondering if anyone has done it and if the noise was too loud. My previous 3.0 jeep had a dpf back straight pipe that wasnt too loud.
  11. 1.5tdci rear silencer removal

    Has anyone removed the rear silencer in a 1.5tdci exhaust and replaced it with a straight pipe?
  12. Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    If its a diesel then the oil will be black alot quicker than the petrol version.
  13. Ford Eco Mode

    Will look at mine when i get home. I ignore eco mode though. Its at 1.5 or 2 points for everything and car is still doing 55mpg.
  14. Midnighttd

    Started with a Titanium Focus and changed it a little.
  15. Midnighttd mk 3.5 Titanium estate

    Its better on passenger side. I had wife help me stick it on and her side is slightly out. I cant be bothered trying to take ot back off so i just live with it.