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  1. Happy Birthday walshe!

  2. Non Starting Mk2 1.8Td

    Turns out the the problem was the lift pump. New lift pump purchased along with a brand new 096 battery, pumped the lift pump to fill the filter and feeling brave didnt bleed the rest of the system just jumped in and turned the key waited for it to heat the plugs and nothing tried again and she fired up and ran sweet as a nut. No problems starting it since either
  3. Non Starting Mk2 1.8Td

    does anyone have an injector pump for me? i think this one is dead, the sprocket is turning but diesel is not pumping which suggests the shaft may have broken inside the pump
  4. Non Starting Mk2 1.8Td

    well its not the belt thats at fault, found the tag on the pump if it helps anything type F181TC130 code ser. no 0548738?? dunno what the last 2 numbers are
  5. Non Starting Mk2 1.8Td

    hopfully it is just a broken injector pump belt,i will check tomorrow, i will be changing them anyway. The timing belt was changed @91k and its got 150k on it now but that does not mean the pump belt was changed and it was over 7years ago anyway
  6. Non Starting Mk2 1.8Td

    yep definitly have diesel coming up to the pump and have bled it too, luckily mine is an early mk2 so immobiliser only stops it cranking later ones had cranking and the stop solenoid immobilised
  7. hi peeps sorry this log post but here goes, Picked a 97 1.8 td mondy up today, its been parked up about 2 years. I know the car and its owner well and when it was parked up it had just failed the nct/mot on 2 broken springs, corroded metal brake pipes, wishbone bushes and other small issues. Last night i tried to fire it up and it would not go so today i brought diesel as it was just empty a fuel filter and a battery. Changed the fuel filter and primed it up, tried to start it and no go. So i opened the pipes on the top of injectors and no diesel was coming through, i loosened them at the back of the injector pump thinking the pipes could be blocked but it turns out no diesel is coming out the back of the pump either. Apart from the above mentioned nct issues the car did run sweet and never gave starting/running problems, so i am wondering if there is anything with the pump that siezes or blocks up from non use, i am positive diesel is getting as far as the injector pump. i think it may be the stop solenoid, from checking around the net on other ford sites it seems its my most likely culprit. i removed the anti tamper plate to get at the stop solenoid, the solenoid seems to be working but i took out the plunger and spring and screwed the remains back down, bled it out and still not firing. Cracked open the injector pipes and still no diesel coming up, also i think i bust the diaphram in the lift pump as there is diesel coming out around the button when the pressure comes up on it
  8. Saphire Central Locking

    try turning it to unlock before locking also try lifting the door handle as you lock the car
  9. hard starting 1.6 mk1

    cheers lads i hope its not compression, tbh i dont think it is as is uses little if any oil between changes, it could be plug leads as i have not changed them and they are genuine items so could be the originals. i was thinking maybe a coolant temp sensor might be giving false readings too? which plug leads do you recommend,i know from some mondeo forums that they recommend only using genuine leads on mk1/2 mondeo's
  10. hard starting 1.6 mk1

    hi peeps having trouble starting my 1.6 petrol focus,hot or cold, for a while now. it cranks over for a good few seconds before spluttering to life,then its got a real lumpy/low idle for a few seconds. its a 01 and got 97,000 miles on it, dealer serviced up to 73,000 miles when i bought it from my ford dealer, it had the cambelt changed at 70,000. it sometimes will bring on the engine management light with a code for misfire detected cylinder 1,2,3,and 4. it also feels very slow compared to a mates 1.4 focus and is heavyier on fuel than my old mondeo 2ltr ghia i have changed the oil and filter with castrol 5w30 magnatec every 5000 miles changed the plugs numerous times tried motocraft, ngk,denso and champions all made no differance, but were very sooty when removed tried swaping my coilpack with my mates 1.4 one (mine in his, his in mine) made no differance to either car i am at a loss what could be wrong with this car?
  11. Aero wipers on eBay

    have a set on the focus with no complaints