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  1. Welder

    What Tyres

    What tyres are people putting on their Kugas when they need replacing. My sizes are 235/18 on a diesel 180bhp Currently I have manufactures Continentals on.
  2. Thank you for your reply will check when off work next . Peter
  3. My Focus saloon 2003 , has just started running the air con all the time even though it's turned off at the switch. Any ideas please . Peter
  4. Using my mk1 focus every day and want Bluetooth in the car , what is my best option . Peter
  5. Cheers for the idea will look at something, it's just I have always had VWs or Audis so,build quality better. Peter
  6. Thank you for quick reply, the boot carpet is ok ,it's just that I can see two brackets with holes near the back and wonder if any thing should fix to them . Peter
  7. In the boot of my mk1 saloon under the carpet should there be some kind of support to stop boot carpet dropping into spare wheel well. Peter
  8. Hello to everyone on this forum. I usually have VW or Audis but today I purchased Focus MK1 Saloon as a run around car. It's a two owner car with only 28,000 miles from new and since getting it Tuesday I have not stopped. Using it over my Highly Tuned VW Jetta TDi mk6. Peter