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  1. mabzh92

    '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    Problems solved! Key - Went to Timpsons to get a replacement key for £95 less than half price quoted by Ford. They tested my key and said there is still a signal coming out of the key so doesn't need replacing. Tried to reprogramme the key again but the car didn't even go in to learning mode. Thought there might be a problem with the GEM which from looking a another forum a potential fix was to disconnect the battery and re connect... hey presto the key starts working again! Which meant the boot would finally open went and got the MOT done with no problems :) Boot switch - Now that the boot opens I could see the 2 screws in the recess that was being referred to above! Managed to replace the switch with a new one for £10 from Ebay and that fixed the switch problem as well! Pics below for anyone else who initially struggled. I think the problem was water damage in the old switch. Thanks for your help!
  2. mabzh92

    '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    Thanks for your reply Peter, I was worried no one would reply given it's 6 years old! I have a 1.8 tdci hatchback. The remote key has packed in (tried changing the battery!) and the boot release switch stopped working a few months ago. Can't get the MOT done without the boot opening so hopefully with you're advice i'll at least be able to use the switch.
  3. mabzh92

    '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    Hi the boot release switch isn't working on my focus mk2 as well. I've bought a replacement switch but I'm not a very technical person and not sure where to begin...I don't see the 2 screws in the recesses you are referring to. I can see the 2 on each number plate light. The text is very helpful and i'm sure the pictures are too but they don't appear to load? Please can you someone point me in the right direction? Many thanks.