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  1. I have no service history for it, just the original cd player with code and ive printed out all the mot history from new only had its first mot in 2005 and had 102k then, picked up the gearbox for it today and the manifold should arrive tomorrow so its gonna run and sound amazing, might even keep a hold of it for a while till i save enough for another wrx, Dan
  2. The car a is a 2litre petrol duratec, apart from the tickin from the inlet manifold which will be sorted by the weekend the engine runs as smooth as it would new, thanks Dan
  3. Intermittent Ignition Fault

    From problems ive had with other cars in the past it definately sounds asif the immobiliser is on its way out, personally id get a aftermarket one installed to prevent further issues, hope this helps
  4. Hi ppl, full story, here it goes: in july i bought a mk3 mondeo ghia on a y reg in a real dark blue colour for £520 with a known clutch problem, i have since replaced the clutch and the flywheel as this was also on its way out, i was lucky as i sourced a gd used flywheel so the 1st repair bill was £220 inc parts, now im guessing the reason why this car was so cheap was that it had done 129k and had been in a rear end crash, which has been repaired to a fair standard, tailgate needs replacing still (will be done next week), now this car also has a gearbox fault and the lugs in the inlet manifold have worn out, sourced a used manifold for just over £30 and gearbox for £100 and myself and a mechanic friend are going to fit these on sunday, but im unsure what price to set my mondeo at after these repairs, as i dont really have a use for a large family car at the moment, the spec is as with most ghia's it has digital climate control, a beige/grey interior in mint condition, and im going to supply a full MOT and tax till end of Jan 10, anyone have any idea what sort of price i should be asking taking into consideration the repairs and everything else, mileage etc, would be over the moon if anyone can help even a rough guide would see me right, thanks Dan
  5. Paint Code

    Hiya im having a bit of bother locating my paint code, ive googled it and checked the plate where it told me and got a small box containing "K 0" just wondering if anyone knows any mondeo mk3 paint codes and can tell me whether this is a very dark blue? trying to source some used bumpers and a tailgate to repair some accident damage, thanks, Dan
  6. Hiya all, i recently got my mondeo mk3 ghia 2.0 in really dark blue, i bought it in the dark so wasnt aware of the damage, when ive had a good look at it in the light ive found that the rear bumper doesnt sit right as the car has been rear ended in the past and im not sure of the quality of the repair, the tailgate is very bumpy and not painted well, ive been told there is a section i can buy and have mig welded on that will straighten everything up but not sure what it is called, can anyone help? i dont want to sound too stupid when i start trying to source this part and does anyone know where i can get a part like this? thanks
  7. Hi could someone please tell me what oil to use in my 2litre duratec mondeo, im about to give it a service at 128k and im not sure what oil to use, i know its 5w30 in the zetec engines but not sure what these need, thanks
  8. sounds gd to me thanks for the advice ill get it serviced as soon as i can, thanks again
  9. Hiya ive recently bought my second mk3 mondeo this time a 2litre duratec engine its been stood a few days as i didnt have cash to tax straight away (but kept startin it once a day) when i rev the engine i get a lot of black smoke but none on tickover ive only ever known this from diesel engines not petrol does anyone know whether this is normal? i could be being daft it may need a gd service but just thought id get some advice, thanks
  10. 1997 fiesta 1400 zetec airflow meter prob

    Ive taken the idle control valve off and cleaned it with brake cleaner and the car ran ok at fast idle i took it on a drive over 5 or 6 miles and it drove fine, its so confusing lol
  11. Hiya im wondering if anyone can help ive recently replaced a full set of pistons in a 1997 r reg fiesta 1400zetec-s engine and when ive put it back together the only way i can get the engine to tick over (be it slightly lumpy) is to have the airflow meter unplugged, initially i assumed the obvious a dodgy meter but then ive replaced it twice with used ones off decent cars that run and none of it works the engine just cuts out after a few seconds, its baffled me completely please help me!!!
  12. Thanks alot mate, ill take a pic of that part first thing and post it, should have the piston tomorrow to start putting all back together parts supplier only thing holding me up lol, thanks again
  13. Hiya can anyone help me with the torque settings for the headbolts on my 1997 ford fiesta 1.4 16v zetec, i could do with settings for the conrod bolts too if anyone knows them (i never think about these things before stripping engines down, and if the bottom end steel brace (im unsure how to describe it but its held u[ with 10 rather large bolts) has to be torqued up i could do with these aswell, all help is much appreciated, thank you