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  1. Vans looking awesome!!! I’m jealous that I cpuld never justify buying one as this looks wicked! I was just wondering, where did you get your halo fog lights and do they switch off when the headlights lights are switched on?
  2. Steering wheels

    Hi mate, im just wondering how easy was this to install and did you have any issues? I'm desperate for cruise control but not so sure on changing my steering wheel! Thank you.
  3. Guide Fitting Cruise Control Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 And Ford C-Max

    Hi guys, im really interested in fitting CC, however, my knowledge of cars in minimal at best. Is there anyway new photos can be uploaded so I know exactly what to look for as for some reason photobucket won't allow me to view them, unless it's something I'm doing wrong? Fantastic write up, very detailed. Thank you to whoever did this!
  4. LS RNS headunit DAB and sat nav problems

    Thank you for your reply, I've seen plants of gps antennas on EBay, I fitted one in my previous car (skoda fabia) and was fitted underneath the tip glove box so was concealed. Is there anywhere specific you could recommend to place it? Thank you again!!
  5. Hi guys, more apologies if if this has already been covered, I'm very new to this forum! I've not long purchased a focus with a built in head unit I think it's LS RNS sat nav unit? I'm having two issues, firstly my sat nav doesn't seem to be locating my position correctly, as in when driving down the road, it moves but no where near any roads, very often in the water (I live close to Cardiff bay). Secondly I was wondering if anyone has been able to, if possible, add DAB to these head units? I had one in fiesta centura and miss it big time!!! any help would be fantastic! thank you.
  6. Just read through the 34 pages! Great looking car, love the modifications, the interior ones especially! Have you found much improvement comfort wise with the leather seats? Been debating the same for quiet some time but find the titanium seats very comfortable!! awesome job!!
  7. This is absolutely incredable! I wasn't so sure how you were going to make it all work when you fitted the rear bumper, but this just looks amazing!! Makes me wish I stuck with my fiesta! Good job!!