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  1. Katy & Trev

    Katy and Trev

    Going to the garage tomorrow as the engine light has come on tonight, so that means it'll go into limp mode again soon. I will ask for the dtc codes before asking them to do any more work and see if anyone can help. Many thanks. I think they changed the temperature sensor last time but assume this is different to the dpf pressure sensor. I'll ask - they're Ford approved and service lots of Ford fleet vehicles.
  2. Katy & Trev

    Katy and Trev

    Help! We have an SMAX which had the engine malfunction sensor show + went into limp mode. It has now been to a garage 3 times in 8 weeks, during which time it has had the filter cleaned; filter replaced; temperature sensor in the exhaust replaced and again, after approx 100 miles when cruising down the motorway ( not driving like a girl but thrashing at 3000 + revs as advised!) it is still setting engine malfunction warning off. It then takes approx a week before it goes into limp mode. Does anyone have any experiences that they could share? Remember reading somewhere about the actual garage may need their Ford diagnostics updating? Off to cornwall in July - don't want to go at less than 3000 revs. Also costing a fortune ...