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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can mo...

  2. hello

    thanks rob sorry its taken so long to post i have been a little busy but i have had time to paint up the bonnett of the van ill take another when its laquered and put on the van
  3. the van plan

    the pic on the bonnet will be this one http://guido.raymondbourgonje.nl/oud/img/wizard.jpg
  4. the van plan

    thought i would share the plans for my van with you
  5. hello

    i couldnt wait to get started on the van and seen as ive alot of body mods to do i had to and something i could paint and wouldnt need to be redone when ive finnished the mods .... im going to get some black light uv lights to go between the glass and the art ...so the art should glow when its dark o and i bought a new back door for it on ebay for 99p cool huh lol
  6. hello

    a couple of qiuck peices i did ive not photographed nowhere near enough of my work and i still have alot to learn im currently still taking lessons over the internet from a guy called rick primo who has airbrushed on tv shows called overhauling and rides hes a great guy and has introduced me to some cool people ie chip foose who is a real nice guy and jay leno very funny man if you wanna see some real cool airbrushed art check out www.primocustoms.com the guys amazing
  7. hello

    yea sure no problems ill post some art thanks for the welcome .... the plan for the van was for it to be a show peice for my art as i have painted everything from canvas to guitars t shirts model trucks and even my kids but i have not yet done a car .... i have had plenty of people ask me to but i want to do my own first although i do have every faith in my work ! mates rates for the F O C aswell hehe rachel x x x you guys will be the first to see i promise
  8. van body mods

    most of my posts will be about van body modifications .... what will work what wont work etc ... 1st of which im sure is gonna get laughed at but here it goes can i put a escort mk 6 estate bumper on my mk 6 van .... i hear u laughing at me ... i dont mind having to cut weld chop chip fill paint etc i just wondered if anyone has done it before or how it looked rachel x
  9. Needs some painting

    hi the paint code is on the vin tag if u look at the tag its black and silver with a row of boxes on the left hand side the paint code is generaly the second code up it will normally be a letter and a number for example h 8 please be aware that when you go to the paint store you will need the paint code , reg number and the year as ford has used the same code throughout the years of manufacture even through the model changes so one code can relate to several different colours ford paint codes are a nightmare hope this helps out rachel x
  10. hello

    hi all just thought id say hi to you all and introduce myself a little hubby and i have had many fords and he is a ford man through and through from ,mk 1 2 4 escorts, mk 3 5 cortina's 2x sierras 1 of which was a 2.9 4x4 , also we have owned mk2 3 4 granadas inc cosworth and have now moved on to a white 1985 2.8i special capri but the capri is not the reason im here in the forum . last week for my birthday my darling husband bought me a stunning example of a battered old mk 6 escort van in royal mail post box red , compleate with a royal mail stamped number plate .... cool huh a bit about me .. im an airbrush artist from kent uk i havent been doing it long but im getting there the reason i have the van is to carry my equipment about in and do some artwork on it as a kinda advert for my airbrushing so i need to sort the old bag of !Removed! out and turn her into something special skirts wide arches etc u get the picture .... so there it is , i will be pestering you all in the forum and will need plenty of help as the husband said its my project and i gotta do it myself as hes got to much to do with his beloved capri and on a tight budget to cos his cars a rotten money pit lol rachel