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  1. Ford Focus 08 6000Cd Stereo Keeps Cutting Out

    Thanks, looking at an aftermarket Alpine Double Din unit now with fascia adapter plate and plug in looms etc. so steering column controls still work. Not cheap but better than gambling on a second hand Ford unit of ebay that's just as likely to develop the same fault in the future. Since I had to replace the unit in my Fiesta within a month of getting it too I'm thinking Ford stereos just aren't built that great!
  2. Ford Focus 08 6000Cd Stereo Keeps Cutting Out

    Digging up old thread, but I've got a similar issue with my CD6000 in my 2008 Focus, not phone mode though, just keeps going off and on. Comes on a plays to itself once the car is off and locked. Goes into the 1 hour play, but dips and out so as far as I know the hour keeps starting. I've removed the fuse else I'm going to find myself with a flat battery. When driving comes on goes off, controls do nothing. ??? Help required, did you ever get to the bottom of this or did you just replace the unit?
  3. MK6 Reverse Gear

    Hi, this is my first post - just joined having picked up an 02 mk6 1.6 Ghia this week. Now I did something most people probably don't - and to be honest I don't usually - I read the manual! I'm sure it said something about pausing for a mo before selecting reverse. this kind of makes sense, you let the engine speed re-adjust and make sure you're safley out of all other gears. I hope I don't experience this - having picked it up from the garage it's been parked on my drive since waiting fo rthe insurance docs to come through so I could tax it - finally taxed it today.