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  1. Could be the battery or earth leads. If they are faulty then they will be worse when hot. Check their impedance with a multimeter when cold and hot. Having said that; the same applies to other electrical parts.
  2. I ran mine from under the dash up under the coin holder pocket, behind the door seal and up to the A pillar. If you get your head under your dash with your legs up on your seat you will see there’s a path through behind the main loom. Mine comes in from the centre console area
  3. The OEM discs are quite high quality. The OEM pads are also good, though dusty. Some people have reported different braking feel (not as direct) with other pads. A lot depends on your braking style and the feel you what.
  4. Send the photos, preferably with a ruler showing equivalent heights, you your insurance company with all your neighbours registration details.
  5. There’s a multitude of threads and even a guide in here about this. Do a search.
  6. You use the standard top, but I’m guessing you’ve got that sorted now The ST200 lower box is often cheaper and better at resisting heat soak as it’s plastic.
  7. ThaiFiesta


    You should ideally be able to run logs to send to Mountune using the Cobb handset. They could then diagnose from afar.
  8. If the Kuga 1.5 used it then just use the Kuga bellhousing and gearbox. It’s designed to fit. You will probably need the ST shift cables etc. but even they might not be the exact lengths due to your different engine (unless all engine mounts are the same). You’ll likely need the ST drive shafts.
  9. I’d be interested to know what gauges you’ve used.
  10. There’s stuff on this in all the US Ford forums including Fiesta and ST. Try googling “updrafts sync 3 to Nav”
  11. ThaiFiesta


    What codes is it showing?
  12. You can swap in the Zetec S or ST rear balance but you will need the rear spats to make it fit.
  13. If it stays on when you start or stays on while driving it indicates a fault, most commonly with the ABS sensors. If it comes on while driving it indicates it’s in use.