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  1. ford fiesta st diffuser

    There’s a few on here. Use the search function
  2. Powershift box and 1.0ecoboost Engine

    What spec and year came with the flappy paddles?
  3. ford fiesta st diffuser

    Yes but you need the facelift rear spats
  4. Rear top mounts

    If it’s a Mk 7.5 there’s a “rubber” spring insulator. They fail at low kms.
  5. Powershift box and 1.0ecoboost Engine

    I have a Powershift 125PS variant 1.0 Ecoboost. It had TCM problems (and possible clutch related issues) but was fixed under warranty (TCM warranty is 5 years). I run a Bluefin stage 1 tune with no problems. You need to drive it differently from a conventional slush box (as shown in the video) or you will get jerkiness and surging at low speeds and in traffic. You can always use it manually (thumb switch on the shift mechanism) if you don’t like the auto mode. Once you learn the advantages and disadvantages it is fun.
  6. Fiesta Locking System

    The car won’t lock if a door is “open”. The fact that the car locks, indicators flash etc means it is secure. If you try to open the boot without your key being in range it simply won’t open.
  7. 2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    I previously posted on here: ”So after a 30 minute drive at 80-120kmh in 30 degree C ambient heat the pipes reached 94 degrees C. The turbo body was 144. I'd expect the pipes wouldn't get over 125 degrees C, as that is what I've read the cutout temperature for the engine is.“ You really need proper high temp paint. Grill/bbq kill rust is suitable if you can’t find silver or black high temp paint.
  8. Continuous "Phone vibrating noise" after 10 mins off

    Mine does it once, a few minutes after turning the car off. I think it’s the air vent system setting to open for ventilation when off. Yours might be stuck and continuously trying to set itself to the correct position?
  9. Sony Radio Upgrade

    Ebay, wreckers and Fiesta FB pages always have them. Plug and play but dependent on your loom and the version of the radio you get.
  10. Ford Fiesta MK7 ST conversion

    The diffuser will bolt on, you just need the facelift rear spats. Think the front lip is very different - I base that on the fact that aftermarket splitters don’t fit both models.
  11. 2014 Ford Fiesta APIM

    Failing that, the Sync module comes from factory attached to the top side of the fibre or plastic panel that protects the fuse panel under the glove box. I found mine however, zip tied up under the console centre, so it depends if there has been any maintenance conducted on your car. They look like the attached. I suggest you identify it and make sure all the plugs are seated correctly before you replace it. They can be found on eBay, usually labelled as Bluetooth modules, e.g. 322989066749. They are common across many models with Sync 1. Make sure you get one that’s not older than your vehicle so you get the functions that you’re supposed to have. There’s a few thread on here about upgrading further, depending on what year/functions you have.
  12. 2014 Ford Fiesta APIM

    Have you tried doing a master reset? Menu > Sync > Master reset
  13. ST-2 K&N Filter error P006A

    If you go back to an air box then the ST200 box is available as a replacement part from Ford or online dealers. Add a standard or K&N panel filter.
  14. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Have a read of this thread:
  15. Custom headrest and armrest in mk7.5?

    You would have to replace the Titanium centre console section with one from a base model to use the Armster. I have a cheap eBay version which fits well