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  1. ThaiFiesta

    Remapping MK8 Fiesta?

    How do you find sports mode with the paddle shifters? I’m looking to retro fit to my Mk7.5.
  2. ThaiFiesta

    Ford Sync and Spotify

    Just search eBay for Fiesta Sync module. Set yourself up a permanent search selection for that term. And wait until a cheap one comes along (they go quickly). You want anything D1BT or later.
  3. ThaiFiesta

    Mountune MP140 for Mk 8

    I have read that there is an ECU flash counter. That would show the ECU has been flashed but not with what and by who. I assume a Ford reflash would have notes somewhere in the service records, so a higher count would indicate but not prove an aftermarket map. From Bluefin website: How will my new car warranty be affected? We offer a supplementary warranty that runs in parallel with the manufacturer's warranty and will cut in if required. We include cover for a year or 30,000 miles or until the vehicle is three years old, whichever comes first, and this cover can be extended up until the vehicle is three years old for a modest price. The full terms and conditions of our policy are available to download from our website.
  4. ThaiFiesta

    Ford Sync and Spotify

    Often cheaper. I think mine was £20 plus postage.
  5. ThaiFiesta

    Ford Sync and Spotify

    You should be able to upgrade your system to a more modern Bluetooth Sync system
  6. ThaiFiesta

    Remapping MK8 Fiesta?

    Does it have paddle shifters?
  7. ThaiFiesta

    MK7.5 ST-Line Radio

    You can upgrade to the Sony system with larger full colour screen. Your Sync version is available through the menu options. Sync 1.1 is the most modern version in UK Mk7.5s.
  8. If all the positions are wired up then it’s likely to be the correct loom as there are limited positions on the clock spring (I.e. nothing else can use the functions).
  9. ThaiFiesta

    Water leaking into the car from the roof

    Take it back if it’s still under warranty in case there’s later related problems.
  10. ThaiFiesta

    How can i fix this light?

    Looks like your footwell lighting. The bulb holder is roughly central under the lower dash panel. Easier to see if you’re on your back.
  11. I’ve experienced the first when driving up a mountain in traffic. The altitude probably didn’t help with cooling either. I’ve added a proper gauge to measure the actual temp rather than using the non-linear indicator the car comes with. Engine braking works as per any other car.
  12. ThaiFiesta

    Cruise control retrofit

    It’s described in the post above the photo
  13. ThaiFiesta

    Cruise control retrofit

    You need the wires as shown below.
  14. ThaiFiesta

    Whirring noise at back of Fiesta when in idle

    Possibly fuel pump
  15. ThaiFiesta

    Engine vibration

    Have you checked that all the engine mounts are serviceable?