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  1. ThaiFiesta

    Fiesta Ecoboost boost gauge

    Some examples from this and other forums
  2. ThaiFiesta

    Updated remap..?

    If your Mountune map was installed by a Ford dealer or Mountune then it should be registered on their system and won’t be a problem. If not then contact Mountune.
  3. Sadly they either seem to have no problems or many problems.
  4. Sounds like head gasket’s gone or a cracked piston. Can you run a compression test on that cylinder?
  5. ThaiFiesta

    Stuck On "ford Audio Welcome"

    Try taking the fuse out for a couple of minutes. That should reset it.
  6. ThaiFiesta

    front grill

    Mine was stiff too. Put some gloves on and start in the top right corner. Once you get one clip loose, move around pulling off one clip at a time. I found a constant sting force rather than tugging did the trick. Some people have written that taking the trim off first works better but mine came out together
  7. ThaiFiesta

    Steering wheel wiring diagram/pin out

    So I’ve found a couple of line diagrams on the internet for the 2011 Fiesta and, since the steering wheels and controls are swappable between PFL and facelift, assume they are the same. Pin 1 - unknown pin 2 - c/c control resistors pin 3 - c/c control return pin 4 - horn pin 5 - audio control resistors pin 6 - illumination Pin 7 - audio control return pin 8 - ground pin 9 - unknown Does anyone know what pins 1 and 9 do? Both are wired on the steering column side of the clockspring. The airbag seems to have a separate connector though this is a little unclear.
  8. ThaiFiesta

    Squeaking Dashboard and Servicing

    A pillar trims are notoriously squeaky. Try resting a cloth against it while you drive to see if it stops. If so you can usually put some tape inside the edges to fix it.
  9. Hi, I’m investigating fitting paddle shifters to my DCT but need a wiring guide and pin out for the steering wheel clock spring connectors. Thanks.
  10. ThaiFiesta

    Installing a light bar

    The lights run through the BCM so it’s not a simple job. Check where the fog lights should fit. If the wiring is there then you just need a functional switch and enabling fog lights through Forscan. You could then wire the fog light loom to your light at using a relay. As an aside you could do this with a set of OEM fog lights from a wreckers for under £100.
  11. ThaiFiesta

    2-line to Multi-Line Stereo Upgrade - 2010 Fiesta

    Should be possible, though the loom may differ.
  12. ThaiFiesta

    Mk8 ST-Line X 140 early impressions

    If it’s in the handbook you might be able to enable it with Forscan.
  13. ThaiFiesta

    Does anyone have a new Mk8 with paddleshift?

    Thank you. I think I’ve found a solution for the paddles which looks remarkably similar to that, and the info on how to connect it to the DCT. Now to just work out how to wire it though the clock spring or by wireless.
  14. ThaiFiesta

    Radio relay draining battery

    £500!!!! It’s a plug and play unit. Buy one from eBay for £20 - 60 and do it yourself.
  15. ThaiFiesta

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    You could change it out for a second hand turbo in better condition, or sand it back and coat with high temp epoxy rust proofing and hope the corrosion hasn’t gone too deep.