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  1. Did it come with the trim that surrounds the honeycomb grill? If the clips all fit in place the. It sounds like you’re missing the trim.
  2. That’s how mine came from the factory
  3. You can install the Sync 3 from a late model US Fiesta, but it’s a lot of work. There’s a guide on the Fiesta Faction forum.
  4. ST Line/Zetec S are 10mm lower than standards. ST is 15mm lower than standard but with much higher spring rates. Eibach are one of the few manufacturers that have different lowering springs for ST and other Fiesta models, so make sure you choose the correct model.
  5. 5 door skirts were available from Ford.
  6. I’ve used wide black pinstripe from eBay to do mine. Gloss for the front grill and matt for the one below the windows.
  7. My Ford dealer in Thailand routinely uses the Ford spec 5W-30 as it is 1/2 the price. According to them the warranty is maintained as it is the alternate oil specified in the manuals (user and service). Of note is that it is always hot here and there are no stop/start equipped 1.0 Fiestas.
  8. Only if the intercooler is in the same location in the Mk8 relative to the Mk7
  9. I didn’t think there was synchro on first in the IB5. I which case you have to be stopped to get it into gear. 🤔
  10. It’s possible but requires a lot of loom work. Do a search - there’s heaps of threads in here to guide you.
  11. A Ford dealer, if they will do it at all, will charge a fortune. Download Forscan, get a modified OBD2 dongle, and do it yourself. Heaps of guides on here.
  12. @WillyHow are you finding the performance and handling differences?
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