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  1. Does anyone have a source for the adapter cable for non-OEM cameras that is cheaper than the £22 wanted on eBay?
  2. I have this problem also. The thin copper contacts inside the switch have been bent. It’s trial and error to fix them. Or get a new light from a breakers.
  3. You can simply swap the wheel (there’s good guides on YouTube) or swap out the switch and silver trim - you can do that without removing the airbag if you’re careful. You then need to activate the CC using Forscan. There’s a couple of good guides on here.
  4. If your loom looks like this in your steering column then you already have the wiring and sensors for the OEM cruise control. You just need to add the steering wheel switch and activate with Forscan. Lots of guides on here.
  5. Which car? what is the width and offset of the wheels? use Decrease the offset by the thickness of the spacers you want to use.
  6. The green port is the Fakra camera connector, the blue is the navigation aerial, the black is for antenna, and pink is for the display to unit connection, as far as I’ve been able to work out.
  7. Not all the vehicles in the 2013 - 2016 build have the problem. I suspect it was a batch of pipes or maybe one assembly plant that has the problem.
  8. If the loom is in place then most things can be fitted and activated using Forscan. Much more difficult if the loom is different, for example folding mirrors.
  9. I got it off a local manufacturer here in Thailand. I also couldn’t find them on eBay, but they’re clearly available elsewhere
  10. Activiating using Forscan. Literally ticking a box. Plenty of guides in here.
  11. You can buy proper OBD port covers that are quite hard to remove without 2 hands and being parallel to the cover. I got one for a couple of pounds. Better than “jamming” in a piece of plastic and potentially damaging something.
  12. Pretty sure you need to change a setting using Forscan.
  13. I think you’ll need a new Sync module to get full function. Get one that’s Sync 1.1 compatible so you can get track names through Bluetooth. Modules D1BT or newer.
  14. Steering rack is different on STs but not on others fitted with 17” wheels. Many people have reported that don’t need the limiters but it would depend on the offset if your wheels and the tyre width you are running. Limiters are cheap from Ford and easily fitted. You may need to change the wheel/tyre size using FORScan if your rolling circumference of the new combo is significantly different in order to keep your speedo accurate.