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  1. I didn’t think there was synchro on first in the IB5. I which case you have to be stopped to get it into gear. 🤔
  2. It’s possible but requires a lot of loom work. Do a search - there’s heaps of threads in here to guide you.
  3. A Ford dealer, if they will do it at all, will charge a fortune. Download Forscan, get a modified OBD2 dongle, and do it yourself. Heaps of guides on here.
  4. @WillyHow are you finding the performance and handling differences?
  5. Better brakes. You should have received a discount 😂😂
  6. You’d need to install projectors as well. The Fiesta as standard only has projectors on dipped beams.
  7. From the introduction of the Ecoboost the 125 and 140PS shared the same turbo part number. At some point in 2016 the 125PS received the 100PS turbo. Perhaps the overboost in the 125PS was killed off then. As far as I can tell (there are numerous threads on here about it) the only difference in the turbos is that the material of the blades is a different alloy between the 100PS and 140PS versions. “The turbine wheel in the 100PS version is made from an alloy called IN713C and the 125/140PS version is MARM246. These are both commonly used nickel superalloys. There are some chemistry differences but the strength of the alloys is different and their temperature capabilities are different.” I’ve often seen 18.6 psi on my 125 when giving it the boot.
  8. If they are anything like the Mk7.5 then you should be able to add the options fitted using Forscan. There’s a Mk8 Forscan thread in here where you can ask questions.
  9. Also look at Revo. They have a removeable option also, as well as further stages. Not sure about their engine warranty. You’d need to ask.
  10. If you do a search I’ve posted the part number on the forum before. Sorry but I don’t have access to it now.
  11. Bluefin can be removed and reinstalled. I take mine off each service. It does clock somewhere as an ECU remap but it apparently needs deep diagnostics to detect this, and they can’t tell what the remap was, only that it’s had one. Bluefin used to warranty engines if factory warranty was voided. You’d need to check their website to see if they still offer this. As far as I know tuning boxes just artificially fool the map into overfuelling, so aren’t the best way to get performance from your engine.
  12. I’ve read of lots of these going also.
  13. You can replace it with a suitable panel filter. K&N have a catalogue with suitable model numbers. I then purchased mine from eBay. Noise difference isn’t great though, due to the closed airbox.