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  1. ThaiFiesta

    Fiestas super uncomfortable car

    Depends if you have the Zetec S or standard suspension. Zetec S is 10mm lower and “sports tuned” (stiffer springs and higher damper rates). I run 16” wheels with 205/45 tyres and it’s taken some of the “crash” out of potholes.
  2. ThaiFiesta

    Water in the boot

    There’s a vent below each rear light under the bumper. They’ve been known to leak.
  3. The auto Fiesta’s have it and with a little modification it can even be fitted to the Mountune intercooler. Intake temp is accessible via OBD2 port.
  4. ThaiFiesta

    Squeaking when driving over 50mph

    Might sound strange, but are you sure it’s not something to do with the passenger seat squeaking? Something rubbing underneath it?
  5. ThaiFiesta

    Mountune165 upgrade

    The hardware is very good quality, but there are remaps out there that deliver more bang for the buck (Revo, etc). You’re out of warranty so you could use any of them with no difference. I run all the MR165 hardware less the airbox, and a Bluefin tune.
  6. ThaiFiesta

    Fiesta mk7.5 Wheel Spacers

    Most people on standard wheels run 20mm on the rear, 15mm. on the front. You need 4x108 hubcentric spacers with the same hub size as the Fiesta. If you’re buying aftermarket wheels just get a lower offset/ET and save yourself the added unsprung weight.
  7. ThaiFiesta

    Mountune induction kit queries

    If you’re only doing bits and pieces and not a kit then I suggest you get the ST200 airbox. Same design as Mountune but plastic and cheaper. If you do buy the Mountune it comes with the K&N filter The charge pipe upgrade kit is the hoses to/from the intercooler. Recommended if you upgrade your intercooler. The hard pipe supposedly reduces the pressure drop as there is no flex and a resonator delete.
  8. ThaiFiesta

    Revo Dealer refuses re-remap after Recall

    I’d contact the main UK Revo office
  9. ThaiFiesta

    Bluefin done, what next?

    TBH I didn’t notice the strut brace - the Fiesta is pretty well braced. I also have a lower front traction bar - that makes a huge difference in controlling wheel hop/wheel spin.
  10. ThaiFiesta

    Fiesta ecoboost upgrades

    I’ve got all the Mountune hardware, less air box. Quality equipment. Advantage of their intercooler is that it fits in the OEM position. There are other larger FMICs but you’d need to block the gap somehow so the radiator had the same pressure differential.
  11. ThaiFiesta

    Locked out of car! Please help

    I had the same problem. After spraying some lubricant in the lock I found that it had to be turned the opposite way to what I expected (turn to rear of car to unlock) and only a short turn while pulling the handle.
  12. ThaiFiesta

    Bluefin done, what next?

    I think white pipes would look dirty eventually. I’ve got a white car and went with blue.
  13. ThaiFiesta

    Bluefin done, what next?

    Mountune claim the pipes reduce pressure drop across the system. Would be hard for the average user to verify. I have them all - they look good 😉
  14. ThaiFiesta

    Bluefin done, what next?

    Intercooler and a high flow panel filter Will make the most performance difference. The primary and secondary intake hoses will add a bit of sound and throttle response.
  15. ThaiFiesta

    Display surround trim flaking paint

    My 2014 non-Sony has done the same. I thinks it’s just a combination of heat and poor paint finish. You can sand, prepare and repaint. The aluminium tape is not a bad idea - I might try that myself.