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  1. ThaiFiesta

    Winter wheel & tyres set up confusion

    If you’re running 6” wheels you shoukd consider reducing the offset to 42, as per the stock 6” wheels.
  2. ThaiFiesta

    Mk7.5 15 Plate Fiesta - Sony Stereo Balance Issue

    Might be loose connectors if it changes balance when you change directions
  3. There are cheap modules on eBay that switch DRLs to less brightness to make them legal when headlights are on.
  4. ThaiFiesta

    2013 1.0l Ecoboost engine rust. Problem?

    Not sure if there have been any failures yet, but there will be as it’s a vital connection. It doesn’t appear to affect all 1.0T though, so it’s likely it was a bad batch of connectors.
  5. ThaiFiesta

    ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    There is about to be a few; springs, radio, undertray, and I’m tinkering away with the paddle shifters. Will update as I do them
  6. ThaiFiesta

    Ford Fiesta SE 2015 Stereo Update Fitting

    Yes that should work. I’m about to do the same myself. There’s a guide on how to do it somewhere in here.
  7. ThaiFiesta

    ThaiFiesta's Mk7.5 Fiesta Ecoboost

    Yes it’s the Mountune intercooler. I initially installed it without the fan, but then used a large hose clamp and a small amount of cutting on the fan frame to reinstall it. It’s tight and I lost some skin on my knuckles but it can be done.
  8. ThaiFiesta

    LED DRL Upgrade

    You can do this with Forscan. Free download. There’s a guide in here somewhere
  9. ThaiFiesta

    Caliper bracket extension

    Sico Development have what you need. Also try eBay item 173607271727
  10. ThaiFiesta

    Fiesta 1.25 lowering

    I would think you’ll get some rubbing on ET15 and 35mm lower. I run ET32 and it’s close. Eibach are actually 30mm lower on the front, according to their online catalogue.
  11. ThaiFiesta

    Fiestas super uncomfortable car

    Take a look at the various torsion bar inserts for the twist beam as an alternative. Pierce Motorsports, Ultra Racing, Summit, etc. Fitting is a 10 min job at home, and they have the same effect as a rear ARB.
  12. ThaiFiesta

    2017 Fiesta wipers are just awful?

    Mine were terrible. I tried the various cleaning methods. Eventually bought the expensive OEM replacements from Ford - work fine now. I think they just deteriorate quickly and maybe bend and lose tension.
  13. ThaiFiesta

    Fiestas super uncomfortable car

    Depends if you have the Zetec S or standard suspension. Zetec S is 10mm lower and “sports tuned” (stiffer springs and higher damper rates). I run 16” wheels with 205/45 tyres and it’s taken some of the “crash” out of potholes.
  14. ThaiFiesta

    Water in the boot

    There’s a vent below each rear light under the bumper. They’ve been known to leak.
  15. The auto Fiesta’s have it and with a little modification it can even be fitted to the Mountune intercooler. Intake temp is accessible via OBD2 port.