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  1. I’m running 7x16” ET32 with 205/45R16s. Only thing I’ve noticed, other than much better stability on the road, is that it doesn’t seem to corner as tightly when parking.
  2. I didn’t think 1.0 Ecoboost came out until 2013. 1.0s before then were naturally aspirated
  3. ThaiFiesta


    The weight of the Sync module attached on the top seems to weight them down. You could zip tie the Sync module to the wiring loom and try bending the kick panel back into shape. There are also plastic versions that were available on some models but I’m not sure they are interchangeable.
  4. There’s a thread on here somewhere about doing this. It was damaging struts and/or anchor points. Have a search before you try yourself.
  5. There’s a full thread on this that’s worth browsing through
  6. It is possible. There’s a thread on this US forum. Youll need to import the parts from the US as they aren’t available in other markets, as far as I know.
  7. Turbos were revised in 2015. Previously the 140 and 125PS had the same turbo. After the revision the 125 and 100PS shared the same turbo model number. Just order one with the same model number as your own.
  8. Yes, mine came with 16”. Zetec S and ST are 17” though.
  9. The Fiesta is a pretty rigid chassis and measured flex (by Mishimoto) is very little. The bar that provided the most immediate effect is a lower traction bar between the A arms. Having said that I have them all 😉
  10. Sounds like a boost/vacuum leak. Is it throwing any codes? I’d suggest you adjust/tighten all your hoses. Did you reuse the OEM rubber ring type gasket when you fitted your turbo hard pipe?
  11. H15 only works if your car is fitted for bulb based DRLs.
  12. Zetec S is the same shell as the ST. Both the ST180 and ST200 share the same engine. Of course it fits, but you need the gearbox, some suspension components and of course the ST brakes.
  13. There was a series of problems with overheating on STs, especially in the US. Some cars required recalls to rectify this - check if yours was recalled and had the work done. Also ensure your coolant is topped up once cool. Check the coolant bottle and underside of the oil filler cap to see if there is a mousse like sludge. This would indicate a head gasket problem. You might also smell coolant in the exhaust and see white smoke (not steam when you first start the car). Fiesta’s are prone to faulty fan relays. If the car is hot (Above 4 bars on the “gauge”) your fan should be running at high.
  14. Have you tried Ford? I’m sure it won’t be cheap though.
  15. Mountune and M-Sport (MS-RT) recommend Eibach. Ford also used to sell them as an aftermarket accessory for the Fiesta.