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  1. If you do a search I’ve posted the part number on the forum before. Sorry but I don’t have access to it now.
  2. Bluefin can be removed and reinstalled. I take mine off each service. It does clock somewhere as an ECU remap but it apparently needs deep diagnostics to detect this, and they can’t tell what the remap was, only that it’s had one. Bluefin used to warranty engines if factory warranty was voided. You’d need to check their website to see if they still offer this. As far as I know tuning boxes just artificially fool the map into overfuelling, so aren’t the best way to get performance from your engine.
  3. I’ve read of lots of these going also.
  4. You can replace it with a suitable panel filter. K&N have a catalogue with suitable model numbers. I then purchased mine from eBay. Noise difference isn’t great though, due to the closed airbox.
  5. The lower airbox and filter are identical. Hence the Mountune replacement being interchangeable between the 2 models 🤔. If the filter passes enough air for the 1.6, it will certainly be adequate for the 1.0. Hence my point of a CAI being a waste of money in this case.
  6. ST180/220 calipers and carriers and ST discs is the easiest way to do it. It’s a simple bolt on. You may need new brake hoses.
  7. Not going to argue the science. But if the OEM airbox and panel filter is adequate for the 215PS ST 1.6 4 cylinder turbo, then it’s probably more than enough for a 1.0 😂 And you’ve supported exactly what I said about CAIs.
  8. Most hi flow panel filters are made from the same material as CAI cone filters 🤔 Most CAI kits don’t adequately isolate warm engine bay air, therefore should be marketed as Warm Air Induction kits. Warm = less dense therefore less fuel for the correct ratio therefore less power.
  9. I’ve had Bluefin on my 125PS for 2 years with no problems. Make sure you change the oil on schedule with the correct oil, and check the coolant system regularly and you should have no problems. You can install an OBD gauge and a coolant loss alarm for more accurate monitoring if you want some extra piece of mind.
  10. Whine on decelerating could be the alternator. It only works when slowing (or if the battery gets below a certain voltage). It’s Ford’s cheap take on regenerative braking.
  11. I just purchase oil from my Thai based Ford dealer. They gave me 5W-30. They said they can order in 5W-20 but they use 5W-30 for their Ecoboost oil changes.
  12. Ford used to sell Eibach springs that lower the Zetec S by 20mm (30mm for a standard model). These were also recommended by M-Sport for their Modified STs. Lowering much further than that requires new dampers to ensure the valving matches the reduced piston travel.